Sunday Money Roundup – Life At $5.00 A Gallon Edition.

As you read this, we are probably in our car, packed to the gills with stuff, hurdling along towards New Mexico. Having just paid $4.89 for a gallon of gas, I cannot wait to hit those out of the way, “we are the only station for miles” $5.00+/gallon types out in the middle of the desert. Only 936 miles to go…

My Two Dollars took part in two carnivals this past week:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #158 over at Mrs. Micah. My article “Comparing The Cost Of Moving – Do It Yourself Or Hire Movers?” was included.

The Carnival of Money Stories Edition #65 over at The Dividend Guy. My post “How Our Finances Will Drastically Change Starting July 1” was chosen as an Editor’s Pick.

Thanks to both sites for hosting! And here are 10 of the articles that caught my eye this past week:

Being Frugal has some great tips on how to save money on everyday items by shopping on Ebay.

Money Ning says A Dollar Saved is Two Dollars Earned but Two Dollars Earned is Twenty Dollars Saved. You do the math!

Moolanomy wants to teach you about the stock market. Just getting started with investing? This post is for you.

Living The Cheap Life says “So if anxiety over your personal finances is causing you to continue to work a job you don’t like, consider spending that effort on finding a way to never work again.”

Lazy Man & Money has some advice on how to buy and sell a computer.

Gather Little By Little tells us a tale of working on his house…and how sometimes it is just better to pay someone else to do the work. I could not agree more – there are some things that I would rather just not do!

Prime Time Money has some summertime activities that cost very little and get you fit at the same time.

Dough Roller gives everyone some tips on marketing your home-based business. If you are making money on your own, you need to know how to market yourself!

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity tells you how to buy Costco gas…without a Costco membership.

Quest For Four Pillars has the “Everyman’s Guide to $30 / Month in Passive Income“. Looking for a way to make a few extra bucks each month? This post is for you to read for sure.

That’s it for this week, see you around!

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  1. PT says:

    Safe travels, David. 🙂

  2. Yikes! $4.89 a gallon? My last fillup here I paid $3.71 a gallon. I guess there are some advantages to living in Missouri. Have a good trip.