5 Ways You Can Save Money on Gas.

There is no denying we are in the middle of a major gasoline crisis. It seems the price of gasoline rises every single day and there is no apparent end in sight. If you’re like me you’ll stop and get gas even if you don’t need if the station is offering a lower price than you’ve seen in your travels all day. It’s amazing how quickly this phenomena spread but it’s sad to say that it appears to be here for good and it’s only going to get worse. With this horror story becoming a reality you need to find ways to get the most out of your gas money. Here are five tips for you to consider this summer before you go on a road trip this summer or are just worried about your daily commute:

1. Limit your AC use. I know this sounds like a terrible idea as we enter the dog days of summer and temperatures keeps creeping up. There are ways you can keep your car cool without jacking up the air conditioner. Park in the shade and leave your windows cracked a little bit when you’re not in your car to keep the air circulating. Your motor takes on a heavier load when you turn on your AC and this will diminish your fuel economy.
2. Lose some weight. I’m not saying that you need to go on a diet but your car does. Eliminate as much unnecessary cargo in your car. Empty your trunk except for your spare tire and any other emergency items you may need. The lighter your car is, the less the motor will be taxed.
3. Learn how to use your brakes properly. It’s a simple matter of physics: if you accelerate more than you’re going to use more energy. Think about how much you use your brakes when you’re driving. If you’re the person who tailgates other drivers and constantly has to brake and then reaccelerate then you’re going to waste your fuel. Practice driving along with the traffic and you’ll save your gas and become a more amicable driver.
4. Consider your travel routes. The quickest commute is not always the best way to save gas. If you have a bunch of stop lights and intersections you’re going to be idling a lot. Try to find the best way to work that limits the stop-and-go traffic.
5. Kill two birds with one stone. Try to think ahead before you go out and run your errands. If you need something at one store and there’s another store nearby that you may need something from then double up and get your shopping done in one trip.

The above is a guest post by Heather Johnson, who regularly writes on AMEX Rewards. She invites your questions and writing job opportunities at her personal email address: heatherjohnson2323 at gmail dot com.

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  1. NCN says:

    I recently removed my golf clubs and an old car seat from the trunk. In the process of checking to see if this increases mpg…
    And, I’ve radically reduced the number of ‘trips to town’…

  2. Blake says:

    I basically try to drive like a grandma. I feel like a slow poke sometimes, but it’s the best way to get the most mileage possible! 😀

  3. jl says:

    great tips, thanks!

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  5. kitty says:

    About A/C. Your advice is fine when you are on slower road. But when you are on a highway, opening windows instead of turning on A/C may waste more gas because of extra drag created by the opened windows.

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