Save Money, Reduce Waste: Stop Buying And Start Borrowing.

Why is that we are all so concerned with “owning” things? I believe it has something to do with past generations needing to hoard food and other products in order to survive…but somehow we have turned hoarding into an art form and we now buy and keep everything! I truly believe that renting or borrowing everything you possibly can not only saves money but also reduces the amount of waste (both in plastic packaging, etc. and shipping costs) that we generate in our every day lives. Sure, you are probably not going to rent furniture or cookware, but why not rent the things that you don’t need to own or will only use occasionally?

DVD’s are probably one of the best things that we can all get away with renting or borrowing, as rarely will any of us watch a movie more than once. Some people I know buy DVD’s every week when they get released, just to put them on a shelf and display them in their homes. This makes no sense to me, as each DVD costs between $10-$20 and will probably just sit there for years after being watched the first time! That’s why services like Blockbuster and Netflix are so great, because for the price of buying one DVD a month, you can watch unlimited movies and not have to build shelving units to store your clutter around the house. Plus, DVD’s get reused over and over again by all their customers, so less of them need to be made and shipped in the first place.

And for the women out there, do you go through purses several times a year? Why not just rent those high-end bags for a few months at a time instead of buying new ones every time fashion changes? Companies like Bag Borrow Or Steal specialize in renting expensive and fancy purses, bags, sunglasses, and jewelry so that women can always have the latest and greatest while not having to buy new products every couple of months. I know a lot of women could care less about the bag they carry (the one my wife uses now is made of hemp), but for those of you who do, you might want to check them out.

Tired of buying baby clothes and supplies every few months as your baby gets bigger? Tired of doing it again and again for your second or third baby? German company Lutte Leihen might be on to something, as they rent packages of baby clothes: ” Lütte rent leases and provides you with everything your child the first 6 months of clothing needs. The basic package: Body and pajamas and to 9 – to 11-piece clothing sets.” Seems it would be a good business idea for someone here in the States, no?

And what about tools for around your house? Do you really need to go buy your own Caterpillar tractor for tilling your 6X10 garden, or will renting a small roto-tiller do the job? How often do you need to pave your driveway? Dig post holes? Renting these type of of items not only saves space in your garage, but also reduces the amount of products that need to be built to being with.

And finally, do not forget about your local library. From books to CD’s to DVD’s to Magazines, everything is available for you to take home and use for a few weeks – for zero cost. Libraries are one of the greatest ways to cut expenses and cut waste, and we have been as many of our books from there as possible. I have not been to our new library yet, as I don’t have my new driver’s license yet, but it is right around the corner from our house and I am sure we will be visiting it quite often.

So what kind of things would you guys add to the list? Is there anything else that maybe the renting of would be better than the buying of? I know real estate would make that list in certain towns only, so I left it off the list. But what do you guys think about other ideas?

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  1. Frugal Dad says:

    I’m amused by the people that buy a huge SUV or giant mini-van because they “have to have a big car to take on vacations.” Why not drive a smaller car all year and then rent a van for the one or two vacations each year. You’d come out way ahead, financially, and you’d be burning up far less gas all year around.

  2. David says:

    That’s a good one! I love it when people say they need a pickup truck – for the twice a year they go to the garden store. Why not rent? Thanks FD!

  3. Debbie M says:

    A couple more:

    * Lawn furniture (for big parties)–actually, all kinds of things for one-time themed parties
    * Something you might want, but you’re not sure (I borrowed a bread machine for a week to find out if I’d actually like and use it)
    * You can also rent or borrow a car for travel or big shopping trips if you don’t own a car. I also called a taxi for a big shopping trip once, but I think it would have been cheaper to rent a car!

  4. David says:

    Lawn furniture for parties – great idea!

  5. Mrs. Micah says:

    I’ve had some threats to borrow my new (well, used and older but still awesome) serger.

    When I look at my DVD collection I almost always ask myself why I bought any of them. The ones I get the most use out of are my Firefly DVDs. I love them. And they’re handy to put in when I want to clean and don’t have time to plan ahead.

    I guess that’s the benefit…not having to plan ahead. I also own a few DVDs which I really did need to buy since I was doing a semester-long project about them for film classes. And a couple which aren’t easily available or which I love (the Merchant Ivory Maurice and Room With a View fall into both those categories, Maurice more strongly since it was the hardest to find).

    But I could do without most of them. I can get an awful lot from our library and I shouldn’t watch that much tv/that many movies anyway.

  6. Alisa says:

    How about storage space in you home or garage?

  7. tiffanie says:

    wow…I went to the Bag Barrow or Steal website to check prices…they are expensive! $50/week to RENT a purse? No thanks. I’ll buy my Kate Spade knock offs for $15-20, thank you very much.

    I love netflix and Paper Back Swap (paperbackswap.com) for DVDs/Blu Rays and books!

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  9. The rent-a-bag idea is great, in theory…but the prices are a bit high. I just bought a $115 Brighton check wallet for $8 in an estate sale. For $50 a week, in three weeks I’d have enough saved up to buy a new Coach bag. I guess if you were getting married or going to some sort of really swank affair, it might be worth the price. Maybe. For some folks.

    What would i like to rent? Hmmm….

    A gas pump
    Heck, I’d just like to buy shares in a local gasoline pump
    One of those expensive floating pool lounges
    A Mac laptop

  10. David says:

    Funny about Money – It is expensive, for sure. But I know that there are women out there who buy $200 bags at least a few times a year, only to give them to Goodwill later. It seems kinda dumb to buy something so expensive if you are only going to use it a few times anyway.

    And I am with you on the floating pool lounges!

  11. I think renting outdoor fun equipment is a good idea if you don’t think you’ll be using it much. I bought a mountain bike and was thinking of buying two kayaks for my lake trip this summer but decided we’d better rent those since we’ll only use them one week per year and they take up tons of space.

  12. David says:

    Kayaks – now that would be a good thing to rent if you only use them a few times a year!

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  18. Andys says:

    Amazing what you can get at the library. With everything online you can reserve any book. Even for new releases, you can get them a few weeks after they are out. If you have kids, then it is a great place to get kids books. My son goes through about 5 a week, and if I had to buy those the cost would be way too much.

    Great to discover your blog as well. As a fellow pf blogger it is nice to discover new and good content.

  19. david says:

    Thanks Andy!

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  26. Lisa says:

    Your wedding dress! I paid $700 for mine, and only wore it once. Then paid another $150 to have it cleaned and preserved, so that it could sit in a box in my attic. To do it again, I totally would have rented that sucker.

  27. david says:

    My wife says the same thing Lisa!

  28. adam berk says:

    http://www.neighBORROW.com is a great resource for borrowing and saving

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