So, What’s In My Wallet?

Patrick over at Cash Money Life tagged me to post about the contents of my wallet – a meme that started over at Debt Kid. It’s been pretty interesting to see what other people carry around in their pocket, so I don’t mind sharing mine at all:

That’s my wallet all closed up and tidy. When I used to go to work and sit at my desk all day, I tried to keep my wallet much thinner as it always hurt my back to sit on it all day. But now that I can leave it sitting on the table all day, things tend to collect inside it. The wallet is made entirely from hemp and recycled metal (the zipper), and I bought it at Santa Fe Hemp the last time we were in New Mexico. (Before we moved only 60 miles from that store!)

And here is all my stuff that is in my wallet as of right now – $7 in ones (I’m rich!), my American Express Gold Business Card (almost anyone can get one, just name yourself as the business), my Citi AA card, my Bank of America debit card, my California DL and my temporary New Mexico DL (you keep both until the real one comes in the mail), business cards for my other site, a BlueCross insurance card, and some receipts from our meals out this week.

That’s it – how much stuff do you carry around in your wallet?

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  1. Tyler says:

    Why do you have a Business Amex? Is there a significant advantage over a regular card with a low APR or a $1=1pt rewards program?

  2. david says:

    I have a business Amex because I run several businesses, and not only do you get rewards points, but you get discounts off business-type services.

  3. marci says:

    You’d never believe it all… and yes, it’s carried in my pocket, front left…
    The usual cash and credit cards, store cards, bank card, etc.
    Spare house key, spare car key.
    Postage stamps.
    Emergency can opener. (very flat)
    Pictures of kids and grandkids.
    List of phone #’s that haven’t been put into my new cell phone yet.
    Store coupons.
    Bandaid. Plastic flat thermometer. (for grandkids)
    Migraine meds.

    Quite a bit actually 🙂
    I once worked at 911… you’d be surprised at all the people who lock themselves out of their
    house or car…. it’s expensive to call a locksmith…and sometimes your cell phone is in the car!
    Therefore, I started carrying the spare keys in my wallet which is always in my pocket.

  4. David says:

    That is a lot Marci, but you are well prepared!