American Economics: “Ne’er Do Wells, Clueless Dolts, Political Hacks, and Total Idiots”.

A must read for anyone tired of the absolute incompetence our government and banking industries have shown in the last couple of years that got us into this mess.

While the Republic burns due to the unsavory combination of incompetence, ideological rigidity, and crony capitalism, the fools and assclowns seem ever more determined to avoid any personal responsibility for the damages they have wrought. Instead, they flail about blindly, blaming everything and everyone — except their own horrific negligence…Back in the States, something beyond cognitive dissonance is occurring — this is full blown case of dementia unfolding in the public sphere. When this era of excess and absurdity is treated by historians in the future, the question I expect to be asked most is not why many of these people weren’t jailed for their financial felonies. Rather, I expect them to wonder why so many of these folk weren’t placed in protective custody, and heavily medicated, for the only rational explanation for their statements and behaviors is that they have gone so far beyond the bend as to be completely and totally insane.

Wow. Think that’s bad? Take a look at the rest of the article.

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  1. ConnieB says:

    LOL Yes that’s extremely strong. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s totally unwarranted either. How did you ever find that lol. Going to check it out now.

  2. david says:

    I sure do like strong commentary!