The Top 10 Highest Wage Earning Towns In America.

Although how much money I make doesn’t really matter to me as long as I am comfortable, I do find it interesting to read about where people who earn the most money live. One might immediately think of New York City or Los Angeles as being the high-wage places, but families seem to be making more outside of them when you look at the smaller cities and towns around the U.S.. Have you been looking around for a place you can call home and make more money? You might want to check out this list of the Top 25 highest earning towns in America, according to a recent article from CNN/Money. Here are the top 10 cities on the list, along with the median income of each:

1. New Canaan, CT – $231,138

2. Darien, CT – $218,130

3. Lake Forest, IL – $212,122

4. Saratoga, CA – $196,420

5. Westport, CT – $193,540

6. Los Altos, CA – $189,839

7. Potomac, MD – $183,258

8. McLean, VA – $180,103

9. Wellesley, MA – $172,900

10. University Park, TX – $170,150

If you want to read a lot more about each city and see numbers 11-25, check out the entire article at CNN/Money. And as someone who used to live very close by, I can vouch that Wellesley is one hell of a rich town, and I am surprised it came in at only #9!

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  1. Another idea I like is to put a slice of orange in a pitcher of tea. It gives it a slight orange taste, and takes away some of the bitterness of some teas.

    Great stuff!

  2. Now I know where to move to when I move. I wonder what’s going on to drive the median income up in New Canaan. Must be where all the old CEOs go to retire.

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