Sunday Money Roundup – Where Is My Mail Edition?

Anyone know how long forwarded mail takes to show up when you move? Seriously – it’s been 3 weeks and only 7 pieces of mail have shown up. I used to get that in one day. Cannot wait to see what I have been missing! While I contemplate which bills never got paid, check out some articles that caught my eye this past week:

Paid Twice talks about the benefits of being pessimistic about your finances. Curious, aren’t you?

Cash Money Life uncovered a money-making opportunity in a Free Blockbuster trial – get $10 just for trying them out for a few weeks!

No Credit Needed is able to enjoy spending some money because he has a plan in place. Great post, something we all should strive towards.

Moolanomy has a boatload of freebies, samples, trials and special offers. Which one will you take advantage of?

Five Cent Nickel asks if your online bank and savings account is in jeopardy.…I hope mine isn’t!

The Dough Roller has advice for how to turn gift cards into cash. You know you have some cards you will never use – why not put some actual cash in your pocket?

Money Ning wants you to start budget tracking your spending, starting today! Probably a good idea, especially if you are in debt…

Mrs. Micah fills us in on what happens if your bank fails. Imagine long lines and angry folks; but your money should be fine.

The Wisdom Journal went to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore – and has the pictures to prove it. Now THAT is a vacation!

Gather Little By Little’s 401K is really losing money – what will he do? Stay the course? Start early withdrawals? Take it all and bet it on black in Vegas? Go see for yourself!

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  1. Hey I am a new visitor to your site and I love it. I subscribed to the RSS feed. Looking forward to reading more. I love your blog

  2. Pinyo says:

    You’re missing a lot of junk mails. Since I go paperless for some and minimizes the number of service providers I work with, 90% of mails I receive are junk.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Thanks for the mention. We had an incredible time and have a new found appreciation for nature!