Friends Encourage Friends To Be Frugal.

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You know that expression “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”? Of course you do, but if you think about it, the same general principle applies for many other things in life – we all want to stop our friends from doing stupid things. Luckily, I have many good friends throughout the personal finance blog world that do their best every day to give good advice on a ton of different things; from using credit wisely, to saving for retirement, to getting out of debt. But one of the subjects that comes up most often both here on My Two Dollars and on other sites I read is the idea of “frugality” and “being frugal” – so I thought it would be cool to gather up some my friends’ best “frugal” advice for you guys all in one place. Hope you enjoy the articles and can use them in your quest to be more frugal!

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Frugal Living For Beginners – It’s hard to make changes. Believe me, I know. It takes a lot of effort to change. When you’re used to doing things one way, you can just move through life on autopilot without thinking much about what you’re doing. That’s why I suggest you change one small thing at a time if you’re trying to pick up some frugal habits.

How I Could Find $10,000 Per Year if Necessary– Once I was able to dig myself out of a hole and began earning income outside of my day job, I decided I should allow myself some of the more enjoyable aspects of life rather than wallow in extreme frugality. But if I had to cut back, could I still do it?

What is Frugality and Are We Frugal? – In a comment made to my recent article “A Guideline Budget – How Do You Compare?” a reader stated that I am not frugal. I agree, We’re not frugal, or at least I don’t consider us frugal. We are on a quest to be more frugal, but we’re not there yet. But then I began to wonder, how will we know when we get there? What is frugal exactly and what defines one as being frugal vs. not being frugal?

Frugality is NOT a Dirty Word – Frugality means choosing to make the most of your money, to focus on everyday costs, to recognize that small amounts matter. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a skill that nearly anyone can practice, and it lays the groundwork for sound financial habits that can be used throughout your life. Frugality keeps you focused on goals.

25 Ways I Save Money – This is a list of common things my wife and I do to save money on a regular basis. Luckily, we are both frugal by nature, and we actually do most of these things without needing to discuss it much. Note: in most cases, “I” is interchangeable with “we,” and “my” with “our.”

Getting Back To Basics – I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can be more frugal and simplify my life more. What these things come down to for me, is simply getting back to basics. Just because it’s 2008, doesn’t mean I can’t strive for frugality and simplicity. In fact, maybe because it’s 2008, I should be striving for it more. Everything seems to be going up except paychecks. It’s time to settle down into doing things more simply and more cost-effectively around my home.

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Frugally Grow Vegetables in a Small Space with Your Container Garden – With food prices climbing almost daily, more and more people are turning to home-grown vegetables and herbs to reduce their overall food budgets. It’s a great idea, too; starting your own garden costs relatively little compared to the gains you’ll reap and most of your expense comes in the form of sweat while tending your food plants. Having a garden of your own helps you be more self-sufficient and allows you to insulate yourself, at least partly, from food price inflation.

Everyman’s Guide to Decreasing Expenses – Much like my recent post on finding extra income if you’re poor and unskilled, this post is about methods for reducing your expenses, which SHOULD be possible for most people.

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Garden – In our economic times, a big reason for growing your own garden is for the cost savings. In our garden, we spent approximately $30 on plants and will easily pay for it in terms of vegetables grown. While we will track the yield and the cost savings, I’m confident saying that we will clear that and likely clear the cost of the dirt and extra planters as well.

How Cheaply Can You Brown Bag Your Lunch? – JLP thinks that he can make a cheaper bagged lunch than the average person, and here is how he would do it to save even more money.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without! – In our apartment, there are a number of things that should, in most peoples’ minds, be replaced. Two dramatic examples are the VCR that spits out tapes when you hit “Eject” and the my laptop”¦whose case is on life support.

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Weekend Getaways That Don’t Break the Budget – Because most of us can’t take a two week vacation to Hawaii every season, I present some frugal ideas for those quick weekend getaways. The biggest expenses of the weekend getaway are usually the airfare and hotel charges. These ideas focus on limiting or eliminating those big charges.

Cheap is Not Necessarily Frugal – This past week I was reminded on two different occasions that the cheapest option is not necessarily the most frugal option. As a reminder, here are the dictionary definitions of the terms frugal vs. cheap.

How to Save Money on Laundry – Over the long haul, it’s wise to wonder how much money could be saved by laundering differently with a few fresh techniques. Since I want to spot you some dollars and still whiten your wash, lets look at some ways to save money on cleaning laundry!

How Much Does Your Car Cost? – How much does your car cost? It’s not as simple of a question as one might think. As I wrote previously, my car was in for repairs and it gave me a chance to reflect on the costs of car ownership. It all started when I contemplated trading in my beautiful 1994 Volvo 850 wagon for a new car. How much would that new car cost me? Here’s my breakdown of what a car really costs. It made me change my mind for a while on getting that new ride.

The $100-A-Day-Rule Prevents Impulse Buying – I like stuff – gadgets, gizmos, and thingamajigs. I also like saving money. So, I’ve created the $100-A-Day-Rule. For every $100 that I want to spend on the purchase of a new product, I must wait one day before I make the purchase. This creates a self-imposed “˜cooling-off’ period.

Lose Weight While Spending Less on Food and Exercise – First things first: take the stress out of your life. If your life is full to the brim and you are no longer able to stop and smell the roses, then you’re doing a number on your health. One of the first steps to better health is by gaining better control over your life by simplifying it. Doing so should bring down your stress levels and take some pressure off your system.

Frugal Or Cheap? Here’s A Test – Here’s some mid-week fun for Moolanomy’s readers. Have you ever wondered if you are frugal or cheap? I do. I always consider myself frugal, but my wife calls me cheap “” go figure!

Muggle Money Mistakes: 3 Unforgivable Blunders We Make – Making mistakes with your money is pretty easy to do. A department store credit card here, a financed 60″ plasma TV there, and next thing you know you’re thousands in debt with not a spare knut or sickle to your name..

But I Just Don’t Feel Like It”¦ Four Strategies To Fight The Takeout Urge – No matter how committed we are, and how good our intentions, there will be times that we feel like faltering. I am pretty disciplined about eating at home and not spending unnecessary money on takeout, but like many people, there are times that I just don’t feel like cooking and the temptation to swing by a local fast food joint runs high. These are four strategies I use to prepare for the temptation in advance so that when it strikes, I can combat it without caving.

As you can see, frugality can take on many forms, depending on who you are talking to. So be sure to take that into account when you are thinking about what all my friends said and when trying to apply some of their principles to your own frugal life!

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  1. Thanks for including my article. It’s great when you get to show the people around you the frugal changes you’ve made to improve your life and your finances. Many of my friends have asked me for advice in this area; it’s nice to be a resource in that regard. And after reading the articles in this roundup, I’ll have even more suggestions for them to try.

  2. PT says:

    Great resource, David. Especially that post on “Weekend Getaways”! 🙂

  3. Four Pillars says:

    This is an excellent post since one of the big problems a lot of “spenders” have is peer pressure.

    Thanks for the link.


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