Sunday Money Roundup – It’s Raining Again Edition.

Every afternoon, like clockwork, thunderstorms roll over the mountain or across the mesa, dumping rain for about an hour. At first I was a big upset that our sunny summer days were being interrupted, but now that I know how it cools everything down and lets me skip watering duty, I love the daily storms. Living here has certainly opened my eyes to different kinds of weather patterns! On with the roundup…

My Two Dollars took part in 2 money carnivals this week:

The 162nd Carnival of Personal Finance, with my article Some Foreclosures Cannot Be Helped, Says Treasury Dept. I Agree, And Nor Should They Be.

The Festival of Frugality #135, where my article Save Money, Reduce Waste: Stop Buying And Start Borrowing was an Editor’s Choice.

Thanks to both sites for hosting!

And now, on to ten articles that caught my eye this past week:

Being Frugal shares more of the ups and downs of buying a house. I am following Lynnae’s story closely as we are starting to look at properties now too!

Kelly from Almost Frugal Presents the ABCs of Frugality, 26 Key Frugal Concepts.

Cash Money Life wants you tell you how to become a millionaire with his multi-part series. You know you want to be a millionaire, so I suggest you go read them all.

Money Ning has an intro to making passive income. I am a big believer in setting up many different sources of income, so this was a good post to read and gave me a few ideas I had not thought of.

My Dollar Plan up and quit her job to spend more time with her kids and family. Sounds like she had quite the plan put in place and was ready for this to happen. Congrats to Madison!

Frugal Dad talks about the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage early. I guess I need a mortgage before I can consider paying it off early!

Millionaire Money Habits has a video post about how to make a few hundred bucks in just a few hours. You know you want to go read it, so head on over!

Credit Withdrawal takes an in-depth look at banks failing: what money is covered, what’s not, and what you can do to ease your mind a bit. Great post, check it out.

Lazy Man & Money has 35 tips for saving money on gas. I didn’t even know there were 35, but there they are!

Generation X Finance has the Top 12 money mistakes that most people make. Have you made any of these costly errors? Check out the list to see…

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  1. Thanks for the mention David! I really appreciate it.

  2. Frugal Dad says:

    The weather reminds me of summer afternoons at Florida beaches. It rains every single day at 3:00pm–you could practically set your watch by it! As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to enjoy the rain. When I was a kid I thought it was a bummer because I couldn’t play outside, but now I enjoy a good shower.

    Thanks for the link love, and for sharing some other great articles!

  3. DJ says:

    I would strongly recommend you take a couple of years to study the market in your new area before buying a home. It takes time to learn the neighborhoods, and in your case the surrounding small hamlets. There will be micro-climate differences, wide value differences, water rights issues which are huge there, construction differences that are unfamiliar, seasonal differences because of weather and the tourist industry which influence your new town. People coming from California have an inflated sense of pricing as you are coming from a wildly high market which can scew your sense of values. It’s likely the housing market will be dramatically different from what you are accustomed, and it will probably change in the next few years from historical trends. Be patient and avoid getting into a house that won’t be as a good a deal as you thought, or not be readily re-sellable when you are ready for something else. I have lived in the mountain west, and have seen this happen to those moving in from California many times. All of your wisdom in making a frugal move can be negated by being too hasty. Take the time to enjoy your new space and to discover all it has to offer.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me, David. I liked that article quite a bit too. It surprised me how much was actually covered in Federal bank take-overs.