Sunday Money Roundup – Got A Spare $100,000 Edition?

Saw a house this weekend that was perfect for us – 20 acres, off-grid, wind and solar powered, 3 beds/2 baths, absolutely beautiful. Slight problem however; it is about $100K more than we would feel comfortable spending. Ah well, the market is still collapsing around here, so there is still a chance. While I scheme up ways to come up with $100K more (Not really, we don’t want that big of a mortgage), here are some articles that caught my eye this past week:

Cash Money Life wants you to know how to find unclaimed or missing money. Go see if you are due any!

Money Ning tells us that Saying Yes to Up-Sell is Saying No to Being Frugal. Couldn’t agree more!

Paid Twice started the plastic bag challenge. Oh, plastic bags, the scourge of the earth. Head on over to see how many you can get rid of!

Moolanomy has some tips on making extra income. I think once people stop thinking that get rich schemes work, and you have to put some effort in, the sooner they can make that extra money they need.

Five Cent Nickel has some tips on evaluating deals and watching for the fine print. Great advice for anyone who ever leaves the house!

No Credit Needed has collected a giant list of personal finance tips from his readers. Go check them out and see which ones you can use.

The Dough Roller wants you to read the fine print on your credit card statement. What do you find if you look really close?

PT Money has advice on Building Your Own Financial Dashboard so you can see all your assets and debits in one place. Great idea!

Mrs. Micah has an interesting article and discussion going on – are banks being unethical in charging interest? Most people would say no, myself included. They are there to make money too!

Gather Little By Little is giving away the keys to the kingdom – “How to create your own online store“. Go check it out if you are interested in setting up your own internet money-maker!

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Comments (6)

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  1. Emily says:

    Is that a photo of the house? It is way cool!

  2. Patrick says:

    That house seems like a great match for you! (minus the large mortgage of course!). I’d love to have a home powered by wind and solar energy. It’s not something I can do in my current home, but hopefully by the time my wife and I move to our next house, the technology will be more accessible in terms of cost.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. David says:

    It is the actual house, but it is outside our comfort level even without utility bills! We are still contemplating going the earthship route, that I wrote about on the other site.

  4. Pinyo says:

    Just wait a month or two and you’ll be able to afford it. My house just lost another $20,000 this month (on top of the $10,000 last month). 🙂

  5. david says:

    You may be right Pinyo, we just saw a $35K drop from Friday to Sat on another house we were looking at. Great for buyers, bad for sellers!

  6. PT says:

    Cool home. Hope the price drops for you.