Book Review And Giveaway: Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely.

This month’s book giveaway is for a copy of “Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely: Making Intelligent Choices in America’s Healthcare System” by David Liu, M.D.. With all my medical issues lately, reading through this book gave me some advice about health and personal finance that I had not thought of before, and I am sure there is something in here that you can learn from as well. The book will help you make intelligent decisions about your health care needs; the starting up and maintenance of Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), how to choose doctors, how to negotiate with insurers, and how to generally stay healthy and avoid the high medical bills. As I said, some of the tips in here have been very handy while battling my way through the health insurance mess these last 10 months, and I am sure a lucky winner will benefit as well.

Everyone who is subscribed by RSS feed or Email subscription will see a secret code inside the feed or email during this week that you need to email me to enter. The contest ends a Tuesday, August 12th at 11:59 MST, and I will announce the randomly chosen winner sometime on Wednesday the 13th. Good luck, and remember I give away a book every month so be sure to subscribe and look out for those secret codes!

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  1. Island Spice says:

    So how do I enter, jjst type in the code? Health Insurance

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  3. I appreciate your kind remarks about my book. Glad to hear your health concerns were resolved and that you are on your way to a full recovery. What most people fail to realize, but I think you correctly illustrated is that we often take our health for granted. As a doctor I know it can change in an instant. As a person who understands finance, I also know that the your most powerful financial asset – your ability to earn money. That means you need to be healthy and you need to protect this asset the same way you would for your car or your house. This means that when we can we must opt for health insurance to protect ourselves and our families.

    Unfortunately, even with health insurance our healthcare system is increasingly expensive, confusing, and frustrating for people. It shouldn’t be that way. As a doctor, I know my family benefited from my expertise. Not everyone has a doctor in the family and that is why I wrote the book – Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely – Making Intelligent Choices in America’s Healthcare System. Easy to read it is an insider’s guide to getting you the right care and understanding how best to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

    Thanks again.

    Best wishes for good health,

    Davis Liu, M.D.
    Author of Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely – Making Intelligent Choices in America’s Healthcare System

  4. david says:

    Thanks for writing it, Davis!