Sunday Money Roundup – The $92K Real Estate Drop Edition.

This week was very interesting as we looked at a few more houses around town here, and found that we can afford either a 3 bd, 2 ba house with a detached artists’ studio (home office?) in-town with an acre of land and 360 degree views of the mountains that needs a little work, or a newer “doesn’t need much work” house about 15 miles outside of town. Choices, choices! As Pinyo once told me, “just wait a few months and you can afford whatever you want“. He might be on to something, as just this week the paper showcased a house that was listed at $390K last week – but is now at $298K and the seller “will be interested in all offers”. Interesting times, I tell ya.

My Two Dollars took part in two carnivals this past week:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #164 over at Squawkfox. My article “Following The Rule Of 10 Percent Is Easy And The Savings Add Up” was chosen as an Editor’s Choice. Thanks Squawkfox!

The Carnival of Debt Reduction #151 over at Mighty Bargain Hunter. My article “Paying Off Debt And Saving Money Can Be Done At The Same Time” was included, thanks MBH!

And now, on to some articles that caught my eye this past week. As usual, I have only listed 10 of them (although there are always a lot more than that), as anything more than that can sometimes overwhelm!

Lynnae over at Being Frugal is feeling the pull of her credit cards now that they are moving into a new house and need to buy some things for it.

Emily at Remodeling This Life reminds us that less is more, and I could not agree more.

Patrick at Cash Money Life talks about how regular people can apply for business credit cards. I didn’t know that when I first started investigating them, so I am sure this is useful for many people!

Brip Blap has 5 signs that your job sucks. And if your job sucks, get another one – it’s not worth spending any more time than you need to at a job you hate. You only get one go-round on this planet, so why spend it doing something you despise?

We Like Money is snowflaking their way to a savings account. Be sure to go see what they are up to and how you can implement a similar system.

Money Ning has a great post up titled “When to Splurge, When to Spend, When Do I Decide When“. Self explanatory, and you need to go read it!

Money Smart Life has an interesting article about making more money and being happier using something called a Work Portfolio. What exactly is it? Click through to find out!

Plonkee Money wants to know if you would move for a lower cost of living. As many of you probably know, we moved and lowered our expenses in June and could not be happier. But you do have to have a plan in place to make it happen. Check out Plonkee’s post and comments for some great advice.

My Dollar Plan has an unconventional way to reduce your tax bill…by moving money out of your Roth IRA, deferring the same amount of cash to a taxed IRA accoun, and using the withdrawn Roth money to replace the reduced amount in your paycheck. Interesting idea, that’s for sure!

Paid Twice has 5 ways to get more out of coupons. Although we don’t use coupons (our natural grocer doesn’t sell anything that ever has coupons available!), these are some great tips for those of you who do!

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  1. Emily says:

    thanks a bunch for the link, david!

  2. Patrick says:

    $92k in a week? At that rate they should be [paying you to take the house in a month. 😉

  3. Ben says:

    It’s definitely a buyers market right now. Good luck making the decision, it’s never an easy thing making one of most expensive purchases you’ll make in your life. No pressure 🙂 Thanks for mentioning the work portfolio, it really can help you decide what you want to do with your career and how to get there.

  4. MoneyNing says:

    Seeing those prices must make you feel good about your moving decision 🙂

    Good luck in your house hunting and thanks for the link as always!

  5. plonkee says:

    I vote for a house in town – all the extra mileage has an environmental cost you know 😉 . Not that I get a vote.

    Oh, and thanks for the link and the nice selection of things to read.

  6. david says:

    Very true Plonkee, but what if the one outside of town is solar and wind powered? Its a tough choice…

  7. Brip Blap says:

    Ah, you spend it doing something you despise for the kids. I know it’s a lame excuse – and the kids will be better off if I do something I love – but in the back of your mind there’s a hammering refrain: earn for the tykes. That’s why I’ve stuck with my corporate consulting long after I’ve tired of it – to provide for my two little kids. If it was just me and the wife we would’ve packed it in and headed to Vegas ourselves a long time ago. The mindset once you have kids really messes with free will and ideas about “perfect jobs.”


  8. David says:

    My friend thought the same thing, until he realized that he was absolutely miserable from his job and he was taking it out on his kids. He quit, started a freelance business, and now works at home and has all the time in the world for them. Once he realized his happiness was important for everyone’s well-being, his life was changed. He also realized he didn’t need as much money as he thought they did, so it all worked out!