Settlement Gives Everyone Free Copies Of Their Credit Report & Score.

If you have already used up your free credit reports for 2008 (I have one more to use in the last quarter of the year), a settlement of a class-action lawsuit that was filed against Transunion lets you get your report and your score, as often as you want, for 6 months. Transunion had allegedly sold customer profiles to third parties and got caught – thus the settlement.

If you want to sign up to get your reports and scores for the 6 months, just head over to listclassaction.com and register for the service. And as much as I hate when petty class-action lawsuits get taken advantage of, I think this one has merit and everyone should take the time to register for their free scores!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. This is the first place I’ve heard about it.

  3. S.R. Pond says:

    Read the complaint filed against TU…then you wonder who wins—
    1. TransUnion gets $75 million tax write off.
    2. A jump on the credit monitoring competition.
    3. Gathers more information about the consumer (email address) to promote their marketing lists.
    4. Exposes more consumers to ID thieves on the internet. Phishing list sellers mention eBay, Paypal, Wachovia, and eGold lists”¦to name a few.
    5. Data broker security laws are up for vote, again”¦see Senate bill S495.

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