Sunday Money Roundup – Fall Is In The Air Edition.

It is that time already when you live at 7,500 feet…nights are dipping down into the 40’s but daytime highs are still in the 80’s. It makes it hard to decide what to wear for the day! As we head towards our first winter in over 10 years, I am both excited and nervous. And while I start shopping for winter clothes at REI, here is the news and some articles that caught my eye this past week:

My Two Dollars took part in the Carnival of Personal Finance #167 at Broke Grad Student. My article “How To Save Money On Prescriptions” was included. Thanks for hosting!

At work today, a fellow consultant expressed amazement that I was planning to take Thursday off after having taken Monday off. The simple truth is that I have certain rules that, if anyone follows them, makes taking time off a snap. – Brip Blap

It’s not a good idea to drive too far with your check engine light on because you don’t know what may be wrong. Unfortunately, a check engine light doesn’t tell you anything specific, only that your vehicle’s computer recorded a malfunction in the engine or emissions systems. Until you get the problem diagnosed with a scan tool, you don’t know what that problem is. What to do when your check engine light comes onCash Money Life

I needed to clean the oven before we move out of the house, so I decided to tackle the dreaded task over the weekend. I didn’t have any oven cleaner in my cleaning cabinet, because the fumes make me sick. So I searched the internet for a better solution to my problem than Easy-Off. I found it. But would it work?Being Frugal

Now that I decided to roll my 401k into a traditional IRA, the next step is to figure out the company that I should roll the money into. As the funds will likely remain in the same place until I’m past 60 years old, it is a decision that I should carefully analyze. I managed to narrow the choices into three and here are some pros and cons of each. – Money Ning

Why paying your mortgage before credit cards is a really bad idea. I’m not sure what’s happened with the American economy and America’s view on spending to cause people to change their priorities, but paying your credit card first is a really bad idea. Payment priorities should be life basics first, everything else second. – Gather Little By Little

Now that we have a home that we plan to stay in for a while, we are considering buying a chest freezer to place in the garage. Growing up, a lot of my friends with larger families had either a chest freezer or a second refrigerator in the house, and I’d rather not have another appliance inside the house. Also, I love the convenience of frozen foods and our current freezer is always packed. Is the worth the investment? Here is a quick cost/benefit analysis… – My Money Blog

You’ve decided to invest in your future. You’ve picked the perfect mutual fund. You’re ready to go. Now what? How do you actually go about buying shares of a mutual fund? The good news is that buying shares of a mutual fund is quick and easy. If you’ve never invested in a mutual fund outside of your employer’s 401(k), however, the process can seem overwhelming. But the truth is that for DIY investors there are only two options to consider, and both options are inexpensive. – The Dough Roller

Risk management is a methodology to mitigate negative consequences resulting from threats and uncertainties. In this article, I’ll be exploring financial risks focused on personal finance and how to minimize these risks. Since risk management is a huge topic, I am going to limit it within the scope of the REAL Wealth Building framework “” specifically, we will be looking at (1) income risks, (2) expense risks, (3) assets and investment risks, and (4) credit and debt risks. – Moolanomy

I wanted to be a digital nomad before anybody–before the term existed; before the technology existed; before most people even imagined that it would someday be possible to earn a living without ever being in the same place as your coworkers, bosses, customers, or clients. Other people may have become digital nomads before I did, but nobody wanted to be one before I did. Three obstacles define the three paths to being a digital nomad.Wise Bread

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about eating produce that’s in season in order to get the best prices. If you’re like me, you probably get a little overzealous when you see a good deal on produce at the supermarket. For example, Trader Joe’s has these jumbo boxes of blueberries on sale right now for $6. I LOVES me some blueberries! But with just two of us in the house, is it very realistic that we’ll be able to eat all that fruit before it goes bad?Queercents

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  1. Brip Blap says:

    Thanks for the mention! Funny to think about needing to buy new winter clothes – most of my clothes ARE winter clothes.