DirectTV Bait & Switch – They Change Prices Once Your System is Installed.

Before you sign up with DirectTV, please stop and look for an alternative way to get your television fix. Even if you have to go sit in Circuit City at primetime to watch your favorite shows, do that instead of signing an agreement with DirectTV. Seriously.

We tried the “no TV route”. We tried the “watch TV on the internet” route. Not because we needed to save money, but we wanted to do without the TV…but it didn’t work and we needed to sign up for service. I looked at our local cable company, but they wanted a fortune for basic cable, and if I had wanted DVR service as well, then forget it – I would have had to have given them my first born child. So I check out DirectTV – the rates were great, the DVR service was cheap, the installation was free – everything looked great. The guy on the phone set everything up, told me my final price, the installation went smoothly and we were enjoying our first month of having TV in the house again…and then it all came crashing down when I got my first bill from them.

My $41.99 for 12 months is now $67.99 for 12 months…and they say I never got an offer for $41.99, so too bad.

I know the first thing anyone is going to ask – “Do you have it on paper?”…and no, I don’t. But when was the last time you called up the cable company to ask for a deal/discount/service set up and got anything in writing as to your deal? I have been paying for cable TV for 16 years now and not once have I gotten (or needed) anything in writing. You call up, they tell you the deal, you get the deal. Done. Finished. But not with DirectTV – with them you call up, get the deal, then they switch it and say it never existed. And that is exactly what happened with me and I am not too happy with it.

I asked the woman to prove that I had signed up for anything that would cost $67.99 and she couldn’t – they have nothing with my signature on it agreeing to this price. But on the other hand, I don’t have anything saying I should be paying $41.99 other than the two phone calls I had with reps when signing up. Are we, as consumers, supposed to record our phone calls now? After 45 minutes of arguing with the woman on the phone, I gave up – but only with them. I am now taking this to the next level, by filing complaints with the New Mexico Attorney General’s office, the Better Business Bureau, and anyone else I can find to complain to. And after a little digging, seems many people have similar complaints about DirectTV, so I know I am not alone nor wrong in this situation:

Consumer Affairs

DirectTV Idiocy

Pissed Consumer

Complaints Board

Rip-off Report


Don’t know where any of this is going to take me, but I am going to do my best to try to complain as much as possible and let as many people know about this bait and switch that DirectTV has going on. And to be fair, there are a ton of complaints against cable companies, but I never had one…and now I wish I had just gone with them in the first place as DirectTV has a contract you have to stay in. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Any advice? Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Johanna B says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about going with DirectTV. No more…

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  3. Patrick says:

    If you never signed a contract or they have no proof you agreed to a contract verbally or otherwise, then have them remove the service. Go for cable even if it costs a little more (or package your internet service & cable for a better deal).

  4. PT says:

    I’ve had a poor customer service and billing experience with Dish Network as well. Cable/Satellite companies just don’t care. They know they have you where they want you and they milk it for what it’s worth. I wish I could do without as well. We’re planning on dumping the Dish when our 18 mo contract runs out this Dec.

    I don’t know who all you talked with, but when I run into a road block, I just keep asking for their supervisor. You could also call in threatening to close down the account. I don’t know all your details, but I’d try putting the screws to them prior to going the third party complaint route. Good luck.

  5. David says:

    Patrick – No one who has DirectTV, according to them, has a contract that is signed. As for having them remove the service, they said sure – once I pay the cancellation fee of several hundred dollars.

    PT – This was the supervisor, and even when I called back to try someone else, I got the same roadblock…

  6. Pinyo says:

    They also automatically signed me up for packages that I didn’t ask for and had to call them to cancel.

  7. Frugal Dad says:

    And to think I actually considered this recently! Thanks for the heads up…I’ll pass on DirectTV.

  8. Jeff says:

    I feel you pain. I ended up paying 15.00 per month for 12 months because I canceled after a year, when they said I had a 2 year agreement due to the DVR. They totally suck as a company and I won’t ever use them again either.

    Att u-verse has been the total opposite for me. No contracts, no cancellation fee. Just a wonderful company to deal with. However I won’t use their phone service. 🙂

  9. Kate says:

    If you did record your phone conversation with them, they’d probably sue you. Recording phone conversations is illegal in many instances, sometimes even when the other party is informed. I guess banks and such have exemptions. But it would probably come back to bite us hoi polloi types on the derrière.

    I’m not remotely in the target audience for this service, but it’s nice that you give a warning just the same.

  10. Holly says:

    We signed up with Direct TV last November. We were buying a tv and were offered $300 off the tv if we signed a year contract with Direct TV. We then got the premium package that was $79 for $29.99 for that year. I figured that we would have $10 or more in fees and taxes added but our bill has been $29.99 exactly for that year. We have not had any problems. If it helps, when the Direct TV installer came my Yorkie bit him.

  11. Dee says:

    Our experience with DirectTV was less than ideal as well. They assured me I’d be able to get the local channels, and I asked about that specific detail several times, always with the same answer. Then after the installation was done, no local channels. Several phone calls later, they tell me customers in my area can’t get a “waiver” for the local channels. No mention had been made about waivers during my several conversations with them while I was considering their service. Fortunately, we had not signed a contract – special promotion through our phone company at the time – so we were able to have it removed without a cancellation fee.

    Our best deal has been bundling cable, internet, and phone service through our cable company (Bright House). For $139 per month (including taxes and misc charges), I get about 200 channels, high-speed internet, and landline phone service with all the bells and whistles, including unlimited long distance. You might want to check with your cable company to see if they offer this in your area.

  12. Cynic says:

    Don’t Mess With Bi Business, they WILL KILL YOU.

  13. boomie says:

    Everybody seems to be forgetting the internet. Most promotions are published on the websites. At least that’s what I found with Dish Network. I used to be with Direct TV till the prices got out of hand, like $65 for plain jane service without premium channels, so I switched to Dish Network after looking over their website (and printing it out). I wouldn’t have cold called anyone till I saw something in writing.

    I am getting the family basic plan (with Fox News, Food Network, Discovery, Fine Living, Hallmark and some other good stations) for only $19.95 a month. Free equipment, free installation and for $5 more a month I am getting DVR which allows me to record movies or whatever and see them later when basic channels are boring.

    Dish Network did try to pull a bait and switch and charge a different amount, like I was promised 3 random months free worth during the first 2 years at a value of $120. Then I got a pre-recorded phone call saying that was in error and I only will get the first 3 months free of the $19.95 ($59.85 value). Whatever. I also was supposed to get a free $50 Visa gift card but that was a year ago and I am still waiting, but hey! no big deal. I am only paying $25 a month vs $65 and I am happy with the savings.

    Check out the companies first, on line and print out the promos that you see. The written promos will be your evidence and will help you should you need to file a complaint.

    Hope this helps.

  14. Thanks for this posting. I’ve been contemplating signing up for DirectTV to save money but after this, I think I will stick with Comcast. They may be more expensive but I can cancel at anytime without having to pay a fee and I won’t have a big ugly dish on my house.

  15. Interesting… I’ve been a DirecTV customer since 2000, and I’ve never had a problem with it. It has saved me hundreds or even $1000 over the years because it has always been cheaper than cable… what’s even better is a just got a thank you card from them in the mail today saying that I’m getting 3 months of Showtime for free as a thank you for being a loyal customer — with no strings attached.

    Anyway, did you pay with a credit card? You can always make a chargeback for failure to deliver what they promised. I’ll bet you win that fight…

  16. Four Pillars says:

    What a rip!

    I’m glad you posted this – hopefully you can warn a few potential victims away!


  17. David says:

    MIT- you can do a chargeback, but I cannot continue to do it for 18 months – they will just keep charging and adding it to the next month.

    Mike – that’s what I was hoping for!

  18. […] DirectTV Bait & Switch – They Change Prices Once Your System is Installed. from My Two Dollars – I’m really glad David wrote about this as I had planned to use DirectTV out our new place. Will be looking at other options now! […]

  19. You should call the cable company and offer to do a commercial for them!

  20. I know it’s a pain, but you could always cancel your card so that they can’t make any additional charges to it, period. That’s what you would do if anyone else committed fraud using your card…

  21. David says:

    Ron – I should!

    MIT – And then I can only imagine what would happen with my credit…

  22. HMB says:

    My bro just ordered Direct TV. I might tell him to look elsewhere after reading your post.

  23. If the charge is not authorized–and if they’re charging you more than you agreed to pay, then it is–then you can just tell your credit card company, “These guys are making unauthorized charges on my credit card. Charge back the ones they’ve made so far and don’t accept any further charges.” That will almost certainly work to keep the charges off your account.

    At that point, DirecTV can still sue you (if they think they can prove that you owe the money). They can also report your account as unpaid on your credit report. But I don’t think they’d be successful in just sucking the money out of your account by repeatedly posting fraudulent transactions.

  24. David says:

    Right, sure – but then my credit score will take a dive and I will be in collections. Either of which is not a good outcome either.

  25. I doubt that they can or will make reports to the credit bureaus considering that you have not applied for credit with them. Do they have your SSN? The credit bureaus don’t let just anyone make reports, and furthermore it even if DTV did, it should be pretty easy to protest the report since they can’t prove your contract.

  26. David says:

    Yes, DirectTV checks your credit so you dont have to give a several hundred dollar deposit.

  27. […] DirecTV Bait & Switch – They Change Prices Once Your System is Installed at My Two Dollars — And it’s not just DirecTV that pulls this kind of stunt, so make sure you get it in writing when the operator is offering you a “deal”. […]

  28. I had a similar situation happen that I am still battling out with The Holiday Inn. Check it out if you got time:


    Good luck getting it figured out.

  29. marianne says:

    Same exact situation, ordered 41.99 package which magically now is 63.97. Stay away from Direct TV!

  30. david says:

    No way Marianne, you too? What did they say to you??

  31. rob says:

    wow the bait and switch I thought it was just me I had the exact thing happen to me plus the 3 months of free movie channels. I was told that I would have all this for 34.99 plus the free DVR for one year then the second year would be 63.97, but my first bill was 101.99. I called and they told me that my account was getting all the credits that I was promised. however, the credits are added to the bill as a hole so I would not see them tell towards the end of my 2yr contract. so basically its 63.97 the first yr and 34.99 the second year assuming you are getting your credits. I argued the point that their ad said 34.99 for 12 months. they responded yes for 12 months without DVR with the DVR you have a 2yr contract and the credits you recive are added too your bill and I wouldn’t see them tell toward the end of my contract.

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  33. sharalyn says:

    Well, I got the old bait and switch from Direct TV too. I’ve had it for at least 5 years now and I really regret getting sucked into their upgrade for a DVR. My bill jumped from $41.99 for a basic no frills package to $61.00 plus all the misc. charges they throw on every month. It’s near impossible to figure out what the extra charges are for as they say “Leased Receiver” and “Primary Leased Receiver”. I see charges for both and credits for both; but last month my bill totalled $86.70 and this month it was $75.96! I don’t order any pay per view so I just can’t understand why my bill is so high and the cost can vary from month to month without any change of service. Calling the company does absolutely no good. I tried to cancel my service after 18 months with the DVR but they tried to charge me over $500.00 for cancelling the remaining contract! Believe me, when this expires next year I will tell them where to put their high priced service and slap an antenna on my roof instead. I don’t have the option of going with cable. It’s not in my immediate neighborhood although it has been within blocks of where I live for years now. Cable One says they have no plans to run their lines in here anytime soon. I think it’s all a big game these companies play to keep sucking our pockets dry by increasing their costs every year and maintaining a virtual monopoly on the service. It’s to the point where my family can’t afford Direct TV anymore and neither can we afford to cancel it! That’s just plain ridiculous!

  34. david says:

    Wow, and another one. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Fed Up Mom says:

    That’s not the only time they do bait & switch. When I upgraded to my HDDVR, I was told I needed a new dish, but that the upgrade was free. The tech came and installed my dish, but they charged me a 49.99 relocation fee, which they said was to move and set up the other existing DVR that I *physically* carried to my bedroom upstairs and that *I* programmed myself. I was the one who pointed the dish and programmed the new DVR. They did credit it to me.

    The charge was incurred because after the tech came out and installed the dish, I realized I didn’t have two lines run to my bedroom for the existing DVR. I made a call to Direct TV to have them do this, and thus, was charged. However, the tech who installed my dish said I need to have a wall fish and that it would be $60. I called Direct TV with that information to set up the service call, and the rep said well, it’s only $49, so be it. That charge was added to my bill, and I paid it before the second service call happened.

    When the tech came back out (a different tech, a different company this time), I was then told it was $120 because it was two floors and that I needed to pay him. When I explained that I was quoted $60 and that I had already paid Direct TV, he gave me a supervisor line to call. The idiot rep tried to tell me that the $52.36 on my recent bill was not for the extra line run charge, but was for pay per views because I had swapped my receiver (sent it back) and kept the card.

    The idiot rep didn’t even realize I had kept the entire receiver and relocated it myself to the bedroom. She then asked the tech if there was any evidence of new lines ran.

    When I asked her how he would have this information, she said there’s a database he can call up to to find out. I asked her if he would have received this information prior to coming to the call, because he was standing right there in front of me using MY landline to speak to her. She told me that no, he could use his cell phone to call another number.

    I asked her how that was going to be possible while he was talking to her on my landline and I was right there in front of me.

    Basically about 8 hours later of holding, screaming, sighing, and speaking thousands of foreign languages to figure out what the heck happened here, I realized that you don’t call Direct TV to have custom labor, like wiring a second line, done. You have to call their contracted installer, and you are at the mercy and whim of whatever tech comes out and quotes it.

    If you don’t like that price, you can refuse service and make another appointment, but be prepared to wait three months and be given several songs and dances about how the hurricane has put everyone’s installation dates off even if you don’t even live anywhere near where the hurricane hit.

    I asked if Direct TV thought that this practice was reasonable. If someone calls up a store, is quoted a price, makes the drive out to the store, and talks to a rep while at the store, and is waiting on this piece of equipment in order for something to work, and is the told at the register that it is double the price, I think most people would feel that is predatory business practices, and leave.

    When I suggested to Direct TV that I get the quotes in writing first and decide who I want to install my cable, they asked me if I thought it was reasonable to cut them out of the deal, and I retorted, do you think the extra $60 is going into YOUR pocket?

    Yes, I think it’s reasonable when I have someone drilling into my siding, stapling into my drywall and doing something not to electrical code that I DO HAVE a choice in whom I pay and WHAT I pay for that service.

    I have had Direct TV since 2000, and in the last three years, I have never seen such customer service gaffes from a company. I explicitly went with this company due to the same stick-it-to-ya practices that cable was engaging in….

    Now….I’m not sure I’m going to have satellite service again. What crap – if I ran my business as such, I wouldn’t have customers, and I’d be reported to several governmental agencies and sued out the yin yang.

    Unfortunately, the only voice with have here is with our dollars and who we decide to give them to.

    Try complaining here: if enough of us do it, maybe they’ll listen:

    Senior VP Ellen Filipiak
    Direct line (310) 964.6508

    DirecTV Corporate Offices
    2230 E. Imperial Highway
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    Attention: Office of the President

    Chase Carey President & CEO

    John Suranyi President Sales & Service

  36. david says:

    Thanks for your story Fed Up Mom, appreciate it. I am working on figuring out the best way to approach this right now, and will have yet another follow up post as another receiver just showed up at my house that was not asked for. What is wrong with these people?

  37. Joe says:

    Same non-sense for me too. Signed up for the 34.99 a month package, and then a few days after installation I get a $79 bill saying I ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket Premium package on top of the first bill of $60.18.
    Do they really think I’m (or ANYONE else) is that stupid? I have the print-out of what I ordered sitting in front of me still to this day in case they pulled a stunt like this. Anyway, I write them, and they say I did sign up for it. I asked for proof, but I never got a response. They did however remove the programming (HBO, etc premium stuff) but like I said they never actually responded.
    Silence speaks volumes when you try to rip someone off.

    Why would they try this? I acutally pointed out to them that on page 3 of the order form you can SELECT NFL SUNDAY TICKET.
    I’m am currently pissed because I did order a package that includes the Versus Network and would like to watch it for the Bruins.
    “Channel not purchased”. And I can’t ever seem to log on to DirectTV.com to my account. For 2 weeks now.
    They do answer complaints to the BBB, which will be the next step if needed.

  38. Phil says:

    We were supposed to get a DVR. They kept calling to set up an install date, even after I had set one up. After having this happen multiple times, I called DirectTV and had it out. By the end of it, I had received a free DVR, free NFL Ticket, free NFL SuperFan Package, around $200 in account credit, and every channel for 4 months (the new sign up deal). This is after having DirectTV for 2 years.
    You just need to know how to talk to them. I’m extremely happy with DirectTV, and wouldn’t got anywhere else.

  39. Eric says:

    I’m signing up for 41.99 but it clearly says its the 12 month intro price and then goes up about 20 bucks to the regular price after that. And I’m still saving money compared to Time Warner Cable.

  40. Eric says:

    BTW, no matter what you are signing up for, you should always make sure you understand what you are going to be paying for and if the prices are locked or not and for how long, and if there is any fees to change or cancel. It’s up to you to ask the questions because how can you trust anybody who you are going to be giving money to. If they wanted you to keep your money, it would be free.

  41. Jerry says:

    In comment to your Dec 4 Posting.

    Your advice may be well intended (unless you work for DTV) but the truth of the matter is not many read or can even manage to get through all the small print in these “Contracts” And even if one did read them through I doubt if they would be able to interpret them correctly unless they were a Lawyer! Most folks don’t read or understand the Contract they sign when they buy a new car for BIG bucks and yet we all know the reputation of Car Dealers.
    You should hope that you didn’t really sign up for the old “bait and switch”. I’d guess you just read the comments in their BIG advertisements, but not the actual Contract…which BTW, often differs from the “condensed” version in the Ads. Besides, if you did read the whole thing, did you over look the part where they can change it anytime they want?

  42. Irish says:

    We recently signed up for advertised “specials” of 3 free premium months and 6 x-tra months of showtime only after the initial 90 days were up for a “TOTAL” of $39.55/Mo.There was to be free installation up to 4 rooms and no start up costs. when the tech arrived there was a $23 installation fee upon swapping out the dish and receiver from “Dish” networks to Directv equipment . I swapped out the receivers while the install. tech did the dish and aimed it. 4 weeks later we were to get a bill for $62.98 and when we set it up electronic deduction at that time there would be a $23 credit applied bringing that total to $39.98 for the first month and then all following 11 months were to be exacly, out the door full price w/ no other additions of any kind $39.55/mo for a grand total of a 12 month contract to which we never received anything in writing from anyone even though we asked for it.Well the first bill after the $23 was for $75.58 ??? which would “straighten itself out” per customer support. This was to be electronic deduction, remember. Next bill was 10 days after this for $97.13. WE HAD THIS SERVICE A TOTAL OF 3 WEEKS AT THIS POINT.We talked for hours to all the wonderful people there and upon arrivibg at the conclusion we were about to get both barrels, cancelled service and our debit card account, just in case. They supposedly sent a box to return the equipment in. Another week, we called back and they said it was delivered, but fedex said ‘no’ according to tracking #’s. So a week after that we finally get it and pack up the equipment and mail it back. We contacted them again and got a total bill of $42.48 for 4-1/2 weeks service. We only had it maybe 3-1/2 weeks, but ok. Mailed in the bill, get another statement saying we overpayed $3.92. Great! 2 weeks after that they say we owe $358.22 for an 18 month contract. Talked to some one else there and they said its a 90 day bill for early termination. {$39.55 X 3=$118.65,} right!.Another week, another bill comes in for $38.56. Another week – were waiting to see.Remember: no signed anything and we have all the info from mailers, everyones name and ID# we talked to as well as the internet papers they had us print out. They did acknowledge receiving the equipment back after we gave the tracking # from fedex so we dont owe for that. PLEASE BEWARE of this Company. No two people say the same thing. After all this, they were still trying to fraudulenly access our debit card we cancelled as soon as we saw the light. We are cotacting the BBB< Attorney General of the State, Consumer Affairs, State complaints board,…………………I know my one complaint will most likely do nothing but maybe with 1000’s of you people, they will listen and straighten them out someday!.

  43. Need Only says:

    Verbal agreements are just as binding as written contracts by law. You can and should take them to court.

  44. Randy says:

    I have just had Direct TV pull a double bait and switch on me. Installation was supposed to be free. When the installer arrived, he said I could go with option A which was free, and would lead to roof leaks and breaks in service, or I could go with option B which was the correct way to install the service. I was also offered a $200 rebate if I purchased Direct TV service. Six weeks after the order and two weeks after installation, I get a notice that my rebate is denied. This is AFTER I had received a formal confirmation of my rebate on the same day that I ordered the service. I intend to sue these folks. New Mexico has a consumer protection statute which provides for triple damages and recovery of attorney’s fees and court costs.

  45. shoshanita says:

    I had Direct Tv for about 10-14 days 2 years ago. They also changed prices on me and had lots of other service problems so I cancelled their services when the first bill came mentioning a 2 year agreement that I was never told about when I signed up with them. I wasn’t about to have 2 years of continued aggravation with them. They claim everyone that has their upgrade equipment automatically agrees to a 2 year contract and it was mentioned in a link on one of their web ads. I told them I signed up with one of their affiliates and their page had no such notice. I asked for a copy of the phone conversation showing that they told me about it but they had never produced one. They have had their collection agencies, now a law firm after me but I refuse to budge as I know I was never told about this one sided cancellation agreement of theirs up front.

  46. Angie says:

    Be aware also that if you pay someone else’s bill on your debit or credit card, they will steal any money that person might owe at any given time. That person does not have to be on the account. They will RIP YOU OFF in a heartbeat. My advice stay away from these folks. I didn’t like having $500 withdrawn from my account without permission. Now to hire an attorney.

  47. LTJP says:

    Not true. In most states as long as one party is aware of the recording – it is NOT illegal. I.E. you cant record two other people on a phone call without them knowing. But if YOU record a phone conversation between you and another party – it is perfectly legal.

  48. Jon says:

    What most people do not reilize that your bill will be higher if you do not fill out the rebate form at https://www.directv.com/rebates. You have to go here and fill out the online form or there is also a form you can mail in, but you will not get the promised price for twelve month until you do this

  49. Jessica says:

    First of all I would like to say, customers as yourself I feel sorry for you. Not because of what you say directv did to you but because you cant do your homework. TO get that price you were quoted you have to file a rebate. It takes 2 minutes! Im a directv ACE Rep. I am the rep everyone transfers you to when this happens. I walk 80 year old women though this, and no problem. If you want your rebate just as any company you have to do a little work, and we can help you. With the time and energy that you are spending trashing dtv and their reps, and going to the bbb, you could have easily done your work, filed your rebate and been done. However, im sure your older, or old enough to know better then to believe everything that you hear. Im 20 and I know before I sign a contract, or I believe what someone says, I will find out for myself. Thats part of being an adult.
    Now for someone who doesnt want to do the work, and be lazy then here..

    Any new customer deal is for 12 mo.. not a lifetime guarantee.. as an adult you should know theres never a lifetime price guarantee. Your not even paying the same you did for your water that you did 10 years ago.
    Does anyone here know what a receiver is? Or a “box”? Thats the black or grey box that is put inside your home to get programming. Do you know how many people dont know they have one?? How can you have a service but not know anything about it?? I have comcast because I dont want to pay my apartment complex a deposit to put a pole in the ground. So I have comcast, I know everything there is to know. I ask how much monthly it is for dvr service. If I want hd I ask how much that is. I look at my bill every month. If I need a tech, I check the work before they leave, and I read my paperwork before I sign it. That has saved me over $100 because 5 times I was going to be charged $30 for something I shouldnt be. So without a signature im not responsible for that.
    Again im 20, and im responsible enough to take care of my stuff, so why cant you? How can you think you never signed a contract, but in reality you did.. not knowing becuase you cant read what you sign. Is that dtv resposibilty to have the tech read you the contract? No, because they issue this service to adults, who we assume are smart enough to know what is being installed, and what the fees are.
    If I was your rep, I would tell you about the rebate, and leave it up for you to fill it out. If you dont want it, then you have 24 hours to cancel. Oh, SO YOU HAVE BEEN INSTALLED FOR 4 MONTHS, and JUST REALIZED YOUR BEING CHARGED MORE THEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO? Well im sorry, but in the contract you signed it states 24 hoursto cancel with no charges, and also you only have 3 months to fill your rebate after install. SO now not only are you in a contract, but now you arent eligable for the reabte.
    Please please tell me that you dont want to keep us, because in reality we dont want a customer that cant be responsible and do their work, and call up rep, to cuss, and harass for their own wrong doing.
    People come on stop being lazy, stop believing everything that you see, read before you sign, and do what your supposed to do, and there wont be a problem. Guess what.. there are millions of customers who are happy with us.. wonder why?? I mean your stating that we are so bad that people need to go watch tv a circuit city.
    However, thats for a person who wants to be cheap, and lazy. If thats you then pile up in front of those hd tv’s on the wall, but if your like the other millions, that do their homework, and what they need to do, then join us 🙂

  50. Jessica says:

    Thank you jon, looks like you knew about the rebate, and the penalty that goes with not doing it

  51. Betty Yake says:

    The problems are very far from being resolved. As of the end of May 2010 this company has sent out inserts in their bills that ropes everyone into “an indefinite” amount of time for length of contract. There is more. Get yours and read it; then hurry on down to your nearest lawyer, you will need him. That is why I notified my state Attorney General and my most trusted Senator.

  52. Bill Butts says:

    I ran into the bait & switch from DirecTV also. But I printed out their offer from the website. It took over 6 months and submission of the offer copies to an unpublished address to get my rebate. I’m very uneasy about accepting anything “free”, like the MPG receiver swap, from DTV.

  53. Stan Packard says:

    I have DISH in TX and have watched my monthly bills continue to escalate. I removed extra services and they increased prices on the basic services. I’m up to 81.00 per month

    So, after a barrage of flyers each month, I called DirecTV. The salesperson started out with a higher price than the latest flyer despite the flyer stating all NEW customers would be offered this special price. After 45 minutes of haggling I got an incredible deal, more receivers than my DISH setup, free install, free HD for life, one free HD receiver and DVR, etc. Total: 51.99 for more channels than DISH (almost $30 a month difference). I had him recite the price breakdown and I wrote it down and recited it back to him. I gave him my address, phone etc. The rep said hold a minute and then poof, line disconnected. I could not reach the same rep and after going through the five minutes of pre-recorded marketing, which includes being told that HD is free for life for new subscribers, I get a new rep.

    The new rep tells me that if a phone call is interrupted for any reason (ha) the data is not saved. So we gotta start over.

    A few minutes in and and my price is now 64.99 for the EXACT same stuff. She tells me the other rep made an error about the free HD for life. It’s an additional $10 a month plus $3 for Home DVR (whatever that is – the first rep never mentioned it) and that I would have been charged the correct price, not the price he had quoted. I asked her, if that’s true, how can I trust the price she’s quoting? She laughed nervously. I told her about the message about free HD for life you get when you call the 800 number on the flyer. That promotion ended yesterday she tells me (the flyer promotion runs to the end of the month). I hung up.

  54. […] a year and a half. After some bad customer service from DirecTV and some research that led to even more bad customer service stories, I’ve been waiting for my contract to end, so I can cancel my satellite […]

  55. Mike E. says:

    I too am a victim of Directv using bait and switch. I was quoted my bill after my 5 month introductory offer would be right at $100 a month, not the $137 before taxes it will be. I too am filing a report with the BBB, and plan to make an 8′ x 4′ sign for my front yard advertising bait and switch tactics. Maybe then, after I E-mail the picture to their corporate offices, somebody on their end will care to let me out of my contract.

  56. Jon F says:

    Directv signed me up for a plan under false pretenses. They offered the NFL package Premier deal for 5 months, but said as long as I downgraded before my 5 months was up, I would be locked in to any of the discounted plans for the whole 1st year. When I called to downgrade at the end of the 5 months, they said I was only locked in to that pricing for 5 months and the pricing jumped. They did not care about what i was offered and said I have a 2 year contract and preferred intro pricing was now done after 5 months instead of the 12 month verbal guarantee. Very bad company to deal with.

  57. Gus says:

    such trickery….its almost as bad as some major carriers using reps from obviously foreign lands to resolve customer issues..ie “so if I understand correctly Mr. ……, you are calling because your etc., etc.,” please…consumers are fed up with monopolies the likes of Time Warner, Verizon, etc., listen people -go around these major common carriers..with services such as Page Plus (cellular) or install roof antennaes for your home viewing pleasure. There has to be a better way..than FIOS (Fall Into Our Scam) hee

  58. Kevin says:

    I just had the same thing happen to me. I got an offer in the mail for $29.99 for the first year and $44 for the 2nd, my first bill in the 2nd year was $61!!!! Of course I didn’t save the original offer letter and the reps keep saying that the rebates that I got ran out???
    The also happened when I ordered MLB Extra Innings. CS rep quoted a very low “special” price and when I got the bill it was much higher. When I called back they said “we don’t record conversations so there’s no proof”. I’m not happy…

  59. Kevin C says:

    I am having problems with directv also. I signed up in a best buy for $31 per month for the first year and $66 per month for the second year. I have the signed contract. My first bill is $87 and talked to 3 “customer service” reps who told me there was nothing they could do. They are a bunch of criminals. I believe they think they are bankers or the government. I can’t wait until Internet tv is more established and they can’t control the market.