Looking To Get Cash Back When You Spend? Check Out These Cashback Credit Cards.

Once a month I try to round up the best credit cards for different needs/uses and this month is all about getting cash back.

You are going to be shopping/paying bills anyway, right? So you might as well try to get some of that money back. Whether you get money back on your gasoline, grocery, or household bills, getting a percentage back on money you were spending anyway is a free gift. Remember – I am not talking about shopping for useless crap just to get a few bucks back here and there. I am talking about paying for everything you need to pay for each month on a credit card that gives you a little something back for your effort. We pay as much as possible on our cash back card each month and it certainly adds up. If you are interested, here are some good cards to get you started earning something back on that money you are already spending!

Happy cashback shopping!

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  1. Yep. We do this. Almost all of our monthly expenses get paid with our cash back credit card. We then pay it off in full each month. We get the dividend checks in January, which is a nice time of year for those who spend a lot of extra money around the holidays. Our balance from month to month on this credit card are a small fraction of our credit line. Even so, we know that the amounts, which are in the thousands of dollars, are high enough to negatively affect our credit rating, even though the debt never revolves. (My husband puts all of his travel expenses on our card, which are later reimbursed by his employer, and it’s a lot of money.) When our credit is checked, all that shows is that we owe, for example, $6500 on our credit card. Most people don’t pay off that kind of debt every single month, so how would they know?

    So while it’s nice to hear from a personal finance blogger about the benefits of responsible credit card usage, there can still be some drawbacks to doing this.

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