Sunday Money Roundup – No Name Edition.

This week, My Two Dollars took part in two money carnivals:

Carnival of Personal Finance #169 over at BankerGirl where my article “Qualifying for a Mortgage as a Freelancer – An Exercise in Patience” was included.

The 142nd Festival Of Frugality is over at Frugal Babe, where my article “Reader Mail Regarding – “13 Ways To Save Money And Go Green” – It Works!” was included.

Thanks for hosting guys!

And now on to the 10 articles that caught my eye this past week:

When I came up with the Unconventional Roth IRA Strategy to Lower Tax Bill I realized that to be successful I needed to track my Roth IRA money more closely. Once I dug a little deeper, I found that even if you are using the Roth IRA in a more traditional way, you still need to track your Roth IRA. How to Track Your Roth IRA Contributions”¦ and Why You Need To!My Dollar Plan

The problem with using another bank’s ATM is that you will often get hit with two fees – one from your bank, and one from the bank that owns the ATM. After having multiple fees assessed one too many times, I decided I needed to minimize my ATM fees. How to Save Money on ATM FeesCash Money Life

As my wife isn’t here, I figured it was a great time to try something I always wanted to do since starting my blog – use as little money as possible for a set period of time and see what I learn. I think I did well, because I ended up using only $34.01 in a whole week. It was interesting and eye-opening, but more importantly, what I learned was invaluable. – Money Ning

We have been in the process of selling our home, buying another one and moving over the past 2-3 months. Currently our home is up for sale, and we have a contract on a 4 year old home in the NC mountains that we can’t wait to move in to. I’ve learned a great deal through this process, and thought I would begin sharing some of those learnings with you with why we used a real estate agent. – Gather Little By Little

Is there ever a point at which one is too old, too financialy stable, or too something-else to accept financial assistance from his or her parents? I am assuming that the answer to that question is “yes,” but it seems very difficult to pinpoint the exact time or circumstance when that is the case. Surely it must depend on a number of factors such as… – All Financial Matters

By now you all know my family has moved. At the moment, we’re staying at my dad’s house, while the work on our house is being completed. My dad’s wife, Blanche, is very saavy in the subject of recycling. I’m good, but she’s excellent! In our time staying at my dad’s house, I have learned a lot from Blanche on the subject, and I’d like to pass along some tips. And then I’ll let you know how this ties in to being frugal. – Being Frugal

We found out about a great offer from Bank of America! If you have any of their cards (check, ATM, or credit) then you can get free admission to a number of museums the first weekend of every month through April 2009. There are over 70 museums across the nation that are participating. – Free From Broke

Two things make managing money difficult. The first is that for most of use, we always want more. We often see contentment not in who we are or what we do, but in what we have. The result is constant pressure we put on ourselves to have more. The second thing that makes controlling our money difficult are the endless issues and options when it comes to money. While no single article can cover every money management issue, in this Easy Guide to Money Management, we’ll look at 10 simple and easy to follow tips and tricks to help us better manage our money. – Dough Roller

Three years ago, my office was pristine. Everything was organized, everything had its place, there were no papers strewn about, and there was order in the world (with world peace and the abolishment of hunger mere moments away). But, as the weeks passed and entropy worked its magic, my office became more and more chaotic. That’s when I stumbled upon this idea – the easiest way to declutter and reorganize a room is to wipe the slate clean and start over.Blueprint For Financial Prosperity

My frugality comes, in a very large part, from necessity. We don’t have a lot of money, and if I don’t force myself to pay close attention, our budget seems to trickle through my fingers without my noticing. But I am also frugal from conviction. I think that frugality is important, and I also believe that it is important to try and conserve resources, from an environmental standpoint. – Almost Frugal

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