Sunday Money Roundup – A Week Alone Edition.

In a couple of days, my wife is heading to Chicago to visit her family for a week and I will have the house to myself for the first time since we moved here. (well, other than for the cat) As always I will enjoy a few days my myself but will quickly be wishing for her to come back. I will just have to keep myself busy with my blogs! On to the roundup…

This week, My Two Dollars took part in the Carnival of Personal Finance #170 at The Personal Financier. Thanks for hosting!

And here are 10 of the articles that caught my eye this past week:

Dough Roller has some advice on how to become a millionaire.

Money Ning wants to know – “What Motivates You To Make Money?

Cash Money Life has some advice on How to File A FEMA Claim.

Being Frugal wants to know what you are doing in this crazy market!

Almost Frugal is here to talk to you about moving into your first apartment.

Paid Twice has advice for people beginning to get their financial house in order – think big while starting small.

Five Cent Nickel wants to help you find out if your money is FDIC insured.

Remodeling this Life asks a simple question – What stupid things have you done to save a few bucks?

No Credit Needed has some advice for those of you who have trouble getting back on track after a busy month.

And lastly, My Dollar Plan outlines the 29 steps she took to be able to leave the workforce at 29 years old. Looking to do the same? You need to read this post.

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  1. Patrick says:

    My wife has family in Chicago as well. Every so often she will go out there for a couple days. I try to go with her, but every once and awhile I can’t make it. It’s an interesting thing to be a bachelor again – if only for a weekend. 😉

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks for the link, David! Enjoy your week alone! I find that it’s usually around day 3 that I start to get lonely. The first couple days I just enjoy watching really late night tv and eating popcorn for dinner.

  3. Thanks for the links…glad I stumbled onto your site.


  4. Enjoy your week alone… Hopefully we’ll have nice weather up here when your wife comes!

  5. David says:

    She is hoping, Madison!

  6. Thanks for the link, and posting the link to the 29 steps to retire at 29 article too. I feel quite old, because I am light years behind her!