Festival Of Frugality #144 – The Host Bailed Out Edition.

Sorry for the delayed posting of this, but the person who was scheduled to host today’s Festival of Frugality #144 bailed out at the last minute. So while this will be a bare-bones effort here, I would appreciate if all of you who were included would link back to the Festival; it’s the only way these things work and it is a requirement. Thanks to everyone who submitted this week!

Sammy Delena presents Choosing a Stockbroker posted at Fix My Personal Finance

Hustler Moneyblog presents Time to Check your Credit Score posted at Hustler $$$ Blog

Kris presents Angus Anguish: Is Angus Beef Worth the Money? posted at Cheap Healthy Good

glblguy presents Brand Spankin Used posted at Gather Little By Little

Tushar Mathur presents Are you disappointed with your mutual fund investments? posted at Invest In India

FMF presents Saving on Heating Costs This Year posted at Free Money Finance

HighGrace presents Ode to Consumerism — Face to the Sun posted at Face to the Sun

B.M. Garrett presents Ways to lower your power bill and save money posted at Blogciety

FruGal presents Is frugal the new black? posted at FruGal

The Financial Blogger presents Saving and Working-out posted at The Financial Blogger

Francois Viljoen presents Who to get your advice from posted at Liberta – Freedom

Trent presents What a Frugality Expert Is – And Why I’m Not One posted at The Simple Dollar

Aryn presents How to Invite Financial Windfalls into Your Life posted at Sound Money Matters

Jim presents Home Grown Vegetables Taste Better posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

J. Savings presents Texting is the newest, CHEAPEST, way to entertain yourself! posted at Budgets are Sexy.

Livingalmostlarge presents Frugal Baby Tips posted at LivingAlmostLarge

Mac presents 10 Ways To Save A Dollar During Hard Times posted at Actorlicious

Todd presents Hurricane Ike and Fear posted at HarvestingDollars

Cash Money Life presents Is Frugality a Way of Life, a Game, or a Necessity? posted at Cash Money Life

ChristianPF presents Pros and Cons of Money Merge Accounts posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog

Andy presents House Prices decline around the world posted at Saving to Invest

FIRE Getters presents Car Pool, Ride Share, Hitch Hike your way to Fun & Dollars! posted at FIRE Finance

Chuck Russell presents Used Car Prices ~ Car Buying Tips To Save You Money posted at Car Buying Tips To Save You Money

fwp presents what recent lifestyle change has been saving you money? posted at the financial wellness project

Coupon Artist presents What is the Definition of “Affordable” posted at artofthecoupon.com

Steward presents How to Make Your Child A Millionare! posted at My Family’s Money

vh presents No-shop days boost frugality posted at Funny about Money

NtJS presents What Have YOU Done For Your Country Lately? posted at not the jet set

paidtwice presents Just Because You Clip It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Buy It posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Save For College Using These Tools and Strategies posted at The Digerati Life

Steve Faber presents Used Cars for Cheap “โ€œ How to Buy a Good One | Super Gas Saver posted at super gas saver

Lisa Spinelli presents Purchasing Home Heating Oil – Strength in Numbers posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance

The Smarter Wallet presents 8 Summer Fun Activities That Won’t Break The Bank posted at The Smarter Wallet

TH in SoC presents A Safety Net Of Alternative Systems – Places To Live posted at The Well Run Dry

Paula Wethington presents Monroe on a Budget » Kroger is part of Campbell’s eLabels program posted at Monroe on a Budget

MoneyNing presents What’s More Important than Money posted at Money Ning

Tomato Lady presents Homemade “Maple” Syrup posted at Little House in the Suburbs

Ryan Suenaga presents Ask the Readers: Has Craigslist Replaced Newspaper Classifieds? posted at Uncommon Cents

HowToMe presents How to Save Water Indoors (a few tips) posted at HowToMe

The Happy Rock presents Now is the Time to Winterize Your Home posted at The Happy Rock

mbhunter presents Frugality trumps return on investment posted at Mighty Bargain Hunter

Broke Grad Student presents Holiday Travel Tips for College Students posted at Broke Grad Student

savingadvice presents 101 Inexpensive Dates That Aren’t Cheap posted at SavingAdvice.com Blog

Amy Hobbs presents My Big Bulk-Shopping Trip posted at My Daily Dollars

Sun presents Is My Investment Safe If My Broker Fails? posted at The Sun’s Financial Diary

Frugal Babe presents When I Found Out Guns N Roses Isn’t The Name Of A Song posted at FrugalBabe

Pamela Grundy presents Pampers Coupons Comes In Handy If You Are Diapering Sextuplets posted at Personal Finance Analyst

Mrs. Accountability presents Personalized Candy Favors for Weddings or Baby Showers posted at Out of Debt Again

Heather presents Back to Basics: Freezing Bell Peppers posted at Home Ec 101

Grace presents Grace Goes Textbook Shopping posted at GRACEful Retirement

Dorian Wales presents How Can they Possibly Afford That? Or Is Money in the Eye of the Beholder? posted at The Personal Financier

Master Your Card presents Can you afford to get sick? posted at Master Your Card

Madison presents Gaming the Grocery System posted at My Dollar Plan

Erica Burgan presents Recycled Water Bottle Holder posted at The Sojourner

Frugal Duchess presents My Blue Shoe Day — Thrift Wins Over Fashion: Lessons from a Color Clash! posted at The Frugal Duchess

Kevin presents My “Thing”: Keeping a Bunch of Old Magazines posted at No Debt Plan,

Joy presents Drinking Our Budget Dry posted at Happy to be at Home

Kate @ A Simple Walk presents Frugal Ideas for Date Nights At Home posted at A Simple Walk

Roshawn Watson presents The Pain Of Paying Cash posted at Watson Inc

Jacob presents How to pick a commuter bike posted at Early Retirement Extreme

Jeremy Zongker presents How to Create a Household Budget posted at Destroy Debt

Mercedes presents Debunking a Myth: Groceries are not Cheaper at Walmart posted at Common Sense with Money

Save Money presents Get FREE Gift Cards from Blue Cross Blue Shield posted at How I Save Money.net

Upside Trader presents This Won’t Stick posted at upsidetrader

RC presents Free Money Saving Tips- 66 Ways to Save Money posted at Think Your Way to Wealth

Jason presents More is the Mantra of the Ego: A Lesson Reinforced Since Birth posted at The Frugal Dad

Miss Thrifty presents Roll up for House Hoopla! posted at Miss Thrifty

Ross Taylor presents Are you ready to pay ร‚ยฃ2 per litre at the pump? | Uncommon Advice posted at Uncommonadvice

R presents 5 Ways the Internet Saves Me Money posted at Retired At 47

Penelope Pince presents How to save on paint for home and craft projects posted at Our Fourpence Worth

BeThisWay presents The Bargain Shoppers? 1 Step Program posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?

Be sure to be on the lookout for next week’s Festival of Frugality, to be hosted over at Value For Your Life!

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  1. […] The festival this week is up at My Two Dollars – the scheduled host did not post the festival today so David stepped in at the last minute to get it out there. Stop by and show your support and read the frugal insights of the week. Thank you David! […]

  2. Are you not tired of using the words “bailed out” yet? ๐Ÿ˜€
    You da man!

  3. Thanks for pinch hitting and for including our post. I will link back soon.

  4. david says:

    Ron – its getting to the point where I should be on a boat that is quickly sinking, I am saying it so often!

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  6. Thanks for filling in the gap and for including the Pain of Paying Cash in this carnival.

  7. Miss Thrifty says:

    Good work on stepping up at the last minute. And thanks for including my post about house raffles!

  8. […] This post was selected for the 144th Festival of Frugality, hosted by David at My Two […]

  9. BeThisWay says:

    Bummer! Thanks for doing the work, and for including my post!

  10. […] Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Sound Money Matters, and the Festival of Frugality is up at My Two Dollars.ร‚ย  I had articles featured in both,ร‚ย  and there are tons of other great […]

  11. I kept checking the other site and wondered if I had the wrong day! Thanks for stepping up and hosting the festival today, and including my post about personalized candy bars!

  12. Thanks for taking over! And thanks for including Funny’s squib on no-purchase days. I’ll put up a link to the festival right away.

  13. […] 144th Festival of Frugality appears at My Two Dollars, who has kindly included Funny’s squib on no-purchase days. This […]

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  16. Mercedes says:

    Thank you for your work, it must have taken a bit of time to get all of this together at the last minute.
    Thank you!

  17. […] to readers of the Festival of Frugality late this Tuesday evening, hosted this week by My Two Dollars. […]

  18. Personal Finance Buzz…

    Your story was featured in Personal Finance Buzz! Please visit and promote your article….

  19. Patrick says:

    Thanks for hosting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Frugal Dad says:

    Thanks for filling in, and for including my article!

  21. FruGal says:

    Thanks for hosting and including my post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Pinyo says:

    I am still crossing my fingers, but I might have an emergency host bailed out edition for the Money Hacks Carnival too. LOL

  23. […] carnival host temporarily bailed out of The Festival of Frugality. But My Two Dollars eventually got it together, presenting a list of great posts which included […]

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  25. […] The Festival of Frugality #144. David at My Two Dollars pinch hit as host for this version of the festival, and did a fine job. Lots of interesting frugal living reading material! […]

  26. HowToMe says:

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Andy says:

    Thanks for the mention and good work getting it up so quickly…it takes time to even put together a bare bones carnival!

  28. Word up. Thx for hosting so fast!

  29. […] of the Festival of Frugality bailed and David at My Two Dollars bailed out the carnival with an emergency edition of the Festival of Frugality, and it’s our turn today! Here’s my quick and dirty bailout edition of the Money Hacks […]

  30. RetiredAt47 says:

    Wow, thanks for putting this together so quickly. And thank you for including my article.

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  32. […] Festival Of Frugality #144 – The Host Bailed Out Edition. included my article Brand Spankin Used […]

  33. Thanks for stepping up and hosting- and for including my article!

  34. […] David from My Two Dollars did the Festival of Frugality bailout and included Liberta’s article on who to get your financial advice from in the Festival Of Frugality #144 – The Host Bailed Out Edition. […]

  35. […] post included my thoughts on money and marriage. Thanks to My Two Dollars for hosting the Festival of Frugality when the host bailed out! […]

  36. […] Festival Of Frugality #144 – The Host Bailed Out Edition. was held at My Two Dollars. […]

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  40. […] of the Festival of Frugality bailed and David at My Two Dollars bailed out the carnival with an emergency edition of the Festival of Frugality, and it’s our turn today! Here’s my quick and dirty bailout edition of the Money Hacks […]

  41. Bonnie says:

    I can’t believe this was out there all along!

  42. […] host?) the festival of frugality also had to have a change in venue and ended up being featured at My two dollars, who included my article on House Prices declines around the world. ย  The financial and economic […]