House Passes $630B Spending Bill; Pet Project Earmarks Galore Inside.

No, I am not talking about the bailout – I am talking about the spending bill that the House passed yesterday worth some $650 billion dollars that starts up October 1 to keep the government running. No one is really mentioning it because we are too focused on watching the economy collapse. While expenditures for defense were high as usual ($488 billion), one thing in the bill in particular caught my eye – a $25 billion dollar loan to the auto industry. Yep, we have now bailed out the auto industry – another private company that has no business receiving your tax dollars. But they did it anyway, on both sides of the aisle. And you know those earmarks everyone talks about? Well, this bill contains a crapload of them from Democrats and Republicans alike. Want to see a few of the 2,321 pet projects they are spending your money? Check it out, from Taxpayers for Common Sense

Rep. Pelosi (D-CA) obtained $1,500,000 for the Presidio Heritage Center.

Sen. Stevens (R-AK) obtained $2 million for Hibernation Genomics, a project at University of Alaska.

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) obtained $24.5 million for the National Drug Intelligence Center which has been criticized as redundant of existing facilities and for mismanagement.

Sen. Bond (R-MO) obtained $800,000 Pseudofoliculitis Barbae (PFB) Topical Treatment ““ this goes to ISW Group in St. Louis, MO, a privately held pharmaceutical company.

Sen. Lieberman (I-CT) and Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) obtained $15 million for Waterbury Industrial Commons Redevelopment Initiative. The town hired a lobbyist that was Deputy Campaign Manager for Sen. Lieberman’s reelection in 2006 and Congress kicked in $15 million.

Sen. Shelby (R-AL) and Rep. Aderholt obtained $1.6 million for SAIC’s High Fidelity Virtual Simulation and Analysis program which uses simulation software to reduce the amount of time it takes a soldier to receive operational support in the field.

Sen. Levin (D-MI) obtained $1.6 million for Low Temperature Vehicle Performance Research at Wayne State University.

That’s all they have so far as they slowly work through the bill, but I am interested in seeing what else is in there…

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  1. deepali says:

    I got an earmark too. 🙂 Some of them I don’t mind – like SAIC and Presidio. I’m not getting the point of that Drug Intelligence Center though.

  2. cwaltz says:

    This post rocks. I’m happy to see you posted this because alot of people missed the bailout of the auto industry. I’m betting tomorrow we hear from you on WaMu(and I am looking forward to reading it). I want to thank you for your blog. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your posts and your thoughtful comments. 🙂

  3. Miranda says:

    Think of what we could do with all that pork barrel spending! Between earmarks, actually providing the budget for dozens for military budgets around the world, giving subsidies to big businesses and other things we throw money at, it is maddening to think of how much better our country could be.

  4. J-Bird says:

    I’m sorry, $800 000 for research into topical treatments for RAZOR BURN? Really?

  5. And this is the group demanding oversight. Like I said in another post: It’s like having the frat boys from State U as security guards at the girls dorm.

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