DirecTV Customer Service Sucks.

As some of you may recall, a few weeks ago I wrote about how DirecTV pulled a bait and switch on the service at my house. After about 45 minutes on the phone with customer service I finally gave up trying to plead my case which was that the offer I had signed up for was for $41.99 for 12 months but that I was being charged $67.99 for 12 months”ยฆand they said I never got an offer for $41.99, so too bad for me. Nice job, DirecTV, way to care about your paying customers. Oh how I longed for the days of cable TV at that point, which I had had zero problems with since the beginning of time. But I digress. So what’s the issue with DirecTV customer service now? I am going on my third receiver that has not worked correctly in only two months that I have had their service, I have not had TV in 7 days because of it, they still don’t seem to care that a brand new customer is having any problems, and they were so kind to offer a whole $10 credit. Yippee! Ah shucks DirecTV, you are too kind.

Today I was on the phone with them for 1 hour and 42 minutes. Yep, over an hour and a half. I talked to a rep who had no idea what she was doing, would not transfer me to a supervisor even though I repeatedly asked to be connected to one, and then when I finally got mad enough for her to do it, she was in the background talking smack to the supervisor. Seriously? What is this, 8th grade? And you know what I got resolved? Nothing – and they are sending yet another receiver to my house…which should be here in 3 days. And then I get to call them back, go through this whole thing again, and probably have this one be broken too. So instead of them just sending a truck out to my house, they are wasting everyone’s time – especially mine, now that I have spent over 3 hours total on the phone with DirecTV. This company has the absolute worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I would rather stab myself in the eye while buying a new car at MSRP then deal with these people anymore.

At this point, I am starting to think that it would be worth paying the exorbitant cancellation fee just to set my mind at ease. I will warn you one more time as I did last time –

Before you sign up with DirecTV, please stop and look for an alternative way to get your television fix. Even if you have to go sit in Circuit City at primetime to watch your favorite shows, do that instead of signing an agreement with DirecTV. Seriously.

Oh, and it turns out that it’s not only DirecTV; Dish Network has terrible customer service too!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Honestly, I think every big telephone/cable/satellite company has the worst customer service possible, and you really have to just cross your fingers and hope you get good help. I think Comcast is about the worst, which is why I switched to Dish network, and have been pleasantly surprised with customer service. Yet I know a number of people who despise dish. And my aunt just recently had a horrible experience with dish and moved to DTV, and said they are amazing and helpful. Of course I’ve heard people satisfied with Comcast too, but I think those are just comcast employees posting fake praise ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Too bad we don’t have much of a choice if we want a lot of TV channels or high speed internet.

  2. David says:

    I kind of hear you on the Comcast thing, I have in fact heard absolutely horrendous stories about them.

  3. Kirsten Jeffers says:

    I’ve dealt with the same problem with Directv. They weren’t so bad before they got into bed with verizon. I started our current subscription with a “bundle” package which I later dropped. I tried to drop the directv too only to discover the cancellation “fee” (IMHO $200 is a “fee” it’s extortion). My final solution? Apparently you can “suspend” service with directv for up to 6 months. So I did just that–and no bills for 6 months. Then you have to turn it back on for 3 months before you can turn it off again for 6 months. I’m currently in a 3 month “on” period which is kind of convienent for election coverage, but it’s going right back off the day after the election. I’m still stuck with Directv, but at least I feel like I’m screwing them right back ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jeff says:

    Due to living in different places, in the last 10 years, I have had numerous cable/satellite companies. Some of these I have had just TV, and some have had as much as TV, internet, phone. Anyway, here is the order I would rate them in my experience. From best to worst:

    Dish Network
    Time Warner

    Just my 2 cents, but after all of this time I think its just luck. Sometimes I get a good box on the day they install, and I never have to call them again. But it seems like if I have difficulty on installation day, then the problems just seem to snowball from there. I’m currently with DirecTV by the way, and I have only talked to them once since I installed in October and had good service. I’ve done any programming changes online and it has been instantly reflected.

  5. So how do we watch our out of town NFL games? I’ll answer that with “go to a bar”, but that gets expensive too.

  6. david says:

    True, but the bartender probably knows how to pour a beer. These DirecTV people are about as competent as a 4 year old driving a car.

  7. katie says:

    “Baggage” of http://www.baggageandbug.com got her issue with DirectTV resolved after she posted about it on her blog and sent a copy of it to the president of the company. You may want to check out her story and follow suit.

  8. Patrick says:

    Try registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and/or your state’s Attorney General’s office. That will get their attention.

    I wonder if there is a lemon law for services?

  9. david says:

    Thanks Katie, I might just do that. And Patrick, I did already – but I doubt it will do anything. I just wanted to get it on record. And I wish there was a lemon law for services, there should be!

  10. I’ve never tried Direct TV, but have had cable reception issues with AT&T uverse. Customer service was ok and I received several credits for my issues, but the tv reception is still poor. Just frustrating that all these services cost good money and the service never is 100%.

    BTW, on your front page you had a tivo ad running and I thought wouldn’t it be ironic if the ad was for Direct TV.

  11. David says:

    Scott, I would so love it if a DirecTV ad showed up and they were paying to run ads on a post calling them out. Too funny.

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  13. Carey says:

    If you haven’t been with them for more than 3 months you should check the fine print of the contract because you can usually cancel, without paying the cancellation fee, in that 3 month window. I learned that to late from DISH Network. I was having technical problems and it was 4 days past my three months and the tech told me if I had called 4 days earlier I would have been able to cancel without the fee.

  14. david says:

    Carey, with DirecTV there is no grace period. And they now want $470 to get out of my contract.

  15. Frank says:

    David, did you see my blog on sitting on hold with RCN??

    Good column….great minds must think alike!!

  16. david says:

    I didnt Frank, will have to check it out.

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  18. DirecTV Employee says:

    I currently work for a DirecTV call center. I’ve worked for DirecTV for over a year, and I was recently promoted from a regular CSR (the people you speak to on the phone) to a Coach (the people who coach the people you speak to on the phone). I’m honestly saddened by the fact that many of you have had less than pleasant experiences with our company, but as consumers, we should always educate ourselves on a service before investing our money into it. I’m not saying that DirecTV is a bad company—I love DirecTV, I’ve had it for over three years—but things such as Early Cancellation Fees and important information regarding your service commitment are plainly explained, in full, in your Contract. It’s there for a reason–read it! If there’s something you don’t like in it, don’t get the service. To say that all DirecTV CSR’s are incompetent is a stretch; I will agree that not all CSR’s provide an outstanding customer service experience, but that’s with any job. At any job, you’ll find certain people who are simply “getting by” or who don’t really take their job seriously, but those people will be dealt with accordingly. DirecTV has no problem releasing agents who are not meeting company standards. Also, if you’re having trouble with your equipment, DirecTV offers the Protection Plan for $5.99 a month; the Protection Plan covers your equipment, dish, wiring, etc, so that—should anything happen—you don’t have to pay a dime (other than the monthly Protection Plan fee). To have someone come out to your house and take a look at your receivers, David, without the Protection Plan, would cost you $79.95. That is more than it costs to keep the Protection Plan for a full year. With the Protection Plan, free equipment replacement, free in-house service calls, 24 hour troubleshooting, etc, will be available to you. Consider subscribing to the Protection Plan and scheduling a service call, should you eventually need one. Most companies charge you for equipment insurance monthly by including it in your package price; DirecTV gives you the option to take the insurance, or not take it.

    And to the person who says they’re “beating” DirecTV by suspending their account; you’re not. Your service commitment is placed on hold while your account is in suspend; meaning, if you’re under a 24 month commitment, and you’ve had our service for 3 months; and you suspend for 6; technically, you’ve only fulfilled 3 months of your commitment. The time you’ve fulfilled of your commitment is determined by how long your account is ACTIVE, so your commitment is extended by the amount of time your account is inactive. So if you suspend your account for 6 months, your commitment is extended for 6 months. Make sense?

  19. Frank says:

    Interesting string of comments, We do get pretty emotional about TV. Case in point…..RCN was having trouble with their MLB package signal and this caused much Angst in my household. My son said…”dad…get on he phone and get this fixed!” Yeah right……..

    I think the moral of the story is that we have allowed large companies to control out media and this is what we get lousy service, long wait times, bad follosw through.

  20. david says:

    You are right, DirecTV employee – we should pay you to protect your equipment that the cable company replaces for free, we should pay you when your service stops working when the cable company comes to our house for free, we should continue pay you when we have been ripped off, even though the cable company lets you cancel anytime. You are right – we should be thrilled to hand over even more money. Please, people – NEVER sign up with DirecTV, EVER – Go with cable or go without. Cable fixes your service for free, they come to your house for free, they replace boxes for free, and you can cancel anytime. DO NOT BUY DIRECTV service, take my (and many, many others) words for it – they are terrible. Glad one of their employees had time to come over and defend them by saying we should pay them more money; just reiterates my thoughts about them.

  21. Rich Wood says:

    I love the comment by the DirecTV employee. A great example of the “the customer is wrong” attitude of their employees. I had a similar experience. We were told we could get a certain package/pricing. After the equipment was installed, holes in the wall and all, we turned it on and we were not getting what they said we were going to get. We called customer service and we were seriously treated like the enemy. They basically treated us like stupid liars. Every time we escalated the issue the CSRs got more condescending and our deal got worse. One guy offered us a deal where we would be paying an average of $35/month and he claimed that DirecTV would actually be paying us to use their service. Not sure how the math works out on that.

    The last guy we spoke to was a supervisor in the customer retention group and he essentially threw out the previous offers and said we would have to pay full price as the penalty for escalating the issue. I’m not kidding. We were even willing to accept the offer from the previous guy and he said “No, since you escalated, that offer isn’t good any more.”

    He said he had to look out for the financial interests of DirecTV. Either he is incapable of basic math or he was actually just looking out for his own ego. How is DirecTV better off with us canceling the service, which we did? We are actually following the advice in the original post — no TV for us.

  22. david says:

    DirecTV is just the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with, period. Please, everyone, never sign up with them. Ever! Rich, if I could go without TV now, I would – but due to their fees its not worth it. That is, until another week goes by and another problem creeps up and lose my mind!

  23. Rich Wood says:

    Just to clarify — we requested the cheapest package that included big ten sports and a DVR (not high def). The original quote we were given was $17.99. We had called a couple of times on pricing and the worst monthly rate we were given (before we had the equipment installed) was $28.32 a month. So unless they were offering us a net negative deal when they were trying to get our business, the guy was seriously exaggerating about losing money on us at $35/month.

  24. rukus says:

    Far as DTV customer scv, they might as well be untrained apes and that goes for their installers too. Had 3 out here each one found a problem. As to defective boxes – yup. First one is supposed to be new but each replacement is a refurb. Been through 4 in a year. Best quality is canadian starchoice and I am NOT in canada. I subscribe though here in the states

  25. rukus says:

    DTV Employee
    Somewhere in the fine print it states “whatever you buy or sub to – you’re stuck with”. Case in point – dtv magazine. I signed up for a trial and got a year I was not allowed to unsubscribe from…………

  26. Probably a Technician says:

    Honestly, it was one technician who gets paid a little over 10 dollars an hour. Bitching and complaining about him/her does not solve the problem.

    Take solace in the fact that even though they have access to all of your account information (mostly personal info), they haven’t used it to steal your identity. Trust me, it’s probably enough to open up a bank account and buy a couple of REALLY nice cars.

    Just knowing that I’d probably keep my mouth shut the next time I feel like bitching up a storm after lose my DirecTV signal.

    Have a nice day!

  27. Sean says:

    I agree- love DirectV, hate hate hate their customer service and tech support- it’s sad when a company has a great product only to drive customers away with their people and low care of customers getting help.

  28. christine says:

    DirecTV treats their customers horrible. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years. I have trouble with them nearly every time I call. First, it’s the awful phone tree that brings me in circles and then disconnects me. Finally, I get through to a person and I always have to spend about 1 hour on the phone with them. The first 30 minutes typically seem to accomplish nothing other than going in circles. Every CSR that you speak with tells you something different in regards to policies and prices. Then you talk to the supervisor and then, he says what they told you is wrong. Whoever you speak to – the previous guy was wrong. You can’t trust what anybody tells you because next time you call they say it’s wrong. My general impression of their CSRs is that they don’t care about their job, do not go the extra mile, and they seem like 16 year olds, as far as people skills and ability to communicate….just not fully developed. DirecTV needs to properly train their CSRs and their supervisors. I’ve talked to plenty, sorry Employee…they’re low caliber….I’ve been their customer a lot longer than you’ve been their employee. A few good ones is not enough, most companies would fail by that standard. Out of the many companies I deal with to run my home, this one is the ABSOLUTE HANDS DOWN WORST. Tonight, I spoke with a supervisor who told me: We don’t have to do this, but we’re doing it as a courtesy. I told him: You’re right, when you have very little competition, you can treat your customers poorly and act as a monopoly. He said: yes. Take heart, friends, historically these situations do not last forever with companies. Eventually, there will be many other superior options and we can drop this horrid company. I’ve seen it happen with my phone company and my bank over the years. They used to be almost abusive until heavy competition stepped in. Now, they are calling me Ms. christine, how can we serve you? I don’t have complaints about DirecTV technology – just the customer service, the company’s tactics and lack of ethics, cancellation fees, etc. Over the past 5 years, I have had many incidents with them and would have cancelled ages ago and kept cable because I dislike this company that much. My husband does not want to cancel, so I’m stuck. BTW, they subcontract their installation services out, so those are not DirecTV employees that are coming into your home.

  29. You are so right! My husband gets nearly apoplectic when he has to call them. He’s been talking about getting rid of it soon as he’s about had it.

  30. Oh and by the way, one of my kids worked for them–they treat their installers worse than they treat the customers–can you imagine?

  31. Rick Disney says:

    My nightmare started with them 11 months ago with the first install. First they were running behind, then wanted to reschedule then they finally showed up in the dark,in December at 10 degrees. The installer tracked dog poop thru the house, we dont own a dog. Then we had a big hail storm in the spring and the roof was going to get re shingled, since the first installer placed the dishes on the roof rather than the side of the house as I asked, they needed to be moved. Two reschedules and a no show later I moved the dishes myself and have a better signal strength. Now for the HD install (I really should had known better)So I schedule an install. Once again, we are running behind can we come tomorrow? Sure,I’m into self abuse. While talking to the installer he asked about my HD dish, I said what HD dish? I have four D11-100 receivers and no HD service, that’s what you are coming for. Well the mental giants at Directv didn’t place the order for the dish and the receiver, just the receiver. The installer said , good thing we spoke, I will have them bring one, they will be there Saturday morning. At 10am Saturday, no one is here yet so I called, could we be there around 2ish..NO,get here now like you are suppose to. So They show 20 min later and that’s right, with only the receiver, no dish. Its now 11-16-08 and the next avail date is 12-11-08. Directv customer service, a contradiction in terms!!

  32. tj says:

    I had DirecTV try to charge me when Dish Network took down my pole with my DirecTV dish on it.
    I told them that my dish was on the ground and Dish Network was out there putting up a new pole and their own dish.
    One of the first things they said was sir it will cost $50 so send someone out there. I ended up telling them to cancel my service but the cancellation guy was able to waive the fee.

  33. CHannebaum says:

    I just got hit with a problem I’ve never had before with Directv (I’ve been a customer since 2000). In May ’07, a technician came to my house on a service call (I was having bad satellite reception). He installed a new receiver and access card, and took the old ones with him when he left. Flash forward to my billing statement of 10-27-08. Upon opening my statement I discovered a number of charges (covering May, June, and July) made on that old receiver and access card. Directv was never able to explain how a monthly billing statement could have 5 months worth of charges on it. The same statement also shows a receiver was disconnected in October. I mailed a copy of the statement along with a cover letter to the Billing Disputes Office. A few days later I received a call from that office. My opinion, that statement should have raised at least some questions as to the validity of the charges. However, the representative with whom I spoke simply fell back on what is apparently Directv’s default positon: the customer is always guilty. I was told my account would be credited, but that it was a one-time deal being done as a “courtesy” and that I would be held responsible for any charges in the future. Directv contracts out it’s technical work but appears to have little to no oversight of these people. The old receiver was never turned in and the access card remained under my name until I contacted Customer Service about the charges on my latest statement. The only advice I can give anyone else is this: if you have any Directv equipment removed from your home for any reason, do a follow-up call to Directv to ascertain whether or not that equipment has been turned in. That was the only advice that the Billing Disputes Office could give ME.

  34. po'd in iowa says:

    to the directv employee, HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
    Try calling in sometime yourself! I just spent two hrs. yesterday trying to get credit for a cancelled account, the expiration date of which was changed from when we first cancelled, unbeknownst to us.
    We had directv since ’94 and not many problems besides the weather and losing signal.
    Anyway, I digress. I was cut off 4 times. dead cut off. finally talked to a supervisor named John and he was a total jerk. He then sent me to the accounting or billing dept. I am supposed to receive a $30 credit but it should be over $50. At that point, I was worn out and said OK. I was treated like crap, but on hold for in excess of 10 minutes, repeatedly. We will see if we get a refund but tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 24, I am getting in touch with the state Attorney Generals office and the Better Business Bureau and a letter sent to the FTC.
    The cocky, arrogant supervisor John also gave me the address of Diretvs’ legal dept.
    The address is Directv Office of General Counsel, PO Box 915, Elsugundo, CA 90245.
    You have to write to them. I also requested a copy of my account and phone logs for the last 30 days and he said he couldn’t do that.
    He chastised me for not remembering every detail of what I had said for the last 3 weeks when he had it in writing in front of him. But who knows if what was written was correct?
    FYI, I had DishNetwork installed and it’s been a disaster with a receiver. They have been here 5 times in less than 2 weeks. They are to come out Tues. Nov. 25 and change the LNB or eyes to a different one that will pick up different satellites. But as far as customer service, they have been outstanding to work with except for hold times. I have been offered out of my 24 month committment, and no charge for any services, plus my $50 activation fee returned. We will see if that happens if they can’t get it fixed and I cancel the account. Also, be aware that they do a credit check on you. I assume Directv does as well. Anytime you have a credit check done on you whether warranted or not it affects your credit rating score, which I think in today’s world is a very important #.
    Enough of my rant. Directv customer service is worse than Dell and that is saying something because that is total HELL.

  35. po'd in iowa says:

    to follow up and continue my rant. When out Diretv service went bad—no signal just searching—we gave it a couple days thinking it could be the weather and were very busy.
    Our first contact with Directv said it would cost $79.95 to have someone out and anything replaced we would have to pay for plus installation fees. We then decided to get DishNetwork since it would be free and updated to HD equipment. We got that account set up and then cancelled Directv, Nov. 6. Funny, but then all kinds of offers starting coming out of their posterior. They would send a tech out free and the only charge would be $19.99 for each receiver–we had two. I said no we had already opened a DishNetwork account. I was then offered free equipment(no $19.99) and a new dish but no upgrade to HD. This woman apparently was the one who put our expiration date as Dec.1. My wife inadvertently in my absence paid for Nov. Directv service when the bill came. I called and was told since our billing cycle ended Dec. 1 we would have to pay even though not receiving service. Again, as mentioned by several, it depends on who you talk to what answer you will get. Anyway, my previous statement then applies after this. We will see if we get anything back at all. We are both over 60 yrs. old and don’t have the energy honestly to spend two hrs. every day fighting and getting cut off and put on hold. I might try again today, but think I will see what I can resolve by trying to find some addresses to email. Good Luck, huh?
    As many people as I have talked to at Directv cust. service. I have to believe anyone making a positive statement about them works for them and/or is a plant.

  36. carolyn hale says:

    We switched to Direct TV due to being unhappy with the misrepresentation by Dish Network when we signed up with them. They can’t hold a candle to the outright lies we were told by Direct!
    To make a long story short, we never got the high def. programming that was promised ie: the satellilte was going to be launched in 2005-it is not there yet.
    Some of the programs we were initilally given with our HD package are now not available unless we subscribe to them. We used to have Sunday Football Ticket and got the games in HD until about 2 years ago when we were informed that we had to subscribe to Super Fan to get the Ticket games in HD. I cancelled the Sunday Football Ticket because it was way too expensive to get those games in HD.
    We took my husband’s retirement gift from his fellow workers and bought a big screen TV for him to enjoy. We would have a much better picture with our smaller screen TV and could have saved a lot of money over the past 4 years by not paying so much for so little.
    The customer service is terrible, there are no two people who give you the same story as to policies, etc.
    We don’t have cable available where we live and can’t get reception with an antenna due to the mountains. We are stuck with either Direct or Dish, and I guess we will have to pick the one who lies the least, or who lies the best.
    It’s a sad state of affairs when companies are so big that the customer doesn’t matter at all.

  37. Paul Escobar says:

    This morning I just learned that Directv does not install in high rise in Manhattan (I moved from a 3-story to a high rise and I was afraid of the $480- Yes I was quoted $480 to cancel. Doesn’t the numbers change according to their own whim?). The customer service rep that I had called earlier was brilliant enough to not provide this information about what addresses they can and cannot service. I’m stuck right now between having to deal with those ignorant people and having my credit F–ed by these turdheads.

  38. Walter Lott says:

    My problems with DTV customer service are just too numerous to mention. One word of advice. Don’t plan on calling and getting your problem resolved within a few minutes.

    Plan on spending at least one hour on the phone.

    Plan on getting disconnected at least twice and having to call back again. The techs at DTV customer support have not yet mastered the art of transferring calls. Go figure.

    With that said, their staff are very curteous, kind and even sypmathetic even thought they can’t resolve your problem.

    As bad as they are, they are leagues and oceans better than ComCast.

  39. Steve F says:

    Me too. They lied to me about what my monthly charge would be. I came right out and asked the guy if this was an introductory price and how much it would go to and when…. he assured me it would never go up. Later, I found out he lied to me and it was a 10 month introductory price. I was so angry not because of the price, because he lied me! and the installation was ridiculous, re-scheduling, not showing up… it took weeks and weeks… I simply cannot recommend Directv to anybody, even though the TV service seems very good to me but the customer service is the pits.

  40. david says:

    I didn’t even get 10 months out of them – I didn’t even get one month! DirecTV is terible!

  41. Guy H. says:

    I started out with Dish, the only problem I had with them was my rates kept going up. Customer service was good to me. Once bought a PPV sport and my power went out soon after it started, called Dish customer service, explained what happened & was never charged. Then started dating a girl installer & changed to Directv, never got the receiver that was agreed upon, rates kept going up & the morons @ customer service was akin to a horror flic. Went to the neighbors to watch (directv) the 10th & final round of the NFR only to see a college basketball game that nobody even came to watch live! The stands were half empty. Not only is directv’s customers service SUCK but their programming does as well. I use netflix now and as lond as the mail run I’ll have something to watch but if I do go back to regular programming I guarantee it will be with Dish. NEVER EVER go with directv

  42. david says:

    I agree Guy!

    Our service went out the other day yet again – for about 5 hours. Did they care? Nope. They told me to jiggle the cables. Geniuses, all of them.

    Directv is absolutely horrendous and I am either going to suck it up and keep it for the contract or I am going to be forced to pay the cancellation fee instead of having a heart attack over this. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

  43. Jerry says:

    After stumbling onto this discussion about DirecTV I just have to add my story. I had used to have DTV (can’t remember for how many years, but enough to be out from under their “screw the customer” contract) before we sold our house and moved in Dec. 2006. I called DTV and told them I wished to terminate my account. They gave me the usual bait about using their “moving” service. I told them I would consider it when I finally got settled again. 90 days later they call me (they had my cell #) and asked if I’m ready. I told them no, not yet. They called again later and asked and I gave them the same answer. Now, understand at this point, I really intended to go back to DTV. I didn’t hear from them again, but in Dec 07 they began billing my credit card again. I told the credit card company not to pay the charge. The next month they billed again! I was being charged for something they were not furnishing and had no way of furnishing! I canceled that credit card account so they could not keep automatically charging these bogus charges. To make a long story short, I fought with them for months before I finally got them to agree to cancel my account. However they still wanted that $162 they had charged me for. At one point, I even offered to sign up with them again if they would accept me as a “new” customer with all the “offers” they were baiting the new customers with. They refused. They are now using a Collection Agency in an attempt to collect that bogus charge of $162. I am now being harassed with 2-3 calls every day from that Collection Agency! Since I never have been able to get past DTV’s “Customer Service” Reps to successfully plead my case (the Collection Agency doesn’t want to hear it!) I finally wrote a letter to them, with a copy to the Collection Agency, explaining what happened and why they will NEVER get the money they are demanding. I am now planning on asking my cell Co. to block the calls from that “harassing” number. If that does not work I will be changing my cell phone number. Gee, I wish there was some way to let all the potential customers for these Satellite TV providers read this site before they decide to sign their rights away. It should be against the law for any Companies to have such a monopoly.

  44. David says:

    Wow, that’s terrible Jerry. Good for you for fighting, I know I will do the same when that time comes. It is a shame more people won’t see this before they order!

  45. Laura says:

    I too am dealing with Directv issues which lead me to your story. We’ve been customers for 10 years but since we moved and had it installed in our new home it has been nothing but a headache. We regret ever picking them. The technicians caused damage to our house when they installed the dish and cords. They never set up the recvr’s. We had to do it and one of them is not even wired. Customer service has been awful and I’ve spent hours on the phone and keep getting the run around. Finally after so much frustration I decided to cancel and they have informed me I’m locked into a 2 year deal. I have caught customer service in numerous lies. It just feels slimy. This is the same company that won awards fot their customer service when they first started. I am disgusted. I even had a friend over today and she was stunned by how rude customer service was. I really could go on and on but read any of the many complaints about them and its the same old story. It should be illegal!

  46. Ex Directv Customer says:

    I HATE DIRECTV!!!!! Worst customer service on the planet. I had a manager by the name if Gina (yea im callin her out) laugh at me, put me on hold for 20min, then hang up!!! Use these contacts to call corporate. Have fun raising hell!!!!

    Here are some executive email addresses and phone numbers if you need to escalate an unresolved problem with DirecTV:

    [email protected], [email protected]: EVP
    [email protected], [email protected]: SVP, Controller, CAO
    [email protected], [email protected]: SVP, CFO
    [email protected]: Heywot Bitew, Business Operation Analyst – 310-964-6508
    [email protected]: Ellen Filipiak, Senior Vice President of Customer Relations

    To send a valentine to DirecTV’s CEO, Chase Carey, email [email protected].

    The corporate switchboard is 310-964-5000. You might be able to get to his secretary by calling that number and saying, “Carey’s office, please,” in a professional and composed tone.

  47. Jason says:

    I think Directv is great. I’ve been with them for over 5 years now. Customer service is going to be different depending on when,where, and why you call. Blanket statements saying they all are ignorant is basically informing anyone reading this of your ignorance. All of the whining on this site is ridiculous and completely explains how incompetent you people are. Do something about it and stop crying. Jesus people grow some.

  48. Jim Porter says:

    DirecTV has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. This is my worst experience as a consumer. The system was installed 3 weeks ago and still does not work. It will go off “Searching for Satellite”. DirecTV and their sub JP&D has not been able to find the problem (after serveral trips) but they refuse to remove the system. They expect me to pay for a service that I do not receive!!!! Stay away from DirecTV and Dish Network.

  49. Betty June Kiley says:

    I live in the Salt Lake City area and changed from Dish to Direct a few months ago. At the time we were getting a local channel on station 14. Recently Direct cancelled their submission of this station that carries many of the JAZZ games and other programs we like to watch. I feel it is a breach of my contract with them and I would like to cancel but of course there would be that exorbitant cancelation fee. Calls to Direct get no action. I am really angry about it.

  50. Katrina says:

    Please be careful when using Direct TV services. My account has been suspended for about 6 months. I recently checked my bank account statement to find $836.00 was withdrawn from my account with Direct TV listed as the payee. It was withdrawn from the account listed in my profile. I was told by a supervisor that it was an error on their end and I will be refunded. I’ve waited and have reveived nothing but lies, I’ve been given the run around by several reps and sups. I’m pretty left no choose but to file charges and get an attorney to settle this matter.

  51. BECKY M says:


  52. Jerry says:

    HOOORAH! After more than a year, it’s finally over! This last week I received a letter from DirecTV Collection Department, stating that they have admitted their mistake and are calling off the dogs, (the Collection Agency) and (I quote) “instructing them to cease actions and clean up any negative reports to your credit history caused by DIRECTV.”

    For the last few months,I have been receiving one of their “promotional” letters almost every week, offering me everything (the things they offer to snare a new customer). These letters all came with my name printed on them, so they weren’t just random solicitions. Wouldn’t you know it…yesterday I got another one of those, again with my name of it. I guess, at DirecTV, one Department doesn’t know what any of the other “Departments” are up to, or this could have been resolved back in Jan 08, like it should have been. BTW: What finally got their attention was I sent a letter, explaining the whole situation, and addressing it to as high a DirecTV person as I could find. So, as usual, when these type situations come up it pays to go over all those stupid “Customer Relations” smart-asses and go right to the top! Unfortunately, it’s often very difficult, if not almost impossible, to get through to the top person.

  53. david says:

    That’s great Jerry, so glad to hear they finally admitted their mistake. Doesn’t seem like they do that too often!

  54. Rebecca Tindall says:

    I am a direcTv employee & loathe it in the very worst way not because I am not a star agent which i am. I just do not at all agree with the ethics that dtv sets forth, Direct sales which sells consumers the dtv rarely if ever tells customers that there is a rebate that u have to submit right away online or you will not get that low intro rate of price & you have to submit rebate within 60 days or it will be gone & it takes 6-8 wks to “process” which is a way that dtv shows you how expensive yur first bill is & that when u actually get the rebate that u feel like yur getting a good deal. If u dont agree with this which who would u can have the pleasure of speaking to a probable incompetent sup that is trained explicetly not to give credit & you customers should know that any time a csr gives you credit it was taken off our incentive so we get a pay cut so thats why csr’s are reluctant to dole out credit then if u do give credit then its like the movie office space you get a “talkin” to from 2-3 sups, coaches & or managers which just patronize you so much you end up feeling crazier than they are! I do applogize & understand how you feel I am just the person at the other end that you’re probably calling horrible names.

  55. rrgg says:

    Try Dish Network instead. I love them!!!!!!!

  56. Jen says:

    I was sent a link to this post on Twitter while I sat on the phone with Direct TV and vented on Twitter. I feel your pain!

  57. Jason says:

    I’ve had one problem after another with these bozos! I canceled my service in late January to go with Verizon FiOS. My problem today is that I had a bill due on 1/28. When I canceled my service on 1/20, I was told to ignore that bill…a new one would be sent. My mistake though…I already had a payment scheduled thru my bank that I forgot to cancel. So Directv re-processed my account on the 27th, prorates most of what I owed, giving me a credit, then charges my c/c on file for the balance. New statement dated 1/28 comes to me, $0 balance, everything’s great, right? Not so fast…my previously scheduled payment (which I failed to cancel w/ the bank) gets processed the same day (28th), and today I get statement dated 2/9, showing I have a credit due. I call this evening to find out how to get my credit sent to me. It was my fault, I simply overpaid a bill. The idiot customer service “supervisor” I’m talking to starts telling me that they cannot issue payment for that credit b/c they have to make sure they get their receivers back! According to Fedex, they got their receivers back 6 days ago, and besides that, one had nothing to do with the other! Had I remembered to cancel the scheduled payment, this never would have been an issue. Apparently, this idiot “supervisor” was in fact the CEO of Directv, b/c when I asked for her supervisor since I still was not satisfied, she starts telling me there’s no one above her!

    I started my account with them in 2002, and the first 4 yrs were great, but since the beginning of 2006 when I upgraded to DVR & HD, I’ve had continuously increasing problems.

    I will absolutely NEVER go back to them, and I don’t advise anyone to ever start!

  58. david says:

    Wow, that is terrible Jason – but not at all surprising. As soon as my agreement is over, I am gone.

  59. Shelly G says:

    I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating this issue. I would like to talk to people and hear their experiences. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have been charged an early termination fee by DirecTV, or if you have any questions on this investigation.



  60. david says:

    If you work at a class action law firm, why would you have a yahoo email address? I am sure people would love to talk to a real firm about their issues, but it is doubtful anyone will respond to a yahoo address.

  61. Ralph says:

    I am a DISH network Retailer and installer. Like any product, the product itself may be okay, but who you are dealing with makes the difference. Possibly the worst way to go with any satellite TV is to use the 800 number. If you can, use a local retailer who is able to provide references. Ask around to see what kind of reputation they have. We do very little advertising. Most of our business is word-of-mouth. I do the installs myself, and we are local. That means I have a local reputation to uphold.
    Remember that be it DircTV or DISH, they exist to make money. There are always details, fine print and catches.

  62. david says:

    The installation is one thing; but unless my local guy does my billing, that doesn’t really solve my issue. My problem is not with the equipment, per se, but with the billing – the parent company.

  63. Ralph says:

    We have no direct control over billing, but we advise our clients to NOT call DISH before they contact us. We have them bring their bill by our office. if the bill is incorrect, we call the billing dept with the customer present with us. They give the billing dept consent to speak to us on their behalf. We are then are able to speak to the billing dept for the customer.
    It is sad that many times the cust reps in billing, tech support, etc. are unaware of many things they should be aware of. There are times when it takes 3-4 calls and several service requests (a special in-house email system for retailers) to get issues resolved. A good, local retailer will at least try to help you.

  64. Trista says:

    My DVR stopped working after I signed up with Directv. After numerous calls they agreed to replace it. My service was shotty at best, it would go out if it rained or snowed. My bill increased almost monthly without adding any additional programing. Everytime I called Directv I was on the phone for at least 1/2 hour.
    The customer service representatives are the rudest I have ever delt with. Toward the end of my commitment I called for the exact date. I was told that my commitment was increased because I received a replacement DVR. I never agreed to this increase in time.
    I have talked to numerous people at Directv about this situation, very few were kind and none were helpful. They all just say the same thing “you recieved an upgrade and therefore an increase in your service commitment”. When I ask them what I upgraded to? They say I recieved a DVR. When I explain that I received the same model DVR to replace the broken one; they repeat the previous statement.
    When I ask to speak to a supervisor I am informed there are none. Or I am placed on hold for at least 20+ minutes and then they either hang up on me or the supervisor says the exact same thing as the customer service rep.
    Currently, Directv took $62.00 from my credit card to pay for my early cancellation fee even though I completed my 24 month contract.
    I feel lied to and cheated. I hope their treatment of customers catches up to them and they get to feel all the misery they have given to others.

  65. david says:

    I feel for you Trista, they are absolutely horrendous.

  66. Barbara says:

    My Directv receiver has never worked. Never. $120.00 mo, and it never worked. So, yesterday I talked to Sam (Who certainly was taking the call from India, and he was definitely not Sam. I think he in some foreign language and, finally, as a special favor, for $90.00, he offered to send someone out to make my DirecTV work.

    For free, I told them to pound sand. I switched to Dish.

  67. david says:

    Barbara, were you out of your contract? That is what I am waiting for now!

  68. […] sure if we are going to keep the caller ID and they said we can cancel that service any time. We cancelled our DirecTV for a steep price of $200 (big gulp, but we think it’s worth it). We got a plan through Time […]

  69. laurie says:

    In Nov 2008 we ordered directv. At that time we told the sales person we are moving at the end of Feb 2009. NOT a problem was the sales ladies answer, we will follow you any where you go. We will come and get the dish, all you need to do is bring the receivers with you. We also asked if there will there be a new connection fee of any sort. No, no fee for anything. So we went with Directv. After moving to our new home, I called to get our Directv service hooked up. Ha what a joke. The kind “gentlemen”ย that works for Directv asked me for a credit card number. I reminded them there was no fee. The employee of Directv stated to me that we did not live at our previous address long enough to “establish good credit”ย there for there is a $50.00 transfer fee in which stupid me, I paid it or else they will not give us service (per the kind Directv worker). When my fiance’ got home he called Directv and told them they should not have charged us and that we would like a refund or account credited. Directv’s EXACT customer service friendliness staff told him TO BAD! she (meaning me) paid it already The next day, I called Directv @ 800-531-5000 and spoke to another Directv worker, explained my situation and was told well, there is nothing I can do to help, they charged you for a reason, I’m not sure why, but they did. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told they are all in meetings however, I could talk to a “floor”ย supervisor Leon. He was just as rude and would not help me with my $50.00. I asked if I could leave a message as long as they would not transfer me to a voice mail Leon snickered and said sure. NO one has called me as to date. Am I the only person they are charging extra fee’s to and not refunding back? Is this some sort of commission in the sales persons pocket? I just don’t get it.

  70. laurie says:

    Contact the attorney generals office

  71. Tony says:

    I feel I was royally screwed by DirecTV. I signed up for the famously advertised $29.99 deal and in the past 3 months, from January 3 to March 3, I have paid $182.92. In their defense, I have an HD receiver, which would bring my monthly payments to around $40. The key to their scheme is to get you to go Green, by asking you to sign up for Auto Pay. This consists of you giving them your credit card and they are free to charge you whatever they want. To get the $29.99 deal, you have to sign up for Auto Pay and also to receive all promotions and spam e-mail they want to send you. I would have done all this, but they do not tell you up front. Once you get the first bill, which in my case was $76.27, then you call them and they tell you what you needed to do to get the discounts. Lastly, the discounts have to wait from 6 to 8 weeks to take effect, which means that up until then, they can charge you the full price. If you learn anything from my experience, learn this: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AUTO PAY!
    At this moment, I’m filling a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Affairs:
    In case you need to do the same.

  72. STEVE says:

    Laurie: I’m not surprised by your story. The sales rep lied to me also when I signed up. I think that the reps are trained that lying is okay, the most important thing is getting the person to just agree to sign up. I was shocked; it was the first time I could ever remember being blatantly lied to from any company, especially what I considered to be a very large, respectable company.

  73. Paula says:

    Currently in a dispute with DIRECTV stealing money from my VISA account after cancelling and paying them in full. We are up to $423.30 and everytime they say they credit my money back they steal more. Terrible customer service, you’re not allowed to speak to a supervisor and I’ve been hung up on everytime I ask to speak to someone other than the flunky on the phone. I’ve sent a certified letter to the President of DIRECTV, Better Business Bureau and my credit union is currently in a dipute with them trying to get the stolen money back. This Company SUCKS go to DISH.

  74. DL says:

    Directv customer service is made up of robotic individuals trained to repeat exactly the same thing no matter what the issue. I wrote about similar situations and got almost identical emails back. Not the same situation, mind you, but similar. The wording in the reply was not similar – it was very close to a duplicate. I began testing it and discovered they are not at all interested in the opinions or needs of the customer. They just hope to wear you down. Make sure at least 5 other people know how horrible this service is.

  75. G. Davis says:

    I’ve been with DTV for many years now and have not had any issues with their Customer Service until yesterday.My wife who works as a Customer Service Representative for a major hotel chain was inquiring on a discount DTV was offering Hilton employees through a corporate memo, however when she called she was told that the offer is only good for “NEW” customers only (forget the loyal customers who have been with them for years). Even though she got a better quote from one of their representatives a few weeks ago when she inquired about it,our new bill showed an increase in their rates.When my wife called yesterday and asked the customer service person about the rate increase, she was told that they won’t honor what was quoted by the representative a few weeks back and that our rate was adjusted due to our new lease agreement. My wife mentioned that we’ve been with DTV for almost 10 years now and have not signed a lease agreement of any kind and that we purchased all of the equipment.
    Seems like when we purchased a new receiver two months ago from Best Buy (a DTV receiver)to replace our old RCA unit which was damaged, an automatic 18-month lease agreement became effective. What a crock.All three DTV Customer Service reps she talked to were rude and their basic bottom line was “the lease contract is in effect, deal with it because we’re not going to make any adjustments”. I told the wife that she should send off an e-mail to Hilton Corporate to make them aware of DTV’s supposed “discount offer”.

  76. David says:

    I would imagine DTV would not like Hilton canceling their agreement with them… Someone told me that every time you get a new box because the previous one broke, they restart your agreement.

    I seriously cannot believe how bad this company treats customers.

  77. Steve F says:

    and what’s most bizarre, is that is that you buy the receiver yourself with your own money, and they re-start your two-year contract. In addition, I asked them if I buy the receiver myself, will they drop the 5 dollar a month lease charge (for my second receiver) and they told me no, I still have to pay the lease charge per month even if I own the receiver. Does that make any sense?

  78. david says:

    That makes no sense whatsoever, Steve!

  79. mary says:

    i second this! i hate directv!!!!

    i was ripped off… have gone through 2 rcvrs!

  80. Bootsy says:

    I am a customer service rep for directv. I deal with morons all day long (sometimes taking 80+ calls a day). Put yourself in our shoes for just a minute. I deal with people who can’t add or subtract, don’t understand the concept of pushing a red button to reset their receiver, refuse to hear any explinations of price increases, use profanity, threaten me with bodily harm and complain about the wait time for a supervisor. I expect respect and fair treatement when I call a company. I give what I am given in return. If you act like an ass, yell into the phone and demand respect at the same time you are going to get put on hold, wait a long time for a supervisor and its going to ultimately get you nowhere

  81. david says:

    Thats funny Bootsy – I didnt act like an ass, yet I was treated like one. Customer service is supposed to be just that; Customer. Service. Sorry to tell you that WE the paying customer pay your salary. Keep that in mind next time you treat someone like all these readers have been treated.

  82. Bootsy says:

    Sorry David I did not mean to imply that you were an ass. I was just simply trying to make the point that customer service reps always get the blame. You are right -there is no excuse for poor customer service; however, we have our limitations. We listen to your concerns and explain the policies to you… BUT we do not impliment the polices that complicate your life and seem to endlessly frustate. Men in suits who have no concept of the average consumer impliment these stupid policies and we deal with the impact. I wish that I could take away committments for people that don’t deserve them but I don’t have the ability. I can only listen to the complains and locate a supervisor when you don’t like my explination. 9 out of 10 times there is a wait time for a supervisor that is unreasonable. Again, this is not the fault of customer service. It’s the fault of under staffing (damn those men in suits again). There are approximately 16 million direct customers and 7200 customer service reps taking phone calls in various call centers across the country. That’s a pretty large customer to csr ratio… I hear complaints daily about fees for new customers, too long for new customer offers to process, $10 discounts are not good enough etc etc. I hear that in this economy there should not be a price increase. People do not understand that directv (or any tv provider for that matter) have to pay networks for the use of their channels. They go up and we have to or we will no longer be in business and you will be looking for another provider to complain about. It’s all trickle down. Corporate America makes the policies that complicate our lives not the customer service rep. If I have ever spoken to anyone of you with a harsh tone I am sorry. You might understand if you took 80 calls a day from pissed off people everyday that want to complain about a three dollar price increase.

  83. david says:

    They dont want to complain about a $3 price increase. They want to complain about being lied to about everything under the sun, as evidenced by posters here and all over the internet.

    If the customer service reps don’t want to be yelled at by paying customers, they either need to:

    A. get a new job
    B. organize and go after those who set up these policies in the first place

    We yell, call, complain, bitch, moan, etc. because we don’t like being ripped off. I am sorry you are on the other end of the phone, but it’s most certainly not our fault that you are or that we have a problem with your company. You voluntarily accepted a job to be the face of a company who treats customers like dirt, so like it or not you are going to have to deal with that decision. I wouldn’t work for a company I had no respect for or that treated customers like this.

  84. Bootsy says:

    I don’t actually work for directv. I work for a company who provides customer service to directv customers. This is the case with most large companies. I always get a good laugh from people who say they are going to go to comcast or dish network or time warner cable. We provide their customer service also. The corporate world is one giant hampster wheel. I wish you happy directv viewing and in the future read the fine print. It’s all on the website. http://www.directv.com/agreement

  85. DAWN COOKE says:

    Dtv, I hate to even speak the name. I signed up for the $49.99 plan. They never sent me a bill. It takes me 3 months with them to find out my bill is actually $104.00 per month. I of course want to pay, what I asked for, but no! They require that I pay the bill in full before they will turn my service back on. This is a question of ethics. The ‘customer service rep’ was rude and absolutely no help. She hung up on me. I called back got the ‘supervisor’ I felt as though they should let me pay the original 49.99 and carry on from there. I had already paid 189.00 for the first month and a half. Now they wanted an additional 189.00. I know I don’t get it either. Anyway she also hung up on me. I finally got my first bill on paper. It is almost a $1000.00. You know, early termination etc. I never canceled. Now i’m afraid to send their gear back. I’m pretty sure they won’t credit that cost back to me. They’re very shady.

  86. I know this is a really old post–but my gosh! We cancelled our Directv last week– They tried to tell us we were still under contract–not true.

    Since then there have been an average of 4 to 5 phone calls DAILY, its not noon and they’ve called twice today! This has gone on for a week. These are poor slobs probably working for commission trying to talk us into taking a new deal with them! They’ll cut the cost–etc..

    Most of the time the callers hang up if I pick up the phone–sometimes they go ahead and talk–but I tell them not to call, I’ve asked to talk to a supervisor–to no avail.. they will not stop calling us! Good grief!!!

  87. NORMA says:

    I have had DirecTV for a year now and am stuck with another year of their lousy service. Every little rain or wind knocks the satellite out and you have to wait until it recycles before you can watch anything. this usually takes about 20 minutes each time. i’ve had the DVR and one other box go out and they wanted to charge me $19.95 each for shipping a new one to replace their defective one. I told them to cancel the one and i’d go without service in the extra bedroom. They did finally agree to send me another DVR without the shipping charge. Their customer service waiting time is horrible!!!! i can’t wait to go back to cable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ever you do – don’t ever subscribe to DirecTV!!! You’ll regret it.

  88. david says:

    I cannot wait to go back to cable either. Free repair, free boxes, no contract, no weather-related outtages. Cannot wait.

  89. […] which $13.31 is taxes and fees DirecTV Bill – I wish I knew, since it changes every single month. Don’t ever sign up for DirecTV. Ever. Vonage Bill – $30.70, of which $5.71 is taxes and fees AT&T Wireless Bill – $131.08, of […]

  90. r.j. says:

    directv is the worst company ive ever delt with. and im 48 !! dont want to waist my time to tell you all that ive gone thru. just dont get directv. but david it sounds like you “ARE” the cable company.

  91. Ivy says:

    When you ask for credits from directv, just make sure you deserve them! Pay your past dues & make sure you make payments before the cut off date to avoid service interruptions. The CSR’s are working day & night from all corners of the globe just to serve you yet all you do is curse us & demand not just to get undeserved credits but escalate your calls to our supervisors thinking that if you do, your demands will automatically given. Did you even read the service agreement before you sign it? Better yet, just stick on to your local stations & be contented if you got so much to say about us! Racist!

  92. david says:

    Wow. Yes. We are all racists because of the horrible customer service at DirecTV. That is a new one I hadn’t heard.

  93. woof says:

    Bought my directv kit in 1999, put it together myself, aligned the dish, called
    the number in the instructions to get the receiver turned on then kicked back with a
    brewski. They even gave me access to every
    channel for a week at no extra charge. A few years ago, I upgraded to HD. They came to my house replaced the dish and set up the new receiver. My experience both over the phone and in person has been exceptional. They get a Bravo Zulu from me.

  94. Wood says:




    THis is WHy Direct TV has been bought by LIBERTY MEDIA ; its BIG BUSINESS NOW & BIG MONEY.
    YOU ARE FINANCING THE CEO of LIBERTY MEDIA’s CORPORATE JET.. My Advice tou you is to Do what I did.. GET the BEST OTA Antenna for HDTV ; Bought A BLU RAY PLAYER & Got a SUBSCRIPTION to NETFLIX.
    ~ PLUS the NEW DVR’s DIRECTV HAS DONT LET U RECORD PPV movies but for only 24 hours; then they DELETE them off the Receiver. Plus you cant Move the DVR to another room in your house or to your vacation house and play what you recorded.It must remained hooked up to the original SAT DISH to which it was installed!!!~ They Don’t tell you these things before you get one..BTW Don’t get the AUTO PAY.. They will screw U so fast it will take a year to get it cut off (or you will have to change Banks) JMHO Had Directv for 15 years.. but no more…

  95. Steve K says:

    I had Directv service 3 years ago. I was signed up for automatic payments, which meant they charged my credit card on the day the statement was issued, not on the due date. That always bothered me a little, but I let it go. When I moved, I assumed that I would get the option to use their well-publicized free moving plan. However, they said I didn’t qualify and they wanted to charge me a $200 fee, that they would give back in $5 statement credits. I asked for an explanation and they could offer none. It seemed that they didn’t care to even attempt to keep me as a customer, despite the fact that I paid on time and order NFL Ticket.

    A year later I tried to get service at a new apartment. It ended up being impossible because of line of sight issues. They refunded the equipment costs, but never refunded my first month services fees. I made numerous calls over the next three months. Each time they said that the refund was in process and that I should see the check in a couple of weeks. They also would frequently say, please don’t call back for another month. I was charged in July for service I never received, and was not refunded my money until October when I threatened to bring it up to my credit card company.

    Now for some reason I don’t quite understand, I want to try to get Directv again, but it appears they have no interest in my business. First, they won’t let former customers get the deals listed on the website. When I called up, they wanted to charge me $99 for the HD DVR receiever, not the free offer that the website listed. I was annoyed and said I needed to think about it. When I called back, I was told that there was no discount on the HD DVR and I would have to pay the full $199 price.

    I was told that there is some code on my account that restricts me from getting better deals. Perhaps it is retribution for my complaining about the moving special, or the fact that they didn’t refund my money for three months. That hadn’t really occured to me until I read some of the comments here.

    If Directv didn’t have the exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, then I would have no interest in it. I always thought they paid all that money, so they could get people to switch to their service, but it seems that they don’t really want some customers.

  96. david says:

    That’s quite a story Steve…it’s amazing how bad customer service can be, no?

  97. NOTW says:

    I find it amazing to read about so many “additional” unsatisfied customers. I was feeling like the only one. I have had an ongoing issue with my payment being removed from my account and applied to someone else’s. It’s been 5 months now and the problem have yet to be resolved. They are idiots and I hate that I have been tricked into a contract with these people.

  98. M.C. says:

    Sadly I have had nothing but problems since I signed up in Nov 08. I’ve called probably twenty times, since I never got my first billing statement that had the “rebate” information that I was never told about when I signed up, I never got the deal I was promised. It’s been a call center transfer nightmare! I actually, today, sent an email to: [email protected] their CEO and got a call back to finally offer me a resolution. The woman I spoke to said I had no calls logged until the end of March!! I have been actually been calling since January when I cancelled their movie channels, and placed that call back in March, when it apparently wasn’t done! Last month I was offered a ten dollar credit for the next year, never saw it on my bill and called today.. The CR said “I see where they offered it to you but it says you declined.” Definitely not! Lies on top of lies on top of more lies! The woman that called me said that the credits were never issued and she was unable to apply it to my account so she just gave me a 120$ lump refund.
    It’s sad when a company is paying for customer service reps who don’t do their jobs. I’ve worked at call centers and I know they’re able to do a lot more than they’ll admit to. Not buying it!
    If you’ve exhausted all other channels, place emails to people higher up in the company but do it in a nice way, they’re usually more apt to get something done for you.

  99. Dave says:

    We canceled our service with DTV only to be contacted by a retention specialist. They offered us $100 to stay but we said no. We’ve since gotten a bill for $100 and they told us that we accepted the $100 and therefore did not cancel. We told them to pull up the “This phone call is being recorded for quality assurance” to prove that we turned down the offer and they said they couldn’t do it. They said, according to our records you said yes. I told them that this is a flat out lie and what kind of BS operation and scam are they trying to run on people. Stay away from these people at all costs!!!

  100. Bob says:

    I recently purchased two Ethernet Powerstrip Adapters from DirecTV to enable DirecTV on Demand, received them Monday, installed Monday night successfully, tested download speed Tuesday night (very slow!) and decided today to return the equipment to DirecTV. After talking to several CSR’s and a Supervisor I was told DirecTV has a strict policy not to provide refunds on equipment returns. I can’t believe they have such an unfriendly customer policy. There is nothing wrong with this equipment and it is brand new, it just did not perform as advertised. Any one else run into a similar situation? I plan to return the equipment anyways and dispute the charge on my credit card.

  101. Betty Yake says:

    I have read numerous posts on 3 separate websites about all the problems with Directv.
    I HAVE numerous misgivings myself, many of which have already been posted by others.
    In addition to the problems posted already, I have some which I have not seen on the posts of others that I have read.

    I cannot understand how this company continues to operate. Its’ days surely must be numbered.
    I am a new customer, just signed on in the last 2 weeks. I am so VERY SORRY that I made such a mistake. My problems with this company are so numerous that I do not wish to elaborate with such a lengthy post; however, sadly, this post is extremely lengthy anyway because of the depth of the problems involved. My Directv nightmare began just 13 days ago. WHAT A MESS! These people are con artists. I see where someone is wanting for people to sign on for a class action lawsuit for the early termination fee problem. This would be a good thing, provided it was with a reputable lawyer: I have no idea if that is the case. However, the problem of them injecting themselves into peoples bank accounts and charge card accounts has not been much mentioned. It is their charging whatever, whenever they so choose, without consent of the customer that is the major concern of mine.

    My contract is for 2 years. I read it. Okay, I am stuck for 24 months. Don’t like it, won’t bite again.
    I originally thought that because this company had been doing business for so long that they were reputable. As it turns out, they do have (lately) quite a reputation all right. I did not check until AFTER I had run into all those problems, to see the massive complaints. I was not forewarned, and therefore, was easily duped. Keep in mind that unscrupulous business practices run their course: their ability to do so has a time limit; the word is getting out, albeit in a painfully slow manner.

    One way to deal with some of the charging problems is to keep a close eye on it. You can do that by signing onto your account online and checking it frequently. And calling every time there is an unwarranted charge. And, then, continuing to sign on and check for the next debit or credit event posted. This way, you can call them every time you get ripped off. Take the name of the person you are speaking to, note the date and time of the conversation, and what was said. Those people will tell you that they are crediting your account: give them only 4 hours before you log on to your account to see if they lied. It could take 4 hours for you to see the credit. Yes, they will either lie to you or only follow through part way and drop the ball. Using the internet will give you eyes into what they are doing to/for/against you.

    In my experience, most of them talk sweetly and friendly enough. But when you hang up the phone, they have either taken no action that will give results, or they have taken the wrong action which will give further damage to the ulcer they have already caused you to develop.

    And in parting, I must tell you all that I had Dish for 3 years: never a problem of any sort whatsoever.
    The monthly bill just crept up and up and up. I was up to around seventy some odd dollars per month and I am retired and on a fixed income: my income does not go up and up. I called them and they cut HD and they cut some other item that we do not use and were able to drop the monthly down by $20. But, even so, the bill was still about $55 something per month. Then I ran into the touted $29.99 that Directv was advertising and we bit on that bait. That package did NOT work with the viewing equipment that we had which was actually a large screen HD computer monitor. How would we know? We are not knowledgeable about such. Nobody ever asked us about our viewing equipment. Our awareness began when the installer showed up and that is when the nightmare began. He put me on the cell phone with a woman that was very hostile and quite surprised me. The experience was shocking and horrid. In the end, she had a vendetta against me and so to get me back for telling her that I would not pay for something that we already bought and owned, she tacked on a charge to my account (against my charge card) unbeknownst to me and not stated by herself a charge for an extra receiver. Now we live in a very small cottage (only one bedroom) have only one television, can never have more than that, but that charge posted against my charge account for the second receiver which never existed. This is not a real thing, it is only something that those people on the other end of the phone line do to/against you to harass and hurt you. It was malicious and intended. I still do not have my credit back, even after 3 telephone calls to 3 different customer service reps. I need to tell you that the installer was a good man and had no part in the problem, I like him very much and he did a very good job. The problem was with the woman on the other end of the telephone line, she was an evil and malicious person. She had umbrage because I was taken aback about the receiver which hubby had “purchased”ย 3 years prior and paid $100 for and which she was claiming belonged to Directv. Three years is a long time and now I needed to dig back into historical records and she was demanding an answer immediately. I was not there at the time of purchase, I needed to retrieve the records, she was extremely impatient with it.

    In the end, I called BestBuy and they told me that the box was not “sold”ย to hubby, but was just a rental charge and did, in fact, actually belong to Directv. Now, there is many a man who could have explained that, but instead, I got this awful and hateful woman who explained nothing and just lashed out at me. We never used it, because we subscribed to Dish and never had need of it. All of a sudden there was a vehement woman on the other end of the line telling me that we had to pay rental on that equipment. What a shock! Right then, I knew that I was about to be ripped off, I was very upset about it. Also, whatever happened to that $100 “rental”ย fee for something that was never utilized? This is robbery. BestBuy are also tricksters, they never made it clear that was a rental, they came on like it was his, like he bought it. I am appalled at these tactics. Also, that advertisement said that there would be no charge for equipment, and now, all of a sudden, in the midst of getting hooked up, there was to be an unexpected charge for rental of equipment that we thought that we had purchased.

    There is trickery here: BestBuy is guilty and Directv is also guilty. They both share in this guilt.
    I do not care; if I had a choice, I would personally deliver this equipment to either one of them. It is the scam that I object to. They are both guilty of this scam. If I had a choice, I would immediately do whatever necessary to cut off all communications with the both of them and simply forget about them both. But they have hooked us, roped us in, and the law is not protecting us from their scams.

    If I could backtrack just 2 weeks: Dish never tricked me, never lied to me, always gave me good service. My only problem was finances: I was trying to cut down on the budget expense. I would go back to Dish in a heartbeat, if I only had the opportunity to do so. Now, because of the scam, I cannot go back to Dish for 24 months. The button punching required to use and change channels with Directv is so much work and so user unfriendly, I will be counting the days in the full 24 months in eager anticipation of going back to Dish. Dish was so easy to use, it was so free of problems. I now feel so estranged.

    Today marks a very new age in my life: we have now backtracked into an age that our ancestors knew, and we are all getting an education into the world that they warned us about.

  102. Pattyyc says:

    I want to let you all know about my experience with DirecTv. I cancelled my account after less than 24 hours. We hated it. Hated the look, feel, everything. The CSR told me there would be no cancellation fees since it had only been less than 24 hours. A week later, they debited my bank account for $425.96! Without my authorization, hell I didn’t even know they had my debit card! I think AT&T had it and that’s how they got it. The first CSR I talked to was so nice. She said they would reverse the charges, would take a couple days. The second CSR told me she had lied and it would actually take 5-7 days. I got to a billing supervisor, who said that they had charged me incorrectly and he would escalate it. The next day I received emails stating I had been refunded $460 to my DirecTv account! But I have no DirecTv account as I cancelled it! The next CSR told me it would take 8 weeks to get a refund. When I blew my fuse and demanded to speak to a supervisor, he refused! He said he would talk to one for me. Now guys and gals, I AM a CSR and anytime you ask for a supervisor, you should get one, hands down. I finally called my bank, which I should have just done on the first day after the charge, and they are processing a chargeback for me. I cannot believe the poor customer service I have gotten from DirecTv! It’s almost as if they just don’t care at all. It’s really too bad. And they are Americans too! Usually I get this bad of customer service from India!

  103. Tracie says:

    I totally agree with each and every awful thing said about Directv! They have you by the you know whats and they know it and take advantage of it! I am having yet another problem with them. I am being force to move from my home (new owners want to live there) and so I have to move, well because I moved just in November of last year they want to charge me $200 to move my service. Wow no one else is charging me to move ok well maybe my internet service is but $20. No the ridiculus part is that the house is completely wired and all they would have to do is put the dish up and connect wire maybe hal hour tops and the charge is still $200. Its BS really!

  104. g says:

    You, sir, are obviously a plant and have no credibility. I would be happy to dump this service if I had known better to begin with. I guess I just love football that much. The NFL package is all they have going for them, excepting, of course, you on their side. Hope you love the taste of DirecTV bone; don’t choke on it.

  105. Directv CSR says:

    All of you people complaining about how bad the customer service is, and how awuful you experience with dtv was, is simply because you don’t take the time to educate yourself about how the service works. For real, if you’ve decided to go with directv, please study the agreement before doing it and I swear to you, you will be like NEO on the matrix. Seriously there is no better way to have a good service with any company than to know how everything works.

  106. Tracie says:

    To the Directv CSR – where in you agreement does it state that you can charge a customer for multiple packages at the same time and rather than credit their account immediately you can keep doing it for 4 months and also turn their service off for not paying the entire bill. Or better yet charge someone for sporting events purchased before they even had service but wait to do it until they turn their receiver in! Should I continue? I guess somehow this is definitely the customers fault. I must have missed that in the agreement!

  107. Directv CSR says:

    Tracie let me tell you that i don’t know how that hapened, that must have been someone’s screw up (of course someone in the customer service department), and i’m sorry about it, but please keep in mind that we’re humans, those sort of things must happen in every other satellite, cable, phone, internet service company out there. I read about your complain on the movers fee. I must guess that you are not aware of this (how ironic), but each time a customer decides to move it costs directv $300, we are saving you $100!. And of course if you decide to move again in the next 12 months, guess what?… that’s right!, you get a free movers!, but hell, i guess that’s not enough for anyone, isn’t it? Well i’m out now, i’ll deal with anyone of you tomorrow at work, see ya.

  108. Trista says:

    To the Directv CSR,
    You are mistaken. I read my contract. I fullfilled my contract. I was charged for early termination because Directv extended my contract without my consent or knowledge. Wow! thanks for the advice…
    Yes, I am still bitter about how Directv treated me and my contract. I never realized there was a company out there that could laugh at, hang up on, and lie to their customers until I had the displeasure of Directv.

  109. david says:

    I agree Trista – they are not very nice and not very helpful. If it had only been 1 CSR, that would be one thing. But almost EVERY single one of them I talked to was horrible. I for one cannot wait for my contract to end – if they ever actually let it.

  110. Joshus says:

    I agree, DirecTV charged me more movies I didn’t even order (mind you this was AFTER i had already mailed in the receivers). I called customer service, they offered no help after being on the phone with them for over 30min, saying I had to mail a letter into the disputes department. I was NEVER able to talk to a person in charge who could have helped me on this matter. A week or so later received a letter from disputes telling me exactly what the CSR had over the phone. My overall experience with DirecTV was terrible, took them forever to hook up my equipment, failed to help me when the receivers would go out, then charge me for crap I couldn’t have possibly ordered. DO NOT waste your hard earned money on them, it’s not worth it, stick with Comcast.

  111. LTJP says:

    WOW – doing my homework because I am unhappy with cable. But I believe I am going to stay where I am. Appreciate all the info I have read here – and I did go to the link for the customer service agreement and read it completely – and I am very uncomfortable with it. Had I “just gone” with DTV – I probably would not have read the agreement or contract very closely. There are to many hidden things that DTV appears to do without consulting or advising the customer before they do it. I wish everyone here good luck with their battles and hope things work out for everyone. JP

  112. LTJP says:

    Have to post again – because I need some clearification(sp?) – anywho. From reading the previous posts – (#1) If I get a DTV system – just me paying the bill creates a “contract” with the DTV company – regardless if I sign anything or not. I’m still not sure if DTV required 1 or 2 year contacts – but…(#2) lets say for this question I have a “2” year contract – I am with DTV for 1 year 11 months – and my receiver dies or needs to be replaced and I get new equipment – that automatically commits me to 2 more years of a contract before I can cancel the service without an early termination fee? I’m still trying to grasp how alot of what is going on is legal. Its mind blowing!

  113. jon says:

    I agree with almost all the complaints in this column but who can you go to for help in actually solving these problems? Is there a gov. agency like the FCC or FTC that can really address the crimes? P.S I also was charged for PPV movies that I didn”t order. I returned there equipment and they claim after scanning the cards I ordered them.

  114. Sarah says:

    Directv has given me the worst customer service in my life. They literally lie to get you in contract. I have been a Directv customer for over 10 years, not because I wanted to but because I purchased our receivers way back when, and I didn’t have monthly charges for the boxes. Let me put it this way, my receiver is a Directv Sony Tivo. I’ve always had issues with their service but recently, my Directv Tivo broke. I called to ask what I could do, seeing that I wanted to keep the fact I did not get charged monthly for the receivers. The Rep told me he would send me a brand new DVR receiver and I STILL wouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for it. They would keep me as is and believe me I asked several times to make sure. I told him, this was the best customer service I ever received by Directv and would write him a letter for his excellent service. Guess what?! As soon as I activated my new DVR, I automatically was fixed into a “new contract.” And I will now be charged every month for my receiver. When I called to complain, they literally told me to take it up with my lawyers. So pretty much, Directv lies to get you in contract and now I have to wait two years to get out, because even if I returned my new DVR receiver (that I have had for all of two days), I would have to pay a $20 monthly fee, regardless. And like LTJP said, how do they remain in business? How is this at all legal?

  115. Brian says:

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to relate another *wonderful* experience that I’ve had with Directv. After clicking on a link to receive a $200 Jetblue gift card on June 9th, 2009. Today is Sept. 25, and I still have no gift card (it’s past the 30 days and 8-10 week waiting period). On their website it says that I have this coming to me, along with an ID number and a confirmation number. It also says that it is only good until Dec 31 of this year. After speaking with Don, Theresa (outright liar), Jessica, Amber, Sara, Carolyn (another outright liar- supervisor), and a number of other reps that have no clue or are still lying to me, they say I have to wait another 14-21 days to see if I am ELIGIBLE!!! It will cost $400 to quit their service. This is definitely a ripoff. I will be writing the atty general of fla and the better business bureau. TERRIBLE!

  116. Sara says:

    I also have had problems with Directv charging my debit card without my knowledge or consent and lying to me about refunding it, and also charging me for movies they claim I ordered at a time before I even HAD directv!! Where can we, the consumers (victims), go to rectify these issues and get some justice? Directv’s shady practices have snowballed and caused me numerous financial problems and I would like to be able to resolve these issues…who can I call??

  117. David marks says:

    Avoid DirecTV like the plague. Earlier this year, my wife and I cancelled DirecTV. Several months later, we suddenly received a $370.17 bill for service and equipment we no longer use! We had switched to Verizon FIOS, but were still getting billed!

    Their customer service is horrible. They wouldn’t even respond to our complaint, and instead, just moved us on to their Collections company. We were loyal customers who paid our bills on time. We didn’t deserve their treatment.

  118. E.P.Thompson says:

    has anyone tried addressing any of their issues with DirectTV using gethuman?


  119. David says:

    No, but I have never had a problem reaching a real person there. Whether they have been helpful or not is a different issue entirely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. John says:

    You know, it’s the stupid customer’s that complain about DTV. The idiots that don’t know how to read a remote. I agree that DTV is not the best service out there but if people are gonna pay that much money for TV then they deserve what they get. I work for their customer service dept and 80% of all the calls are for some stupid reason that common sense should have resolved. Half the people that have DTV have no business owning a high definition tv let alone an expensive receiver.

  121. jj says:

    dtv is a big ripoff. i ask for a superviser when i finley got a person on the phone. NO GO. i got “whats the problem” then its not our problem. well its there equipment thats not working ,so its my problem. im done with dtv.

  122. Tony says:

    Let’s see, John, if I understand what you are saying. You are calling everyone who placed a comment here stupid, right? Have you assessed your situations? You work as a Customer Representative for DTV… What level of intelligence does one need to get a job like that? Plus, no matter what you say, it will always be taken as a conflict of interest. Do you know what that means? The only reason you have a job is because all of us stupic people. That is the way the economy works: We get DTV, pay for the service, get bad service, they receive tons of complaints, DTV hires idiots like you to play bad cop and give us bad actitude, and so on and so forth. I put it plainly, so you can understand. Then again, you maybe too dumb to understand those basic concepts. In a nutshell, you are the idiot, John. Not us!

  123. Linda says:

    I just got off the phone with a polite rep who said she tried to resolve my problem. My outside cable box had finally disintegrated due to weather. It had broken off jaggedly numerous times. Good old duct tape resolved it until today’s strong winds blew it away. I felt the company should pay the service bill of $49.95 to bring and install a new one…silly me. I was told if I’d pay a “small” $5.95 payment per month I’d have the service calls covered…add that up after a few years. Buy the service which isn’t in force for first year (quote from rep)? I think not! So now to try to cover the cables myself. Thanks a bunch to a company that hasn’t given me notice of bill changes since ’07’s bills of $41+ to today’s $68+!! They should be ashamed, but I know that’s not in the corporate mentality. Thanks for letting me vent. Any suggestions out there to cover the cables??? Thanks if so.

  124. Teresa says:

    ARGH,,,, I just spent over 3 hours on the phone with direct tv…. I am so done with them. They don’t listen and they don’t care. My contract is up and I am out of there never to return. I don’t think the other one is any better but at least switching will give me a year to cool off.

  125. Tony says:

    Hi All!
    I just go off the telephone with someone of the Better Business Bureau and he said that if I wanted to file a complaint I would have to do it with the Los Angeles branch of the BBB, since DirecTV’s corporate HQ is located in Southern California. If anybody is interested, here is the telephone number of the BBB in the SoCal area.
    (909) 825-7280.
    If enough of us complained, maybe DTV would change its ways!
    Good luck,

  126. tom9161 says:

    Just got off the phone with a customer rip-off rep. They decided I should have sunday ticket for $44.99 and added it to my bill, never ordered it don’t want it don’t even watch football. Was told that there was nothing they could do and I would just have to pay the $44.99 for six mounths, Thats $270 for something I didn’t order and didn’t want. What a bunch of thieves,liars,and con artists. I wonder if you have to be a total scum bag to work for a company like this.

  127. Tracie says:

    Directv = BS They are by far the worst company in history! I feel for all of you as I have been there done that with them over and over. At times I wished I lived where they are located so I could go there and punch someone in the face and leave. Since they do it to us so often. To all of you directv victims have a good day!

  128. Candee says:

    Not only does DTV not honor their pricing but their installation service is the worst. I initially signed up for DTV because it was the only provider in the area in which I was living. The installer who initially showed up could not do the job because he “didn’t have the right equipment”ย. I waited the next day for the team to show up again, and was left waiting another two days only to find out they still could not install it. When I moved I attempted to keep them as the service contract was for two years. The second install was just as bad as the first one telling me once again they did not have the “right equipment”ย and would come back the next day. The next morning I was called and told that they had two “no calls-no shows”ย for work but would get the job done. Well, after waiting all day Saturday and no show or call I called Sunday only to be told that I mysteriously cancelled my contract. The fiasco continued for a few more days and when I asked to be compensated for my time I was pretty much dismissed.

    It is inconceivable that this company is allowed to do business in such an unethical unlawful way and the BBB or Attorney General’s offices do not seem to care. How can they still in business without having to pay for their shortcomings? They expect customers to sit and wait until it is convenient for them to show up or until they get their story straight about what the “package really costs”ย!!!!!! Hello?? How is it that consumers are being railroaded by this company???

    They are the worst and should not be allowed to do business ever.

  129. Steve says:

    Candee, I agree with you completely. My installation went well, thankfully, when they finally got a guy to show up. It took a long time and the installer continued not showing on the day promised and I had to keep calling and calling, just like you. The installer finally showed up about the fourth time that it was scheduled, only because I was starting to get very aggravated. Maybe nobody really complains to the BBB and that’s why they continue to get away with this awful way of doing business? It makes me laugh that in their ads, it states that they are a top-rated company in customer satisfaction. That must be a lie, don’t you think?

  130. G.Davis says:

    Check today’s MSNBC.com news (12/18/09)story concerning a lawsuit by Washington state “DirecTV thrives on deception lawsuit alleges”.
    It appears that this lawsuit covers many of the complaints already mentioned in this forum.
    Read it at http://redtape.msnbc.com/2009/12 if you’re interested.

  131. Brean says:

    Today should have been my installation date with DirecTV and I’m about to tell you everything that went wrong with DirecTV in this one day alone.
    1.) they did a pre-authorization for my bank acct without telling me and overdrafted it. I now have a $29 charge that I have to pay for.
    2.) After being told there were no installation charges, I was told by the tech that I was to pay him $78 upon arrival for connection because I needed to purchase a tripod. (my apts don’t allow satellite installation on roofs) and DVR cables that I never knew I needed.
    3.) The installation tech was 3 1/2 hours late. with no excuse or apology.
    4.) Upon arrival of the tech I was told there were trees in the way and they could not continue with the installation.
    5.) when I called to complain about my day with DirecTV, a supervisor actually had the nerve to ask me if I was aware of the cancellation fee? seriously.
    6.) when asked about the overdraft fee, I was given a P.O. box address for the CEO of DirecTV. How long do you think it will take for him to read my letter and verify my bank statements? yeah, I won’t hold my breath.

    To anyone who is thinking of getting direcTV, dont do it. they are a ridiculous company that spits out lies like nothing. their customer service reps are illiterate, ignorant people that I can only assume could not find jobs anywhere else. I quickly regretted my decision and was actually kind of glad when they were unable to install.

  132. Alicia says:

    My husband and I have been loyal dtv customers for 11 years now and by far the worst experience we have ever had with any utility company. The rep had the nerve to compare themselves with our electric company; I told her that our electric company has never ripped us off like they have. Every time we order a UFC fight something goes wrong, either the fight is delayed or the screen messes up and of course dtv says there is nothing they can do about it. Today, I was checking my bank account to find out that dtv took $300 from out account without any authorization; my husband and I were on the phone for about 4 hours having reps hang up on us to reps telling us it is our own fault to “DEAL WITH IT”!! They also stated that once you submit a payment from any credit/debit/or check you enter a legally binding contract for dtv to TAKE money from your account if your account is over due. I did NOT sign up for auto bill pay. Also to let others who have dtv service now, that sometime in 2009, they have a policy that went into effect saying that if your account is overdue any amount, DTV has the right to TAKE the money without any authorization. They must think their customers are IDIOTS; I guess little do they know that most/if not all of their customers were loyal for sticking with them for more than 10 years but after reading everyone’s posts I see that DTV is nothing but a ripoff and could care less about their reputation. I would appreciate any help in rectifying my situation because now DTV has caused a ripple effect in my checking account causing one bounce fee after another. One unhappy, never going back to DTV customer!! I am even ashamed to say that I have been loyal for 11 years.

  133. Mike says:

    I miss my Comcast. After moving to a remote location, DTV and the Dish were my only options other than VHF/UHF. After the 14th service call over a 17 month period I finally begged, pleaded and cried to the tech to replace the line from the dish directly to the HD/DVR box to eliminate the barrel connectors. Finally had service that worked ok. Tonight I ordered a move with the On Demand. What a farce. A 1 hour and 49 min. movie has been downloading for 3 1/2 hours now and it is only 37% complete. My guests I ordered the movie for went home 2 hours ago. All computers in the house are off (untill about 10 mins ago) and nothing else is using the high speed internet line. I download 1/2 hour HD videos to my computer and with a 3 to 5 minute lead time and watch them all the way threw without constant stops to buffer. I have made 25 to 30 calls about unsatisfactory service over the last 5 years with only 1 positive result. That was with the 14th service tech, that actually listened to my complaint and did something about it. I regretfully purchased my equipment so it is too expensive to just dump, and cable is not avalible in my current location so I’m stuck with lame service. Well my On Demand download is at 49% after 4 hours. I should have waited an hour and just ordered strait from the PPV, I could have watched the movie 2 times by now. Thank You Tony, for posting the LA BBB number.

  134. Mike D says:

    In my opinion, It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to Dish, Direct Tv, Cable, blah blah blah. It’s a fact that regardless of who you go with, they all suck. Simply put, they have all hired the most incompetent program directors that
    money could buy. In a nation where almost every home has at least one VCR , or DVR..
    instead of giving the paying subscriber their moneys worth by offering a variety of program viewing choices they instead throw up a 4, 8 hour block or all day marathons of a particular show. Wow, now thats true service to your patrons. Or calling 40 channels of music “part of your Viewing package” ? ? ? If I wanted to listen to music I’d turn on the radio or my home Stereo system. I watch t.v. to…you guessed it…WATCH tv. The best thing that any of these services could do is line up all these program directors and fire them in sucession and get a replacement that understands what the job meaning of a Program Director is or at least look it up to know what your supposed to be doing.

  135. Russell S says:

    The WORST company in the world . STAY AWAY . They will debit your account any time they want . Then tell you So sorry but you authorized it . They don’t care about their customers at all . They SUCK. Please don’t use this service . They stoled money from my account and left me with overdraft with NO WARNING . This is no joke . This is very seriuos . If this is how you make money then you should be indicted . NEVER again . Please tell everybody to stay away from directv

  136. Countryside says:

    We are a local retailer and installer of DISH network. I not only sign people up for accounts, but I do their installs and service calls as well. If you call DISH (or DirecTV) for tech help, remember, the person you are talking to has never installed a satellite system in their life. All they have to go by is what they are reading on a computer screen. Also, who some of you may be calling or talking to may be a retailer somewhere (or someone in their store) and not the corporate number itself. Many retailers have toll-free numbers, so just because it was an 800…888 – or another toll free doesn’t mean you were dealing directly with the company. I have to contact CSR’s all the time, and many of them know what they are doing…and many do not. When I get one who doesn’t, I thank them for their time and then call back. Also, if you get a CSR who is obvisouly in India or somewhere (nothing against Indian folks) and you are having trouble communicating, you can say “May I please speak with an American representative?” That will usually take care if it.
    We try to run a clean, upfront business. We tell customers all they need to know upfront…the length of agreement, extra fees, credit card hold fees….what their bill is going to look like…etc. We also instruct them that no matter what happens…CALL US FIRST! Do NOT call the 800 number. 95% of the time we can help them. If there is a need to call the 800 number (such as a billing error) we have them bring the bill to the store and we call DISH with them. Of course, I’m partial to DISH (gee…wonder why?) but if you CAN go with a local retailer and installer who is honest and reliable… you’ll be better off. The local retailer (if they’re any good) will run interference for you, and they can contact people who you probably can’t.
    Also, remember, special offers such as gift cards, DVD players, etc. are NOT offered by DISH themselves, but by the retailer advertising the DISH product. DISH is it’s own company that provides a product, and the retailer is an independent business that retails the product. If you call an 800 number, ask them if they are DISHNetwork Corp or if they are a retailer. if they answered the phone “DISH” and then reveal they are a retailer…go elsewhere. They are forbidden to do that, and if they do it there is already a degree of dishonesty there.

  137. Sherry Carter says:

    I have had nothing but problems with DirecTV for over a year. When my contract is up I’m thought with them. First of all they never installed it right. Then they want to chage you to fix it. Most of the time I can’t even watch tv, but ever month I still have to pay. All I can say is thanks but no thanks to Directv.

  138. Fred says:

    DirecTV blows. Ordered online and advised that it should be on 142. No such channel exists on the set top box. Spent 30 minutes just trying to get a person on the line. Line always got dropped before a person could be found. Just recorded loops in the ear. This company sucks the big one on every level. The TRUTH is that the marketing is slick, but the reality is they are so hungry for new clients to cover up for the churn due to their customer service.

  139. Sala says:

    As a customer service rep with directv, I have experienced so many levels of frustration with customers who expect us to provide miracles to them. So, you can’t find the right channel for your ppv? You don’t know how to use a program guide? OMG your remote is not working but… oh wait! Your batteries are dead!! I had a huge storm so my tv went to searching for satellite for half an hour and I want a month of credit. People think that the words “I am going to go to Dish Network” provide some sort of teary effect for us. Go to dish and enjoy their lack of customer service, less channels, hidden fees and oh yeah, they actually hang up on you when you scream profanity into the phone. It’s just tv folks. If you would read the customer agreement and do some research before you make a 24 month committment you wouldn’t be so pissed off. Oh yeah, dish also requires a credit card to be on file. They follow the same policy as Directv with charging your card for any outstanding fees upon disconnection or non return of equipment. Quit bitching and educate yourself on what you are buying into before you commit dumbasses.

  140. lera palmar says:

    tell you one price charg a nother price

  141. Manish says:

    Directv has the most pathetic customer service. Worse than cable!!! Iget my service via a bulk aggregator. Both of them want to over bill me and then give me a run around between them. Big Scam as the errors never happen that lead to less charges. Always overages. Obviously this BS has the blessings of the top management and they need to go to jail.

  142. Manish says:

    Sala epitomizes the Directv culture. Rip off your customers as they are dumb asses. They will give up after wasting hours on the phone with some poor guy who has to take abuse so that the top guys can get their fat bonuses.

  143. DirecTV CSR says:

    It is so sad to see these comments from some of these customers. I work in a DirecTV call center, no one knows the HALF of what we go through. We understand our purpose there and it is to help you, if there is an issue, we are there to assist you with getting to the bottom of your problem. Customer service representatives understand how important your got damn tv is to you!!! If you would calm down and let us know what is wrong and let us assist you there would not be any problem with the customer service. As soon as we pick up the line, all you hear is yelling. All of our calls are monitored so we do get scored very tediously on our calls. If we hang up on a customer, we will get fired. Anyone can view what is going on on the computer at any time, they can tell if a customer was hung up on intentionally. More than likely, that person lost their job if it did happen. Please consider other reasons the phone may have disconnected before you jump to conclusions. I’m pretty sure in this economy not only you are having problems paying your bills, but surely we are too. So we need our jobs and do our best to help you. You don’t understand what it feels like to be called out of your name and yelled out and cussed at multiple times in day. Keep in mind, while i’m being as nice as possible and really trying to help you. Yes, i understand that Directv does have some practices that they should change, but the CSR’s cannot change DirecTV’s policy. We are billing/customer service representatives, who are here to address your issues. Why get mad and call me names just because you did not pay your bill and your tv was disconnected?? Just pay the bill or if you know you can’t afford it…why do you have it in the first place??? Also, these Directv ads that you all call misleading, you guys need to learn how to be good consumers. Read all information…including the small print on the bottom of the add. DUMBASSES!!! Just because you failed to be a good consumer, did not ask all necessary questions about your agreement or services, or even read your agreement (which is on the back of EVERY BILL), don’t get mad at us for something you didn’t realize. I mean c’mon!! I never even knew that people act the way they do about television until I started working for DirecTV. I mean c’mon is it really that serious?? This is a problem and is why society is the way it is today. All you do is order dirty movies all day and cry and complain over TV!! Read a book, exercise, organize your finances, maybe read all of the information that was given to you when you signed up for services so that you won’t find any “hidden charges” on your damn bill!! Everything is right in front of you, if you don’t understand something, that is what customer service is hear for!! Bear with us, please take into consideration of our feelings and what we go through constantly through the day. This job is not as easy as some of you may think…you would just have to try it out for yourself. Seriously, please be more considerate. This would not only make the world a better place, but it would also affect any conversations you have with a Directv CSR. It does not make any sense how I can feel so sad and hurt, just because someone forgot to pay their bill and they yelled at me and cussed at me so bad. Or if someone was typing there password onto directv’s website but in all CAPS, then call in to cuss me out and call me a joker, because had his CAPS lock on…I’m sorry it’s just so much. I just wish we could all get along. We have to work together, in the end, we are here to help you and address your concerns, give us a chance sometimes. You all make it hard for us sometimes. Maybe we shoul switch shoes for a day…you will be soooo surprised. You think you, but you have no idea. smh…

  144. kweed says:

    How come every time a DTV CSR posts on here, they call the customers Dumbasses? Get a real job working for a reputable company if you are that disgruntled. OUR business pays YOUR salary, DUMBASSES.

  145. Jweed says:

    Or maybe you couldn’t get a real job because NONE OF YOU CAN SPELL.

  146. Lize says:

    I did work as a directv csr for several years. The pay was good and the benefits were great; however, the stress was off the charts. Dealing with the idiots that would call in over and over looking for something free was just too much. The customers were verbally abusive and nasty if they did not get their way. I have been called every name that you could possibly think of. Once I found another job that actually made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile (even with slightly less pay and no benefits) my stress went away. I quit having headaches and insomnia daily. Since you have never walked a day in my shoes you have no right to judge. I think that I would rather dig ditches or pump septic tanks than ever go back to work in a directv call center. By the way, directv does not actually provide their own customer service. It is hired out through a company called Convergys. Read some of the posts on covergys sucks sometimes before you post on here with your holier than though better than call center works attitude. Yuppy f#%S…

  147. Tony says:

    If anyone has any doubt about how bad DirecTV’s customer service is, take a look at this link.


    (If you are routed to the site, cut the address and paste it to you browser)
    Anyway, it is an article about the best and worst customer service offered by companies and, you guest it, DirecTV is it among the worst one. Actually, the article classifies them as “naughty,” but I think they were just being nice.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  148. John says:

    “Lize says: November 10, 2010 at 7:02 pm
    I did work as a directv csr…The pay was good and the benefits were great; however, the stress was off the charts…directv does not actually provide their own customer service. It is hired out through a company called Convergys.”

    Don’t know which of the Convergys sites you worked at, but Convergys DTV customer service jobs at Orem UT start at $9.50 hr, and the benefits suck.

    I’ve seen the DTV employees Convergys at Orem UT hires and, appearance wise, Convergys is scrapping the bottom of the barrel due to high employee turn over. Even in a good economy, the only other job those employees could get is flipping burgers!

    As a side note, Convergys at Orem UT is also one of three Convergys sites (along with Denver, CO and Jacksonville, NC) outsourced by the US Postal Service for customer support.

    CSRs average about $11 hr. at Orem UT and if you ever wonder why you were cutoff while talking to a USPS CSR, it’s because they’re written up and threatened with termination if their monthly average call times exceed three minutes per call. So it’s get as much information as possible and then get you off the call no matter what. Not what I would call “customer service,” but that’s business as usual at Convergys!

  149. Terri T says:

    The customer service one receives must have a great deal to do with the ‘luck of the draw’. I’ve been very fortunate not to have to deal with $$ issues, only technical stuff. We’ve been with Dish since the end of the C-band era. There have been occasions where the tech I got just couldn’t wrap things up. When I feel a mission going south, I’ll hang up and call back – with the hopes of hitting the jackpot. With patience, I have always gotten satisfaction. It’s very frustrating to pay such prices, and then have to scratch in the dirt to find resolutions, but that seems the way of business today. Just want to add that it ALMOST never pays to get irritated with a CSR, as it will work against you 99% of the time. IF you feel the urge to blow, hang up, cool off, and call back!

  150. Sarah says:

    As a DISH employee I am happy that we can work fast to assist you. We work on making the experience for all our customers great! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with getting a hold of Direct. We all would like billing to be easy. Dish Network works hard to make sure all your billing is correct and meets your standards. Sorry for all your bad experience with Direct.

  151. DI says:

    I’ve been a customer of DirecTV since ’04 – been an on again/off again relationship with them . . . As of today, I have on record with them 2 recievers – one from the original installation – which is NO LONGER WORKING – 2nd – leased – according the CSR – I am NOT under any kind of contact as of today (we’ll see) – anyhoo, on 02/17/11 – I phoned & scheduled an upgrade with HD + DVR for a 1 time install fee $183.75 -required a 2 yr contact – starting at about $89.00 mnthly – I asked if that would be the fee during the 2 yr contact, I was told, it was not, it would possibly go up. I was told that installers would install this upgrade on 02/20/11 – 2 days later. At that time, my boyfriend & I agreed & he paid the $183.75 w/his debit card on the phone.
    OK, here where the fun truly begins- on the SAME DATE, mind you, THE VERY SAME DATE of 02/17/11 – I made a 2nd call to “CANCEL” this upgrade – as we didn’t like the idea of 2 yr contact, with no commentment on DirecTV’s side that the price wouldn’t go up. I was told that there wouldn’t be a charge of $183.75 because I canceled the “upgrade” the same day I ordered it. Just because, I made a 3rd call, again, on 02/17/11 to verify, AGAIN, that the charge woudn’t go through – I was PROMISED that they wouldn’t charge the $183.75 because, again, I canceled the same day the order was placed. We trusted DirecTV with their word and thought it was a done deal. Life went on, got my monthly bill about 1 1/2 weeks later, which showed what my “normal” monthly charge was – keeps going up every 6 or so months for whatever purpose – I paid on line with my debit card on 03/01/11.
    My boyfriend was checking his account on line today, 03/04/11, & wouldn’t you know it, he had a charge of $183.75 dated on 02/18/11 from DirecTV.
    After called approx. 5 times – only 4 calls were recorded per my last call, I was told that there was no listing of me canceling the “upgrade” on 02/17/11 – BUT, that I did make 3 phone calls that day.
    Only today, 03/04/11, was it listed that I “canceled the upgrade” – I than asked why, if there was nothing stating on my account on 02/17/11 that I canceled the upgrade service, why didn’t the “installers” come to install the upgrade on 02/20/11 as was told on 02/17/11?? I was given the answer, “I don’t know why”

    Gosh, I feel so much better.

    I asked what my options were, was told all 5 times that there would be a refund issued to my boyfriend’s debit card 3 – 5 business days. The problem we’re having now is that the bank was brought out & the debit card is no longer valid. . . hence a major problem, ok then, I suggested that they just credit my account, I would have at least 2 months I wouldn’t have to pay . . I was told ALL 5 TIMES, they couldn’t do that . . . ok then, because of the issue with the bank, could they make a check out, in my name as I am the only person on the account . . again, I was told they couldn’t do that either . . . ok, let’s see, I asked if they could apply the refund to a new debit card, again, I was told no . . I was told the only option I had was to contact the bank & let them know that DirecTV was issuing a refund of the $183.75 to the now invalid debit card & the bank would have to deal with the problem.

    Gees, thanks for the helps guys. . .

    I paid my monthly payment with my debit card on 03/01/11 & payment made on 03/02/11, well my debit card is now also “invalid” – we use the same bank – I am certainly NOT going to be giving my new debit card to them to pay on line, I will be sending them only cashiers checks from now, or until the time comes when the refund of $183.75 is refunded to boyfriend’s account. I am a trusting person, but DirecTV has given me a reason not to trust them, they have the most unethical policies, so unwilling to help the customer, and yes, most CSR are a pain in the butt to deal with, but there are a few that are kind, but their hands are tied all the same, their delivery is just so much more pleasant to deal with . . . but all & all, the end result is still the same, unwillingness to help . .
    In this time of economy, one would think that, after being a customer for almost 7 years, that they could do something helpful . . . oops, I’m sorry, I got 2, yep, only 2 months free Showtime, for the problem . . .doesn’t help if there is bounced checks now, does it??
    If, anyone knows of a way to contact “someone” of importance, someone that can get things done & done right with DirecTV, I am certainly willing to listen.
    Sometimes things happen that we don’t have any control over & we just do the best that we can, but I feel, that DirecTV just don’t give a crap for their customers, ya know, us . . the ones that are keeping you in business. . hey, we’re called “CUSTOMERS”
    I am already online posting a complaint with the BBB & my state atty’s office. It’s just so sad that it’s not about helping the customer out anymore – it’s about how to screw them the best way possible & to get away with it & I certainly don’t want to continue my “business” relationship with a company which has such “shabby” policies that just doesn’t care.

    Thank you for your time. . . I will be checking this site for any/all responses.

  152. Steve F says:

    What a story… and sadly, did not surprise me in the least. This is exactly the way that this company does business. You summed it up when you wrote “itโ€™s not about helping the customer out anymore โ€“ itโ€™s about how to screw them the best way possible & to get away with it”. This is exactly how I have found Directv to be. It is shocking that any company would do business this way. Yet they advertise as saying JDPowers and Associates rated top company in customer satisfaction. I would never, ever recommend Directv to anyone. They lie and cheat and have the worst customer service I have ever, ever dealt with.

  153. Tony says:

    Hello, everyone, and particularly the two recently people who posted those comments.
    I simply have a question…
    What does “&amp” mean.

    BTW, I agreed with what you both said and I can’t wait for my contract to be up in a couple of month and I’ll be done with DirecTV.

  154. Steve F says:

    Hi Tony: “&amp” is HTML coding used in web browsers to signify the ampersand symbol. If someone uses an ampersand, when the HTML gets converted to plain text in your email, it appears the way you saw it (with amp following the symbol). If you click the link and view the post on the site, you will see it looks normal. When HTML gets converted to plain text, things often will look very whacky. You will often see a lot of these > > > as well.

    and yes, regarding Directv, I really am thinking of making the switch as well. I’m thinking about eventually going to HD if I buy a new TV, and that just may be the time to change.

    DI: please let us know whatever happens if you ever get your deposit refunded; the money paid for the installation that never happened.

  155. Directv CSR says:

    Really, all you hear are Compaints from you all, that are probably things, that are your Fault or Could be resolved quickly. Read your Contracts, and Lose that, ” the world owes me ” attitude. Have a Little Ego, Do something for Yourself, and stop trying to get as much out of every company you can out there. ive worked for Directv for 3 years. And had so so many customers tell me, ive been the best help to them ever, and that they love directv customer service. I wont lie, every company in this world is Going to have theyre share of bad Representatives. Thats life. Most of the time, any dissagreement ive ever had with customer, is because they were bein, unreasonable, and sometimes beligerant wth theyre agressive words. and most of them, would never do that face to face. they just have this,”give me everything for free, and do everything for me, because the customer is always right” attitude. I mean, it works for me, But it wont get you anywhere. try using, actual human kindness, and calmness and see where that gets you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. DI says:

    Response directly to the Directv CSR dated 03/10/11 . . .

    Thank you for your “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” to my “issues” . . . it’s apparent that you did not READ my whole issues . . . I am NOT . . let me repeat . . NOT trying to get anything from free from your company, I’ve been trying to fix – now 2 wrongs – done by YOUR company, it’s BEEN CONFIRMED BY YOUR COMPANY THESE 2 WRONGS . . . CONFIRMED BY YOUR COMPANY . . . AND your “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” is. . . read your contracts, lose the “world owes me” attitude, to have a little ego & do something for myself & quit trying to get as much out of every company I can . . . again, it’s apparent that you didn’t read my whole “blog” . . . if you did, your response would not have been “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” . . and if that is all you have to say . . please DONT RESPOND . . . I don’t want to hear it . . . if you won’t take the time to read my “entire blog” . . . why would I take the time to read your “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” . . . this just proves, again, that your company really doesn’t care how to help the customer . . . again, let me repeat, I am NOT trying to get anything free, just trying to help fix 2 wrongs . . . now, I’m the bad customer, right? Besides the $183.75 which is a refund due rightfully to me/my boyfriend, which is the 1st wrong. . . promised by YOUR company TWICE on 02/17/11, we weren’t going to be charged, but a additional $140.00 credit for being overcharged for the past 21 months for a reciever which has not worked since 05/09, a second reciever, a 12 month contact, I get that, it’s a done deal . . . But this $140.00 credit is coming to me on my account in $5.00 increments . . . come on dude . . . this is just another way to keep me with your company for another 21 months so I can get the full credited amount of $140.00 . . . I am not trying to “DIS” you dude, but come on, isn’t that what your doing to me by NOT reading my entire blog . . . or am I just going to get another “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE?” AND, if your wondering WHY I keep referring to the “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” . . . this SAME response is on at LEAST 7 different websites besides this one . . . and ya wonder WHY people might have an issue?
    Cop a clue dude & realize that not EVERYONE has a “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” to life . . . but hey, good luck with yours. ๐Ÿ˜€

  157. DI says:

    To all who have responded to my “issue” . . . my blog . . . whatever you want to call it . . . I’m just trying to do the right thing & get treated “fairly” THAT’S what I’m “fighting for” . . . makes me a bad customer, uh?? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Besides, it’s not between me vs. them, it’s between me & God . . . ๐Ÿ˜€
    All have a wonderful day & thanks for listening some more. ๐Ÿ˜€

  158. DI says:

    2nd Response directly to the Directv CSR dated 03/10/11

    My two “issues” with Direct TV have been solved, with the SAME acts of human kindness & calmness that I have almost always used and between the refund of $183.75 and the credit of $140.00, both billed in error by Direct TV, which again was acknowledged on behalf of Direct TV, are happening . . . I finally got thur to a decent common sense CSR that not only understood my issues, but took care of them both within a 25 minute phone call. I should be seeing both within the next 24 hours. Why this didn’t happen in the 1st place is beyond me, but again, to the CSR of my earlier response, maybe you should think about actually reading an entire blog before blupping out some unrelated general text response, & maybe a attitude adjustment because I too am a customer service rep & if I EVER had the kind of attitude which you responded in, I would be fired . . . lots of people are without jobs these days & I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for you to be replace . . . just a “GENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSE” . . . but what do I know . . . I’m just a customer. . . have a GREAT EVENING!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  159. Beppy says:

    Doesn’t sound as if much has changed at Convergys in Orem since last March/April 2010 when the DirecTV account Operations Manager (13 years at Convergys) and manager below her suddenly found themselves out of a job.

    Give Convergys its due. It makes unrealistic performance promises to DirecTV and works employees to the point of burnout. Every Convergys call center is located near a college or university in order to obtain the warm bodies needed for high turnover. The few employees that say they enjoy working at Convergys are the type that prefer being treated like they’re still in high school.

  160. another employee says:

    I am an employee….i dont own directv. I dont like their service. As a phone tech, we get mostly rude customers…so keep in mind when you call in for a technical problem we have probably just heard 10 people before you yell at us. We do not make the rules of Dtv we just follow them. We get tired of being yelled at and it does wear on ones nerves. Just keep in mind that because you yell at us or be condescending many times we are tired of hearing it and would like one person to treat us a human beings with an underpaid job. Many of us are at this job trying to survive, pay for college and put food on our tables. When you yell at us and are condescending many will not bend over backward for you. It is tiring…imagine 8 hours of being yelled at and being told you cant do your job…and then the customer says i did everything i know your job better than you do….if that were so then your problem would be solved there would be no issue and you would not need our services. So next time you can fix it yourself by telling us how to fix it, stop yelling at us and fix your problem….But then again i get told by customers that they know more and can do more. It is my steps and recommendations that fix the problem. So apparently when you call in and say you can do my job better and fix the problem..do me a favor and fix it and stop calling. Then you ave us both a headache. You dont have to complain about us and we have one less person yelling. I think it is funny when a customer calls in says they did everything and then i tell them one step and it fixes the problem. Apparently you did not do everything if the problem is fixed by one more step. remember we are there doing our jobs according to what we are told to do. If we did not do what we are told to do with you the customer we get fired. If you don’t like what we have to do at least humor us and go through the steps. We don’t tell you to do things because we think you are dumb or because it is something to do…we ask you to do these things because if we do not we can lose our jobs for not following our job description and company policy. When we do not ask you to do something like turn on the power we get into trouble…after so many times of missing steps with callers we see the door. So, next time a csr asks you to do something that might be silly remember we are doing our jobs to get a paycheck and keep employed…not because we want to “make” you do brainless steps and answer obvious questions. We also think some steps are dumb, but we need our jobs.

  161. DI says:

    3rd Response directly to the Directv CSR dated 12/05/11

    I take it that whoever the “employee” was that made a response on 12/04/11 DIDN’T read the entire comments made by me . . . maybe YOU should think about actually reading an entire blog before blupping out some unrelated general text response about people yelling & screaming, blah blah blah & actually realize that there are us “CUSTOMERS” that actually ARE KIND . . . what I am getting out of YOUR response, either get a different job besides customer service . . . or actually TREAT people in kind . . . hey, can ya do that???

    oh, P.S. I haven’t used DIRECT TV since approx. 03/10/11 – so I am ONE LESS CUSTOMER that YOU have to deal with you whinny person . . . suck it up, be human & quit YOUR BITCHIN’

    My two โ€œissuesโ€ with Direct TV have been solved, with the SAME acts of human kindness & calmness that I have almost always used and between the refund of $183.75 and the credit of $140.00, both billed in error by Direct TV, which again was acknowledged on behalf of Direct TV, are happening . . . I finally got thur to a decent common sense CSR that not only understood my issues, but took care of them both within a 25 minute phone call. I should be seeing both within the next 24 hours. Why this didnโ€™t happen in the 1st place is beyond me, but again, to the CSR of my earlier response, maybe you should think about actually reading an entire blog before blupping out some unrelated general text response, & maybe a attitude adjustment because I too am a customer service rep & if I EVER had the kind of attitude which you responded in, I would be fired . . . lots of people are without jobs these days & Iโ€™m sure it wouldnโ€™t take much for you to be replace . . . just a โ€œGENERAL TEXTBOOK RESPONSEโ€ . . . but what do I know . . . Iโ€™m just a customer. . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  162. another employee says:

    lol wow you took offense fast, I did not say all customers are rude, just that 90 percent are, and we do what we need to do to keep our jobs and sometimes to do that we have to give a “text book” response. I fix most of my customers problems. I just dont like being yelled at before i even get an explanation of the problem. I dont like being called a cunt or a bitch before i can even ask what the problem is. Do you deserve to have your problem fixed well of course you do. Do customers need to tell me how to do my job not really, otherwise if you knew what needed done you would not call for my advice. I have had some people that have every right to be mad and upset. I do what I am told by my boss to do and what the company asks us to do. Would you do everything wrong (at least policy wise) at your job. Most people dont because they want to keep their jobs. That is why i have to ask dumb questions some times. Like i said some customers have every right to be upset. But i will never forget being called a stupid cunt when i asked someone to make sure their box was plugged in the words were “you stupid cunt bitch you think i am that dumb” Well guess what someone had unplugged their box to play a playstation. I never called the person dumb I just asked them to check the power cord and well the thing was not plugged in. So that being said, we get called names for asking people to do things that could be considered dumb, but then again sometimes people yell at us and that simple step is the fix. My point is that not all people need to yell at us and not everyone should be happy. There are problems but give us a chance sometimes. We do not always have all the facts of your problem. That is a problem both for you because it is angering to do the same thing over and over again and for us because we dont have access to everything. This is why i won’t be a customer of theirs. I see what happens and i see that the system is not good. At 9 dollars an hour and being only a series of initials on a file i cant change a big corporation. I can just do what i can and what I am told. If you kept doing things against company policy you would be fired also. I do my job as I am told to do it. I have gotten in trouble for giving people too much money back and i have gotten in trouble for setting up service calls for issues that i know will continue to be a problem. If i can get something to work (even temporarily) over the phone I am not supposed to send a field tech. I have sent them out for problems i know will come back, and I have gotten in trouble with my supervisor for doing that. Ultimately the customer is happy and gets the problem fixed, but on the other side when i do this i jeopardize keeping my job.

  163. another employee says:

    by the way DI i was not personally attacking you, just asking some people posting here to think twice before they call us names. When i read through the blog posts i see people that are some of the rude customers that get mad because we ask them questions. Should you have had a proper answer to your questions “yes”. The reason why everyone gives you a different answer is because we dont see all the same stuff, which is sad

  164. DI says:

    I understand where you are coming from, I wasn’t personally attacking you either. Thanks for your input.

    Have a Merry Christmas!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  165. another employee says:

    Thanks you too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. Brandon says:

    If you think DirectTV is bad you should try Dish Network! Dish Network is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy worse my friend, waayy worse.

    DirectTV has in fact “imo” the best customer service of all the major cable providers with the possible exception of Cox Cable.

    Work out your problem with DirectTV, they are worth working with and usually, plus their picture quality and installers are the best.

    Don’t fall for Dish Network “gimmicks”, i’m warning you now.

  167. DI says:


    I don’t know how much info you have read, but I am no longer with DirecTV, nor Dish Network . . . none of them, I brought an indoor antenna for HD & am having no problems with receptition. I will no longer purchase any TV programs thur the “BIG” guys . . .
    thanks for your info though, hope others get usefullness out of it.

  168. Lucy says:

    I’m a 20 year old nursing student working as a CSR for Directv, I’ve worked for another company before, which has a WORSE services than DTV( menaing signal loss and things) and you DTV costumers are a bunch of idiots that just call in crying because they want us to reinstate their services after they’ve been disconnected for over a month for non pay, when they want a fucking 20 day extension on their accounts WTF!? Are you serious!? And then we have to sit there and take the abuse

    AND NO, DTV doesn’t pay for my salary, DTV is just the client at the call center I work at. You complain about dtv being “expensive” when you are getting all the fucking services that they offer. UGH Too many stupid issues to mention.

    YOu, the costumers, are the pathetic once, go and excercise or do something with your life other than watch TV. Luckily, I’m a Supervisor know so I don’t take calls, and NOO the supervisors are not the ones that take the sup calls LOL

  169. DI says:

    OMG . . You are a supervisor with DTV, a nursing student & you use language like that??? Wow . . . I sure would hate having to ever deal with you ever . . . you have a bad attitude for a 20 year . . . it’s people like YOU that make having to talk to a call center a serious problem. Lose your “I am better than you” attitude before it gets you in trouble. May God bless you . . . you need it

  170. Terri T. says:

    “DI says: June 13, 2012 at 8:48 am
    OMG . . You are a supervisor with DTV, a nursing student & you use language like that??”

    I agree with DI! Not only does Lucy “Iโ€™m a 20 year old nursing student working as a CSR for Directv…” sound like she works a street corner rather than with a corporation of ANY sort, but the thought of someone with that attitude being a caretaker in life and death situations scares the heck out of me!

    No ill wishes, but I hope Lucy will find herself in about any field other than health care, as she certainly is not suited for it.

    As for the two satellite companies in question, both have problems which need addressing – with service/equipment issues, customer retention, and customer service.

    Other than (thus far, anyway) DirecTV seeming to have more reliable signals than Dish – the pros and cons of each about weigh out even. Which company will best serve your needs is just about ‘luck of the draw’, when it’s time to make a choice between the two.

    Too bad that both companies don’t pay close attention to things like this blog, and attempt a real overall fix for their issues, rather than having a few individuals monitor things and rectify a situation here and there. Yes, it looks good on the surface, but it’s a drop in the bucket as far as overall service.

  171. Terri T. says:

    ROFLOL. I would LOVE to copy these dialogues, and email them to the CEO of both Dish and DirecTV. Those folks need to see the grammar, spelling, and obscenities that people who CLAIM TO REPRESENT THEIR CORPORATIONS use.

    I would be digging deep to find and fire such ‘blemishes’ on my company. There are problems aplenty to solve, without having customer service reps appearing like half-wits from the gutter.

  172. DI says:

    It’s truly remarkable how these days the “younger” generation believes they deserve so much more with the littlest effort put forth on their behalf. False entitlements. It’s sad to see where “customer service” has gone . . . I myself am a customer service rep & if I EVER had the attitude that 20 year has, I would of lost my job YEARS ago. Terri, I agree with you, if only BOTH DirecTV & Dish were to see the comments left by both their employees & they customers, I would like to THINK that they would do something about the problem(s. Have a nice day & God bless . . . ๐Ÿ˜€

  173. Dwayne says:

    Since Lucy claims she’s not paid by DirecTV, which has an Idaho call center, she must be employed by Convergys Corp, which is DirectTV’s outsourcer, operating at least four call centers. Support for DirectTV at a 5th call center in Texas was shut down a few months ago.

    Convergys tends to be the last low-wage employer of choice in Orem, Utah for people that can’t get a job elsewhere. The typical starting wage is $9.00 an hour. Just listing Convergys on a resume tends to be the kiss of death when applying for a job elsewhere.

    All of Convergys’ call centers are a few miles from colleges and universities in order to supply warm bodies due to high turnover in the industry.

  174. Louise says:

    Hi…this is a new one even for me. I love the DTV programming, but like most of you I have had nothing but problems since I joined…some have been resolved, but I have to call EVERY month to get it worked out. I finally thought it was worked out…and as I wait for my new, finally accurate, bill for April…I receive 2 bills from CenturyLink saying I owe $90.45 to THEM (I have never signed up with them or had service with them) I call CL and they have NO record of me as a customer. So I call DTV, today, and speak to a supervisor who says ‘sorry, but you are bundled with CL and we cannot help you and cannot pull up any info on your account, and that I don’t have an account with them anymore’ (…even though I have DTV, it’s on now) So, each company said I am not with them and cannot help me…I have a bill and disconnection notice with CL…but they don’t have me in their system!!!! Is this idiotic or what??!! So, I am getting legal counsel in the AM…have the address for their General Counsel, I am calling BBB and the Atty. General’s office here in Colorado as well. If my credit gets ruined because of either of these companies…they will both be sued. I have kept all communication info (time/date/name/time of day/and all that was said to me…one thing said by the last 2 supervisors for DTV was that my bill would NEVER be given to CL!) I am NOT bundled with them and never have been. DTV workers need to show more respect for the good and honest people as myself..those that pay their bills on time…and in my case, a retired female on a fixed income who keeps all her accounts up to date to the penny!!!

    Will see what happens tomorrow (by the way I have pre-paid legal out of Ada, OK…so my legal help is free to me!) This whole situation is ridiculous!!

    Happy hunting!!