Carnival Of Financial Goals – October 4, 2008 Edition.

Yep, it’s that time again – time for the monthly Carnival of Financial Goals. Thanks to Rocket Finance for hosting last month, and please be on the lookout for next month’s carnival which will be over at Dough Roller. Alright, enough of the formalities – let’s see what we got this month!

Hustler Moneyblog presents Make Money with Elmo Live via Ebay posted at Hustler $$$ Blog.

Chris presents What Drives Career Advancement – Development of Skills or Development of Connections? posted at ProsperingServant.com.

J. Savings presents Using your 401(k) as an Emergency Fund? Are you insane?! posted at Budgets are Sexy., saying, “My recent run-in with crazy people on the train talking crazy 401k stuff. There’s a right and a wrong way to set up an Emergency Fund.”

Master Your Card presents The Costs of Apartment Living posted at Master Your Card, saying, “So today hasn’t been much of a good day for me. I got my electric bill and it was over $150″¦again. This is in spite of the fact that I’ve cut my AC usage way back, I turn off all lights and appliances when leaving the house, and I even unplug the appliances if I’m going to be gone for more than an hour (this is because plugged in, they still zap electricity).”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Wall Street Woes posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Cade Krueger presents How To Start A Small Business Opportunity posted at Write To Right.

Carol Bentley presents Eliminating global meltdown worry posted at Carol Bentley.

Jeremy Zongker presents How to Create a Household Budget posted at Destroy Debt.

FMF presents The Quickest Route to a Six-Figure Job posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Some ideas on how to make a great living.”

Sandy Naidu presents Top 5 Dirty Little Credit Card Tricks posted at Future Nest Egg.

Mr Credit Card presents How Do You Start A Repayment Plan With a Credit Card Company? posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Phil B. presents Why the Bank Bailout will probably NOT Work << Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Here are my 4 reasons why the Bank Bailout will probably NOT work.”

hank presents How Do You Save Your Money? (revised repost) posted at My Investing Blog.

Upside Trader presents The Next Capitulation posted at upsidetrader, saying, “There is a great piece in Barrons with Richard Bernstein, chief investment officer at Merrill where he discusses his views on the market. In a nutshell, he says that inflation has never been at 5.5% with the S&P trading at 25 trailing earnings and that the global economy will be much weaker than we think.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Freshman Fund: Save For College With A 529 Plan Registry posted at The Smarter Wallet

Ted Reimers presents 529 College Savings Plans posted at CampusGrotto.

Sam presents New Goals Will Change My Life. Tools to Inspire, Develop and Help Yourself. Making Goals Happen posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “Goals Will Change Your Life.”

Ross Taylor presents The Common Sense Route to Happiness posted at UncommonAdvice.

fwp presents using 43things to further your financial goals » the financial wellness project » because money doesn’t own you “” YOU own money! posted at the financial wellness project

Jacob presents » How well are you doing on your way to early retirement? Early Retirement Extreme: Financial independence, frugality, self-sufficiency, ecology, capitalism, and voluntary simplicity posted at Early Retirement Extreme.

Mr. ToughMoneyLove presents How to be a Money Strategist to Reach Financial Goals | Tough Money Love posted at Tough Money Love » Hard Truth and Tough Love for Money Problems and Personal Finance, saying, “Proper use of money tactics and money strategies will help achieve your financial goals”

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein presents Financial Freedom: What does it mean to you? posted at The Wealth Spa, saying, “When we are planning for our finances, we must decide how we will measure our success. One measure is achieving Financial Freedom ““ but what does financial freedom really mean?”

HIB presents Goals for the Remainder of 2008 posted at Happiness is Better.

Tushar Mathur presents Are you disappointed with your mutual fund investments? posted at Invest In India, saying, “Few would dispute that the year 2008 has been tough on investors. This holds especially true for first-time investors. After having seen the markets surge to record highs, the downturn has certainly caught several investors off-guard.”

Michael Cintolo presents Be Flexible! posted at The Iconoclast Investor.

Greg Swann presents Introduction to “A consumer’s guide to the divorced real estate commission” – the eBook posted at BloodhoundBlog, saying, “By far the most significant “secret” issue in residential real estate is the way that buyer’s agent’s are compensated. The current system virtually assures the betrayal of both the buyer’s and the seller’s interests, with this fate being avoided only by accident.”

The Stock Teacher presents Speculating On The Election posted at Stock Investment, saying, “If you think McCain is going to win the election, certain stocks may be worth betting on.”

Helen Anderson presents 6 Safe Places to Invest Your Money posted at Bankaholic.

Michael Cintolo presents My $700 Billion Solution posted at The Iconoclast Investor.

Sammy Delena presents 14 Totally Ridiculous Insurance You Probably Don?t Need posted at Fix My Personal Finance, saying, “Investing in reasonable insurance to protect our financial assets is important. However, there are insurance out there that we probably don’t need at all-so why bother. Here’s a good post on 14 totally ridiculous insurance that you probably won’t need.”

Amy L. presents How to Find an Affordable and Safe Place to Live posted at Housekeeping Tips, saying, “Without question, the downsizing of our economy is forcing many people to reconsider where they’re living and whether or not they can really afford it.”

P.L. Frederick presents 10 Surefire Schemes To Make $1 Million posted at Small and Big, saying, “A bit of fun for you. :)”

MoneyNing presents Living on $34.01 a Week posted at Money Ning, saying, “Living frugally is definitely possible!”

Erika Collin presents Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: What Next? posted at Currency Trading.net.

Heather Johnson presents What Would a Return to the Gold Standard Mean for You? posted at Currency Trading.net.

Joshua Dorkin presents Gambling at the Foreclosure Auction: High Stakes posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

Steve_Leung presents Mortgage Financing for Home Buyers Moving Up – A New Model posted at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog, saying, “When couples buy their first home, many do so with the financial goal of moving up to a larger one. With the mortgage crisis becoming a mainstream crisis, the goal posts have changed and with it comes a new set of requirements.”

FIRE Getters presents Early Retirement Case Study – My Dollar Plan Retires At 29 posted at FIRE Finance.

Joseph presents How To Save Money On Clothing posted at Penny Pinching.

KCLau presents How not to Spend that Money? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Article on how to prevent spending unnecessary money. Also 3 methods on how to do so.”

Chris presents Get Promoted Faster by Looking After Your Boss – Part 1 posted at ProsperingServant.com.

Dave presents Cheapo Food posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Mac presents 10 Ways To Save A Dollar During Hard Times posted at Actorlicious.

Linda W. presents Budget Engagement Rings posted at The Eclectic Female, saying, “You may be able to score a great engagement ring for much less than you think.”

Jeremy Zongker presents Free College Education Exists posted at Destroy Debt.

Hanna Kassis presents A Bad Credit Score Can Ruin You posted at College Finance 101.

Sherin Devassy presents Money lessons to kid posted at Investment Internals, saying, “This article telling the requirement of teaching your kid about money management from the childhood. Nice read for parents who wish there kid should aware about money and be a good financial planner in life.”

Upside Trader presents Let’s Talk Pennies and Rallies posted at upsidetrader, saying, “Pennies are where FNM and FRE will most likely be trading tomorrow as both company’s common shares will be denied love as part of this bail out. They will probably be trading on the pink sheets at some point soon.”

Livingalmostlarge presents Book Review: Middle Class Millionaire posted at LivingAlmostLarge.

Nicholas Powiull presents Realizing the Deeper Forces Behind Focus, Thoughts, & Achieving Goals/ Desires: By Nicholas Powiull posted at Conscious Flex.

kat presents financial fitness group posted at the part-time life.

Welly Mulia presents 6 Ways To Stay Focused On Your Goals posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Jim presents How To Draft A Basic Financial Savings Plan posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Make Money During a Slow Economy posted at Bugs Munny, saying, “The economy is tough and the media isn’t making anyone feel better about the future. Money is still out there and here are some proven ways to make it.”

Investing Angel presents Investments To Avoid posted at Stock Tips, saying, “Certain types of investments should just be avoided by beginner investors.”

Charles Euchner presents Time Passages posted at START SIMPLE, saying, “Create the life you want. An intriguing look about how perspectives on time — past, present, and future — could spell your success or failure.”

Vicky presents Make Your Own Budget Wedding Invitations posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, “Professionally designed wedding invitations can be expensive – between the embossing, the second set of envelopes and the postage necessary to get them to your guests, you could wind up spending a fortune.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Upromise Survey: Saving For College, Getting Tougher? posted at The Digerati Life.

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