Sunday Money Roundup – Attack Of The Crickets Edition.

Holy crap! Every day I am removing 3-4 crickets from inside our house and I cannot find how they are getting in. I think there is a secret time-travel portal to aid their entry, as I caught the same 1-legged one 2 days in a row. AHHHHHH…on to the articles for this week.

Free From Broke asks – “What if the economic bailout plan works?

Cash Money Life says that “Your Credit Score is About to Become More Valuable“. Why? Click through to find out!

Money Ning has 10 things you should think about doing in this bear market.

Paid Twice talks about the value of a well-placed complaint. I should have Paid Twice talk to DirecTV for me!

Four Pillars has 9 easy ways to save money on investment costs.

Being Frugal talks about signing rental agreements and has some things for you to look for before you do!

The Frugal Duchess tells us how she uses Google to take the bus & train and saves a ton of money in the process.

My Dollar Plan wants to know what your weakness is and how you deal with knowing what it is!

Almost Frugal has nine more uses for used cloth diapers. We will definitely be going with cloth diapers when we have a kid, so this will come in handy to bookmark!

Living Almost Large talks about joint versus individual bank accounts in your relationship. What do you think?

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  1. Patrick says:

    Attack of the mutant crickets!!! LOL. Well they may keep you awake at night if they chirp in your house, but at least the crickets are pretty harmless and don’t bite like ants or spiders do. 😉

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Thanks for the mention! If you’re not allergic, a cat will definitely solve your cricket problem in a flash. On the other hand, if you are allergic, you have to weigh continual sneezing versus chirping crickets. I’d go for the crickets in that case.

    Another use for cloth diapers, that is both frugal and green, is as cloths for a swifter style mop and sweeper. That tip was left by a commenter on my post, but I highly recommend it.

  3. Four Pillars says:

    Thanks a lot for the link!


  4. FFB says:

    Hmm..what’s worse? One-legged crickets or crickets that bend time and space (I’ve been watching too much Heroes)? Tough call but I can see how annoying they can be. Sis used to have a snake that ate crickets and for little creatues they make a ton of noise!! Thanks for the mention!

  5. paidtwice says:

    We have a cricket infestation in our garage so they come in the rest of the house to visit sometimes. I am not a fan of the cricket. I hear your pain. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention!

  6. david says:

    Kelly, we have a cat – he is 14 and just follows the crickets around the house for fun. Never touches them, eats them, or anything…just walks around following them. Thanks for nothing kitty!!