Book Review And Giveaway: How To Be The Family CFO.

This giveaway is now closed. Look for the next giveaway in November!

This month’s giveaway is 2 copies of “How To Be The Family CFO by Kim Snider. This is one of those books that every person in your home should read, as it really lays out how to make sure your family is working together in the right direction and everyone knows which direction that is! I have mentioned before on this site that I handle all of our financial stuff, but after reading this book (and asking my wife to read it) we are going to start sharing these responsibilities more evenly if only so she knows exactly what our situation is! Sure, she knows where to find the bank account information, but does she know how our bills get paid, what our insurance policies cover, or what exactly our different savings accounts are actually saving for? Not really…but after reading this, she is going to get more involved. Kim Snider, the author of this book, was in a desperate financial bind when she decided that she had had enough – and started working towards taking control of her finances and changing her financial life. How many people have been there or are still there? I would venture that many still are trying to find their way out, and this book could be just the ticket. Snider talks about setting up short and long term plans, saving for retirement, determining what exactly your family is saving their money for, investing wisely, and figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are.

One section in particular really woke me up which was titled “Plan Now For The Inevitable” – it really hit home that I need to put EVERYTHING in a file just in case something were to happen to me. My wife could easily find our Bank of America information…but what about Roths, IRAs, 401K’s, insurance (health & home), bills that get paid on credit cards each month, etc etc…there is a lot that I monitor that she needs to know about in case I were to not be capable of doing it anymore. This book was a very good read on both the basics of personal finance and also about life planning, which is something too many of these type of books forget to mention. It’s not all about saving and planning, it’s also about living – which is something I discuss here quite often! I really cannot recommend this book enough for those of you looking for a comprehensive book about lifestyle, finances, and the future – it’s a great read. And lucky for you, I have 2 copies I am going to give away!

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