From The Archives – October 2007.

For those readers who have recently come on board to My Two Dollars or for those of you who may have missed a few of these, here are some articles you may have missed from this time last year. With over 1,100 posts, even I forget about some of them. Enjoy!

Money Mistake Monday – The Oh Crap I Waited To Long To Save For Retirement Syndrome. – A lot of young people cannot see the future that far out, and that is why they put off starting to save for retirement, and I was one of them. I did not start really saving for the future until I was 28 years old”¦6 years after getting my first full-time “real job”.

Getting Organized Does Not Have To Cost A Lot Of Money. – In recent years, the organization fad has really taken off, with stores popping up all over selling $25 plastic boxes for you to “contain” the things you own. Have you ever stepped foot into one of these stores? 100,000 square feet of plastic boxes, bins, buckets, drawers, bags, and anything else you could imagine, designed to hold stuff. Who ever would have thought such a store would ever exist?

Voluntary Simplicity – Is It The Answer? – Wouldn’t you like to work less and retire earlier? Have you ever thought of a way to make that happen?

Why You Should Avoid Bankruptcy When You Spend Yourself Into Debt. – For many people, bankruptcy is a way to start over – to get a hold of their life and start from scratch. And while it can be very valuable for some people, for most who file it is just a temporary fix.

One Year Ago This Month I Quit My Job. How Has It Been So Far? – Now it’s been two years, and things couldn’t be better. I love being my own boss!

Ultimate Frugality – The Best Free Software For Macs. – If you are looking to both save money and try out some great software on your Mac, you might want to give some these programs a look.

Ten Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Today. – #10 – You got 2 out of the 6 numbers on last weeks lottery and you are sure that you are now getting close to hitting 3 of them. It’s only a matter of time before you hit all 6.

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