An Open Letter To The Readers Of My Two Dollars.

Over the last few weeks I have started writing about my opinions more and more on this site. Whether in regards to the bailout or politics or some other subject, you have been seeing more of my opinion in my posts here at My Two Dollars. While I originally decided to start doing this more often because I was getting very complacent in writing about regular old personal finance subjects, I have decided to tone it down quite a bit for several reasons:

1. The relentless personal attacks by email that I have been receiving. Whether it is against my wife/mom/whatever, these have gotten incredibly ruthless and insulting. For some reason, people feel the need to attack my personal life because I have a different opinion than them. I don’t understand it and probably never will; it’s not like I am writing about hot-button issues like abortion that normally would fan the flames a bit. What good does it do anyone to attack someone like that? Does it help your argument any? Not really…

2. The comments being left on the site have gotten uglier and uglier. Besides people using insulting words/phrases as their names, multiple comments under different emails trying to support their own initial comment, and more threatening notes than I care to discuss, it is getting old and tiresome deleting comment after comment every day. I want to write; I don’t want to have to babysit those who cannot behave and put rational thought into their comments.

Now, I am all for debate and opposing viewpoints, and those of you who read the site regularly can vouch for that. I leave any and all “real” comments up on the site as long as they are not personal attacks on anyone, even if it is not an opinion I share. That is what makes this site so great; the back and forth with readers, the open discussions about different topics, etc. But when it crosses the line to attacking my readers and/or my own family, that’s the end of the discussion. My wife was threatened with bodily harm the other day in a comment; what does she have to do with anything? It has become obvious that some people cannot handle discussing issues without going down that road, and I don’t want to/nor do I have the time to monitor these things day and night, I am going back to the old format of mostly just discussing basic personal finance issues for now. I am sorry if you liked the new direction I was going in, but I do hope you can understand the quandary I find myself in. Misunderstandings are one thing, and I hope I have resolved any of those that my readers and/or myself have been involved in. And sure, my opinion will show up once in a while because otherwise I would be bored silly writing for the site. But these personal attacks on both my readers who leave comments and my family has convinced me that it’s just not worth it to feed into the psyche of those who wish to take ordinary everyday discussions about the economy and politics and turn them into something so negative and nasty. It’s a shame because I enjoy a healthy debate about the things that matter to everyday people, and there is nothing better than learning the reason why someone believes in what they do. It makes life more interesting, and if you are only exposed to those who agree with you, life gets pretty boring. But unfortunately, a few bad apples have put any thoughts of mine of making this site more opinion-oriented to bed, and I will have to look for or start another site where opinion is welcome. If I do start yet another site for opinions/discussions on different issues, I do hope you will come along if you are interested.

Thanks to those of you who regularly contribute your valuable thoughts to all the discussions and kept it civil, I truly appreciate it, and I hope you stick around!

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  1. Josh Smith says:

    Sorry to hear that people are responding that way!

    I’ve enjoyed the new direction but I also enjoyed the insightful previous direction.

    I’m glad to hear your going to continue posting even without the opinion.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  2. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that you had to write this post. I’m sorry those things have been happening to you.

  3. jdp says:

    Stupid cowards. So very sorry this happened to you. I enjoyed hearing your opinions, even if they differed from mine. If you do post elsewhere, please email me with a link. I’d be interested in LISTENING AND BEHAVING LIKE AN ADULT.

  4. Miranda says:

    I love your site, and I have enjoyed your insights. I have seen a lot of the personal attacks throughout the blogosphere as well. That sort of behavior is what lowers discourse in this country in general.

    Although I must say: Well done. Your brand of thoughtful opinions and reasoned argument in favor of what you believe must really be threatening someone, somewhere. Good job for stirring the pot. Too bad others — instead of presenting coherent opposing arguments — feel the need to resort to brutishness.

  5. Momma says:

    I’ve found that the closer to the election we get, the more ugly the comments are becoming, no matter what the forum or topic. Maybe it’s simply the economy worsening that brings out the negativity in droves.

    I completely respect your decision, but definitely enjoyed the new direction.

  6. Why you are allowing other to influence on you. Just take it as a healthy debate (as you are doing it) and use “delete” button (and your intelligence) to get rid-off offensive/unnecessary personal attack and our-of-the-place comments/views. You are just fine. Users/Readers are here because they are “like-minded” with you. If they are not fit with your ideology, they will leave (and left some nasty comments to bother you) so keep doing what you think is right and forget about the rest, things will fall in place automatically.

    Good luck. I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. David – Sorry you felt it necessary to do this. Opinions from bloggers are at the core of what we do so I hope you will reconsider, perhaps after the election when some of the nut jobs go back into hiding.

  8. Dancinghawk says:

    I’ve been following your blog as part of my daily feeds, although I don’t think I’ve commented before.
    Just wanted to express my sympathy along with everyone else — do keep in mind that there are, for some unfathomable reason, people that will comment with the worst imaginable viotrol just to get people riled up. You do have a right to set the standards for what you will accept as a comment on your own blog.

    Love the financial stuff, and love the political stuff, even when I disagree.


  9. WealthBoy says:

    Internet anonymity is definitely a double-edge sword, although if you ask me one edge is a bit sharper and more painful than the other. It does allow people to freely express their opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Unfortunately, it seems the vast majority are pundits that object and insult without reason or logic. I do enjoy reading your articles and commentary, as well as engaging in productive discussions with you. I wish you all the best in pressing on and continuing to provide your words of wisdom to the masses.

  10. CJ says:

    What can I say, people suck. There’s no call for that kind of behavior and I’m sorry people can’t have a civil discussion on any subject (including the more inflammatory ones like abortion).

    I for one find your opinions well thought out and I have enjoyed reading them. I hope you don’t let idiots stop you from expressing them.

  11. BSCC says:

    The fact that you had to write this post shouldn’t have even been a situation. Sorry to hear about all the negative emails and such you have been receiving. Believe me when I say that most of your loyal readers enjoy your opinion and look forward to visiting your blog daily. Keep up the great work!

  12. It’s a shame that you were forced to take this action. I really appreciate reading a writer’s personal opinion – that’s why blogs are so powerful.

    That said, I stand behind you and your decision 100%. I completely understand the pain associated with pointed attacks and insults and how exhausting it is to constantly police those comments and emails. One writer to another: You do what you need to do and we’ll all keep following along. I got your back, bro!

  13. Laura says:

    I love your site and I enjoy reading your opinions.

  14. T'pol says:

    So sorry to hear what you have been through. I like your blog a whole lot. If I didn’t, I would not be reading it. I do not understand the people who took it as far as threatening you and your family at all. Don’t like it? Don’t read it!

  15. Emily says:

    David, I’ve truly enjoyed your blog these last few months. While I’m not surprised that people are getting ugly, I’m shocked that you’re complying with their wishes (to drive you off the blogosphere). Don’t give in, man! We love your opinions!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been getting nasty feedback. I like your blog and views.

  17. Llama Money says:

    I love opinion posts. I love a good ( clean ) debate too. Stuff like that keeps life interesting, it keeps everyone on their toes, and it lets you see different viewpoints. It’s a shame a few idiots are keeping you from doing that. I sure do hate people….

  18. David,
    Thanks so much for putting out the open letter.
    It does however show that where money is involved there can be some very high emotions which can flow over into comments which are not constructive.
    I’m guessing you never signed up to deal with people’s pain nor have it inflicted on you and your family.
    Can I encourage you to keep blogging. You’ll find that most people are really appreciative of what you’re doing and support you.
    In my experience negative people are normally in the minority because they’re negative!!

  19. Four Pillars says:

    This really sucks – however, given the incredibly rude comments you have been getting – I can’t say I blame u!


  20. Double says:

    There is always a few apples that try to ruin things. Keep up the good work.

  21. I don’t know what makes people do crazy things but it really sucks. Sorry to hear this is happening to you.

  22. MoneyNing says:

    Don’t let the few bad ones discourage you. We enjoy your articles and will continue to support you my friend.

  23. Account says:

    Always good to read from you, I love your site, and I have enjoyed your inspiring insights. I have seen a lot of the personal attacks throughout the blogosphere as well. Such can be perceived as a hinderance to the community as a whole.

  24. […] Sally received her first black mark against her when she fell behind with one of her catalogue repayments. As time went on, a few more missed payments from other creditors started to show up on her file. As a result, Sally was unable to take out any further credit and has to pay for everything in cash. Simply put, if she does not have the money, she cannot afford the item. Although Sally is having difficulties obtaining credit, at least she is not surrounded by a houseful of items that are worth a fraction of what they were worth when she bought them. In comparison to Bob, Sally is happier and free of debt. […]

  25. […] An Open Letter To The Readers Of My Two Dollars. – You know, this is really a shame. Personal attacks just for expressing his opinion???? I thought this was America. […]

  26. Del says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve enjoyed considering your opinions. It’s a shame you have to deal with such *sshats.

  27. david says:

    I want to thank each and every one of you who left comments here or emailed me directly; the outpouring of support has been wonderful. I do not want any of you to think I am going to stop writing here as that is certainly not the case. I have too much invested at this point and this is part of how I make my living. I will continue to lightly inject my opinion on the things that matter to me, but will just be trying to avoid a lot of the political talk (even though that is incredibly important to me as well). It’s just better that way so my family doesn’t feel that they have to look at the site every day to make sure all is good. Again, thanks so much for the support, and onward we go.

    Best, David

  28. FFB says:

    It’s a shame that there can’t be open discussion on a topic without it turning into a personal insult! A big problem in our society is fear! That’s where personal attacks stem from. Fear of another being right, fear of not knowing enough, etc…

    Why not listen to a point with an open mind? Argue the points of a discussion don’t argue the person themselves.

  29. […] Two Dollars has decided to hold back on his opinions (and he has a lot so this will be hard) because of too many bad […]

  30. Pattie says:

    What have we come to, really, when you, or any one of us, cannot openly and freely express OUR OWN OPINION? How childish of any one or any group of people to threaten another because of their viewpoint, opinions, or having the guts to “put it out there.”

    I’m an avid, and devoted, reader, and WILL NOT let anyone take that away from me. If I don’t agree with something you may have posted, I simply wouldn’t read it. I don’t sink to the levels of threats, intimidation or verbal attacks. Unfortunately, whomever did this WON, because you’re no longer going to put OPINIONS ON YOUR SITE!

    Go figure; it’s your site, no one’s paying to subscribe, so I fail to see how anyone feels they have the right to tell you what you can and cannot post. I’m disgusted by my fellow man/woman, and only wish that those people were mature enough to simply not read something if they didn’t like it. It shows an incredible amount of cowardice and immaturity to threaten someone over their written OPINION on their own website. I will not stop reading, and no one can make me! Sorry this happened. Tell me, whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?