Sunday Money Roundup – First Snow Edition.

Yep, we have snow. Not in our yard, mind you – but up in the mountains surrounding my little town. It is still in the 70’s during the day but at night it is in the low 30’s already. Looking forward to seeing what my first winter in 13 years brings! This week’s roundup is of the old fashioned kind – a roundup of my favorite posts from my friends in the M-Network. If you are not subscribed to all these sites, you are missing out on some great content each and every week. Here we go!

Mrs. Micah has some ideas for the 10 Ideas for 10 Day Give Challenge she is doing. Number 1? Pay the toll for the car behind you.

Dough Roller wants you to learn How to Harness the Stunning Power of Financial Regret. Step 1 is to Stop beating yourself up over past financial mistakes. Amen to that. Look forward, not backward!

Cash Money Life talks about the Pros and Cons of Dollar Cost Averaging. In today’s market, this is definitely something to think about.

Being Frugal has some frugal advice for airline travel. Go see where she jetted off to last week!

Gather Little By Little says “Hey Chicken Little, The Sky Isn’t Falling“. While things are bad out there, they are not as bad as we were led to believe they would be, and we will recover from this.

Plonkee Money wants you to know that you can have a job you like. I could not agree more! The best decision I have made in my adult working life was to quit my corporate gig that was making me sick and to strike out doing exactly what I wanted to do. It has paid off handsomely!

Moolanomy has some advice for those of you looking to buy stocks in this incredibly volatile stock market. If you are thinking of scooping up some bargains, this post would be a good thing to read first.

Paid Twice has just paid off her husband’s student loans. What an accomplishment! Need inspiration for paying off your debt? Go check out this article!

Single Guy & Money just spent some time working on Hurricane Ike damage in Houston and wants to share what he learned from his experience.

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  1. Mrs. Micah says:

    Thanks for mentioning the 10 Day Give and my ideas. It’s pretty exciting! 🙂

  2. Pinyo says:

    David, thank you for the old style shout out. I kinda miss those. 🙂

    Every time you talk about where you live, I am envious. In a way, you are already retired and just doing what you love to pass the day!

  3. david says:

    I certainly do try Pinyo – and so far after 3 months of living here, I am getting closer and closer to the ideal situation!

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