Vacation Where The U.S. Dollar Is Strong To Stretch Your Money.

Sure, there are not that many places left where the American dollar is strong anymore, but according to Money Magazine, if you look hard enough you can find faraway locales where your dollar will go further. You won’t be going to Paris or London, but you can still have a nice vacation if you are looking to spend what little money you have left in the bank…

Exchange for $1 U.S.: 7.9 Moroccan dirham
With the dollar up 9% against the dirham since mid-July, the souk will be full of deals (we recommend the Berber blankets).

Exchange for $1 U.S.: 6.9 pula
Here, within a labyrinth of lily-covered lagoons and islands interspersed with grassy floodplains, you can find the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, water buffalo, and rhino – and also the “usual suspects”: herds of zebra, wildebeest, and antelope. As a bonus, the dollar is up 8% in 2008 against the pula.

Exchange for $1 U.S.: 9,328 Indonesian rupiah
Getting to Bali isn’t cheap, but once you’re there it’s summertime year-round, and the living is easy. Though it may feel as if you’re handing over wads of cash for a beer, with nearly 10,000 rupiah to the dollar, you’ll barely lighten your wallet.

Costa Rica
Exchange for $1 U.S.: 561 Costa Rican colon
Which Central American country ranks fifth on the world’s Environmental Performance Index and boasts the greatest diversity of species in the world? If you answered Costa Rica, you’ve probably already been there. Since the currency is pegged to the dollar, now is an ideal time to go back, or visit for the first time.

Ever been to one of these places? I had a co-worked once who was from Bali and she said it was heaven on earth. I guess I should pack up my dollars and take a trip!

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  1. Miranda says:

    Great list! These are places, I think, that would be great for an extended vacation or the increasingly popular “mini-retirement.”

  2. jim says:

    It has gotten stronger the last few months, it was $2 per British pound sterling and yesterday it was $1.63; though England is still very expensive regardless of the exchange rate.

  3. I’ve been to Costa Rica a couple times. When I went in 2000 I got a $99 roundtrip airfare deal and stayed in a $7 a night room and had a great time. I doubt you can get airfare that cheap now but it is probably the cheapest of these destinations to get to.

  4. David says:

    Wow, $7 a night. Amazing.

  5. debtdieter says:

    Bali is cheap to get to from here in Australia, as is Fiji & Thailand. It’s actually cheaper to go to New Zealand than it is to go to Perth from Sydney! We’re quite lucky in that respect.

    I’m off to the UK next year and the poor Australian dollar doesn’t hold up well against the pound at the bext of times, let alone at the moment. 🙁

  6. Laura K says:

    I went to Costa Rica this summer for my honeymoon. I’m sure there are ways to do it super cheaply by backpacking around (although, can’t you do this almost anywhere?), we didn’t find it particularly affordable in relation to other places we’ve traveled. It was our honeymoon, so we stayed at nice-ish places, but we definitely did a lot of research and everything was similar to what you’d pay in the US (IMHO).

  7. […] a vacation outside the United States? Consider traveling to where the dollar is strong to get the most bang for your U.S. buck. I wouldn’t refuse a two-month vacation in Bali. […]