The Best Airline Miles Reward Credit Cards.

I don’t know about you guys, but I charge as many of our personal expenses as possible to my American Airlines credit card to try to earn free flights each year. With ticket prices heading skyward because of increasing fuel costs, flying is getting prohibitively expensive except for the most important of trips. But by using my card all year, we usually at least get one if not two free tickets that we can use to visit our families. If you are worried about the cost of flying getting in the way of you taking any trips, you could be well-served to start using an airline rewards credit card for most of your purchases. And if you already have miles saved up on a certain airline, see if you can get a card for that airline so you can build up your miles even more. Just be sure to pay off the balance on these cards each month, as many times they have higher interest rates than some other cards.

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  1. Eric N. says:

    I like sticking to cash back just because it’s the most flexible option.