Tip’d: A New Financial Social Media/Bookmarking Site.


There is a new kid on the social bookmarking circuit – Tip’d – and he is here to promote your finance articles to those willing to listen. We all use Reddit, Digg, and Stumble Upon, and I use PFBuzz quite a bit as well, and Tip’d looks like another winner in the social media world, especially if you are interested in financial stories. See an article about money somewhere on the internet that you think others will like? Share and promote it on Tip’d simply by either clicking on the little Tip’d logo below the article (if the author uses Tip’d, like I do) that looks like this:

or by heading over to the site and submitting it manually. When submitting, you can choose from the following categories:

* Commodities
* Currencies
* Economy
* Funds and ETFs
* Green
* Personal Finance
* Private Equity and VC
* Real Estate
* Stocks
* Tech

Overall I would say that Tip’d should be very successful as there are a lot of people who are really interested in a community built for financial news and tips. The key is your participation – like any good bookmarking site, it needs audience participation to make it work correctly. So be sure you at least give it a whirl! And if you like any of my articles here on My Two Dollars that you think should be on Tip’d, please do submit or vote them up. I would appreciate it! And if you have an account on Tip’d, be sure to connect with me so we can become friends on the site – my username is mytwodollars.

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  2. jim says:

    Thanks for writing this review! So far there are nearly 1100 users in less than two weeks, it’s growing pretty quickly.

  3. I just signed up over at Tip’d and it looks pretty good. It has a very clean interface and it seems to be getting a lot more traffic than other “digg-type” finance-related sites.

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