Netflix “Watch Instantly” Finally Available For Apple Computers.

The day I have been waiting for has arrived – the ability for me as a Netflix customer to watch movies instantly on my MacPro! They have had that available for Windows users for quite some time now and finally have the Beta released for us Apple nerds, which I signed up for yesterday. Because I am on an unlimited subscription (1 at a time, but unlimited movies every month), I can now watch thousands of their movies right on my computer, anytime I want, and it doesn’t cost me a penny more. I tried it last night and it seems to work pretty well.

Could it get any better than that? $8 a month for all the movies I can watch on both DVD and via the internet? Not really – seems to be the best value of almost everything I pay for each month. If you are an Apple person and you have Netflix, you can click to sign up for the Beta, but make sure you have some time available – you might get stuck watching a free movie or two.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Yay! You just made my day.

  2. Jeremy says:

    That is good news. Even better news if you have an Xbox is that the new Xbox live that’s rolling out soon will allow you to watch Netflix right through your console and TV!

    I can’t wait for that feature since we use our xbox as a DVD player as it is, now it will be even easier to just stream movies without even needing to pop in a disc.

  3. That’s pretty good news for anyone looking to kill their cable/satellite TV service. Even better, with the ability to watch most prime time TV shows over the web, the case is getting even better to cut the cable – so to speak.

  4. thinkingthing says:

    Watch your bandwidth if you have Comcast internet…