Update On That Free Cup Of Starbucks Coffee – Now Everyone Gets One.

Remember yesterday when I said that Starbucks is giving out free coffee to customers who said they voted today? Well, My Two Dollars reader Eric had this to say in the comments of that article:

Starbucks halted its plan to give voters free coffee Tuesday after concerns surfaced that the promotion could violate election laws.

After launching the promotion with great fanfare, Starbucks spokeswoman Valerie O’Neil said in an email late Monday that the coffee chain changed its plans. “To ensure we are in compliance with election law, we are extending our offer to all customers who request a tall brewed coffee,” O’Neil said in an email.

There was an article on both the AP and at Bloomberg this morning so I am guessing that there is some meat to this story – so please, vote anyway, even if you get a cup of coffee if you don’t! Thanks for the tip Eric!

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  1. Donny Gamble says:

    You can also get a free scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerrys and 20% off on your order at Pizza Hut.

  2. Darn, I wish I’d known about this freebie for non-voters earlier! That’ll teach me to wait until midnight to catch up on my blogroll faves.

  3. MICHELE says:

    I stopped at my favorite s’bux and since I don’t like the coffee, (no subs) bought a Chai Tea. The barrista said that I was her only sale of the day.