Sunday Money Roundup – Balmy And 60 Edition.

OK, it is the middle of November, we already had our first snowfall of the season, and now it has been 60 degrees for a week straight. The weather guy even said it will probably be this way until Thanksgiving – I don’t remember it ever being 60 degrees in November when I was growing up. Mind you, I am not complaining – it’s just weird that it’s actually warm out. I am sure some surprise blizzard will come out of nowhere and jolt us out of our weather complacency someday. On to the roundup…

The Smarter Wallet advises us on the reasons to avoid the layaway plan during the holidays. However, I will say that using layaway is better than going into debt just to buy gifts, so there is definitely a positive reason there!

Patrick fills us in on why alternative income streams are part of his long term plans. I could not agree more and am working on setting up even more ways to bring money in so I can work less.

Living Almost Large talks about finances and marriage. As for us, we kept things separate until we were married (even though we were living with each other already) and then we combined everything. It has worked well so far.

MoneyNing tells us how “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” helped his personal finances.

Mrs. Micah reminds us that your minimum payment amount on your credit card bill affects your debt repayment schedule. Never, ever just pay the minimum due. Even if you only add on $5, do so – it all helps!

Stop Buying Crap has their identity stolen by a member of their own family. Ouch.

Fabulous Financials wants you to remember that investing is for the long term – don’t invest money you might need in the near future!

DINKS Finance is cutting back due to being unemployed. If you are in this situation, check out what they are cutting back on…

The Weight Of Money is making cutbacks as well due to losing 15% of their income. See how they are going to try to make ends meet.

GenX Finance answers the question “What Happens to My Pension if My Company Goes Bankrupt?” You should probably read this one.

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