With Winter Coming And Money Tight, Consider Sharing Tools This Year.

So, the snow storms are about to start but your snow blower has decided that last winter was more than enough – and gave up. No matter what, the thing is broken and ready for the recycling bin. What to do? You can always head out to Home Depot or some other store and pluck down a minimum of a few hundred bucks for a new one…or you could start talking to your neighbors to see if any of them are in the same situation right now. What if you could go in on half of a snow blower with a trusted friend and neighbor? Wouldn’t that make a lot of sense seeing as how this $500 machine only gets used a few months out of the year and even then, not that often? Why not share the expense and maintenance!

Creative Commons License photo credit: shekay

When I was a kid, three families (including mine) in my neighborhood shared this monster of a snow blower – it was stored at one house 100% of the time, as they had the biggest garage, but on snow days every family used it. Money was put into a pot for gasoline and any maintenance, and everyone got full use of a great machine for 1/3 of the cost. I thought it was a little weird at the time, but now that I am older and I see how many expenses a household can have, it totally makes sense.

But what else could you share with your neighbors? Maybe not a lawnmower, as it is used to often by everyone, but what about more specialized tools – post diggers, those long polls to cut tree limbs with, or maybe one of those very expensive giant ladders? If you have a neighborhood where you get along with and trust most of your neighbors, sharing the cost of these type of things can go a long way to reducing your cash outlay on stuff for your house. As long as people can share equally, everyone wins.

How about you? Do you do this already or have you contemplated asking your neighbors to go in on something with you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Middle Way says:

    We had a record amount of snow last year and am getting some as I write.

    I would love to have this arrangement with a snowblower. We are still getting to know our new neighbours so we’ll see in time if people are receptive of this idea.

    Until then, we are going to keep shovelling.

  2. ding says:

    Never understood why everyone having redundant tools & landscaping equipment made sense. Well, for the consumer, anyway.

  3. This is a great idea. My brothers, dad, and I share a utility trailer. I bought it originally, but the rest of the family uses it more than I do, so they pay for the registration and upkeep.

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