Figure Out Your Miles Per Dollar Instead Of MPG.

I just came across this site called Miles Per Dollar which has a handy dandy calculator that enables you to see how much it costs you to drive your car on a mile by mile basis. For our car, a Subaru Forester getting about 29 MPG here in New Mexico, and our gas price at $1.77, we are getting 16.95 miles for every dollar we spend on gas. These gas prices won’t last that long, but while they do, this is a pretty good distance to be able to go on $1 worth of gas!

From the site, an interesting perspective:

“Why do we need a miles-per-dollar calculator? It’s simple. It’s time that we add a new weapon to our arsenal of thought, a new way of seeing the economy and our shiny new Web 2.0 world. Believe me–when you start thinking about how much money it costs to drive one mile it changes your whole perspective on life. You start to question reality–the world as it really is versus the world as it has been presented to you. And with this changed perspective you might one day even hope to understand “supply and demand.” “

Go check out the site and see what it costs you to drive at Miles Per Dollar.

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  1. I’ve got a ScanGauge II that connects to the OBD port on my car. I use it primarily to clear codes and monitor fuel economy, but I also discovered that it has a neat feature that lets me input my fuel cost and view in real time how much my driving is costing me. Gently accelerating from a stop might only cost $0.01, while taking off quickly could cost $0.15. It will also show average cost per mile- you’d be surprised at the cost difference between cruising at 55 mph and 70 mph.

  2. david says:

    Now THAT is pretty cool. Might have to get me one of them!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Cool tool! I showed it to my husband. He has been obsessed with gas mileage ever since he got his Honda Civic Hybrid in May. We inputted his MPG and the current gas prices and figured out he is getting almost 38 miles per dollar right now. Pretty cool!

  4. david says:

    WOW – 38 miles per dollar. How does he like the Civic hybrid so far??

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