Tips On Finding A Job In A Recession.

Several people I know have already lost their jobs this year, including my brother. He had just lost his previous job at the beginning of the year when this economy really started tanking when he found this current one – which he absolutely loved. But now he is out of work yet again as of December 31. Losing your job twice in one year is pretty hard to come to terms with, and trying to find another one can be even more difficult. I just emailed him an article from Money.com that had a few tips on finding a job in this economy, and figured I would briefly mention it here as well…

1. Make friends….fast. 80% of jobs are obtained through networking, which I can vouch for – I only got one job from an actual blind interview; everything else was through people I had some kind of connection with.

2. Boost your profile online. Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, etc. are important – but make sure you don’t have anything up on those sites that could incriminate you or cost you an offer.

3. Get in where you can. Volunteer, freelance, offer your services at a big discount – anything to get your foot in a door. Times are tough and not many people are hiring, so you might have to create work for yourself to get noticed.

4. Prioritize your search. Don’t spend time looking in the same places as everyone else. Call old friends and co-workers, tell your family, look for niche websites of your specialty. Clean up your resume by removing the fluff. Be bold and be brave. Those are the people who will get those coveted jobs!

What tips could you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Craig says:

    I agree with your first tip, making friends or networking, although I don’t think you should wait. Be proactive before getting laid off and try to have a network established in case you need it. It will be easier to ask for a recommendation or advice and they will be more likely to help if you already have an established relationship.

  2. david says:

    Very true, you should always have them in place and ready to go!

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  4. Bill M says:

    Very true about #1, Most of my jobs have been through a friend referral.

  5. jeetu says:

    100% true about#1,I got all my jobs thru old colleages refrences only,one should keep the network alive in good times & ur friends should know about strength & core competencies,same will help him in recommending u,ur good achievements of past do help in getting ,relevent jobs

  6. jeetu says:

    ref#3,I suggest u should learn to take credit of good achievements while working in this selfish world otherwise who knows ur boss may be boosting & taking credit for ur hard work,in delhi they call it being street smart ie do good work & annouance with bang loud & clear u did it,rather than doing when u r jobless.In india when u r jobless ur negotiation power reduces by 50%,thus keep the good work talk while working.

  7. jeetu says:

    ref#3 I suggest u should know how to take credit of good achievements in this selfish world who knows ur boss may be boosting & taking credit of all ur hard work & good achievements in front of management.In delhi they say u have to be street smart ie do it & announce with a bang loud and clear u did it,good work is appreciated provided people who matters know about it.You may not have to discount urself to get a foot in the door.

  8. Kya says:

    I find the the notion of “networking” when many highly skilled people also are looking for work ridiculous. Having exhausted my extensive contact list for leads, I am very much through with networking and find it overrated. While it’s true that most people get their jobs because they were screwing or friends with someone in the organization, the idea that it’s the best way to secure employment leaves a lot to be desired. these tips also assume that everyone desperate for work is some kind of marketing MBA extrovert. What about the people who are proactively searching, but who lack any “connections” and a real estate agent persona? How about some useful types for them.

  9. Seriously says:


    I totally agree. Normal people are looking for normal jobs at normal big corporations and IT IS TOUGH. I have been so sick and starting to even get depressed at how hard it is to have a job. I got fired from my last job because I overslept for the first time and when I called to talk to management I was without a job. Really? That’s how bad this economy is. Employment is so easy to find you can get laid off or fired for any reason and employers are doing it every single day.