This Is What CEO’s Should Be Doing In These Economic Times.

It’s nice to see a CEO taking some responsibility instead of either A. going on expensive retreats, B. blaming someone else, or C. laying off all their employees:

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  1. Miranda says:

    Hmmm…Notice how he’s not an American CEO. Interesting: When he asks for sacrifice from others, he actually walks the talk. Citi tells us that we need to be responsible for our bad decisions, and then proceeds to not take responsibility for its bad decisions — and boosts interest rates to boot.

  2. Refreshing. I should’ve suspected he’d be from another country.

  3. Frugal Dad says:

    I love it! A frugal CEO…I didn’t even know they existed. I think what Japanese business has realized will be realized here after the fall-out from bailouts and a recession–we simply cannot continue to allow the top of the corporate chain to earn such obscene amounts of money, unchecked.

    I still don’t like the idea of the government regulating salaries, but would prefer more Americans using their dollars to vote for companies with fiscally responsible leaders. The same could be said for politicians.

  4. david says:

    I agree that they should not be regulated by the government, but the people who get these jobs should have the intelligence to self-regulate. And if they don’t, you are right – the people should vote with their dollars to shop somewhere else!

  5. MoneyNing says:

    Everyone who takes bailout money absolutely needs to be forced to watch this once every day until they pay off our money!!

    Great find David!

  6. Bill M says:

    The problem that these people getting bailed out are the ones giving unlimited campaign funds for the people that were elected by us to protect us, but instead protect the corporations and their buddies.