Sunday Money Roundup – On The Train Again.

We are doing it again this year – hitting the road for the holiday on an Amtrak train! We are going from Albuquerque to Chicago to Boston and back, over the span of a few weeks. That’s the benefit of both working for yourself and having a wife who is a teacher – we both get a lot of time off. We leave in a few days, and if there is any interest I will post about our trip again like I did last year. In the meantime, on to the roundup…

I would like to thank my friend Gather Little By Little for spearheading the M-Network’s latest project, The 12 Days Of Christmas. You can see my contribution and the 11 others at that link. Oh, and don’t forget to get our free Holiday gift to you, your friends and your family. We worked hard writing 8 exclusive articles and put them into a great eBook called Money Saving Tips for the Holidays. Be sure to download your own copy!

Steadfast Finances has some great advice on talking to your parents about retirement options.

Cash Money Life has some very timely advice about Unemployment Benefits – How to File and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Generation X Finance offers up some tips on writing off moving costs on your 2008 taxes. Unfortunately, I work for myself so I cannot write off my moving expenses!

Being Frugal wants to know if you are having a hard time this holiday season. I know times are bleak right now for many people, and maybe some of Lynnae’s advice can help out.

Remodeling This Life has 10 Ways to Look Good & Feel Good On a Dime. Last time I tried to get on a dime I fell off, so maybe this advice will help. (I kill myself, I really do…)

My Wife Quit Her Job has some advice for those of you who might be alienating customers from your online business. All of us who work online need to read this post!

Lifehack offers up “Income & Thrift: The Two Strategies to Improving Your Finances“. I could not agree more on the importance of these two strategies.

Money Ning has frugal activities you can do with your family during December. Take a look and make sure you are not missing anything!

Five Cent Nickel has five ideas for charitable giving in a bad economy. I am sure charities are seeing a decrease in donations due to the economy, but I hope people still find a way to give – and this list can help.

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  1. *groan*

    nice one, david. good thing i like dumb humor, because it made me laugh. thanks for the link!

  2. Patrick says:

    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait until the day when I can take long vacations like that – even if it is a working vacation (because I know you will be!). 😉

  3. david says:

    Oh yea, I will be working – luckily my “desk” fits in my messenger bag and works anywhere 🙂