Gift Idea – Guide To Donating To Charity In Someone’s Name.

Two days to go and you still don’t have anything for that certain someone? How about giving some money in their name to a charity important to either them or yourself! Too often we buy random gifts that the recipients don’t want because we have trouble picking something out last minute – but a donation to a worthy charity in their name is something that not only benefits those in need but also makes the gift giver and recipient feel great. But how do you go about picking a charity?

In the past I have used the website Charity Navigator to pick and choose from worthy charities. You can check out their Top 10 list or you can check out the entire rankings of the charities that are based on their organizational efficiency and their organizational capacity. This includes the program expenses, admin expenses, fundraising expenses, and fundraising efficiency. These guys do a good job of separating the good from the bad, and even offer tips for giving in these troubling economic times:

  • Give To An Established Charity
  • Designate Your Gift
  • Avoid Telemarketers
  • Research And Follow Up
  • Give Online

For both holidays past and present, we have given money to Heifer International, which helps needy children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant. You get a nice card to give to the recipient and you can feel good about where your money is going.

I have also mentioned on this site MarkMakers.org, as a resource for teaching kids about charity, and Locks of Love, to which you can donate your hair for children in the under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Both of which are worthwhile companies to check out.

So when it comes time to find that last minute special gift, consider giving to those in need instead of picking up unwanted doo-dads – that way everyone wins and your money goes toward something special.

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  2. J-Bird says:

    I’ve done this a few times! A great one for kids (or just nature-lovers in general) is World Wildlife Fund’s “Adopt an Endangered Species” program. When you “adopt” an animal, the money goes to conservation efforts and depending on your donation amount, a stuffed animal of the species in question is delivered. It gives kids (or again, adults) something tangible, but is also a great thing to do.

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