Sunday Money Roundup – Home Sweet Home Edition.

Ahh, home sweet home. After being gone for 15 days, it feels good to finally be back in our own house. We are slowly getting back into the swing of things and I look forward to getting back to writing. Hope you guys all had a great holiday, now get back to work!

Remodeling This Life talks about all the projects they did on the house in 2008. I love reading about this stuff, so it was nice to see them all assembled in one place!

Cash Money Life discusses some early details of Obama’s plan for the economy. As stated in the post, I hope he avoids sending stimulus checks and instead focuses on job creation – jobs are worth way more than a $1000!

Money Tipper thinks you should be locking in higher rates with CD’s.

Frugal Dad asks if you would sell all your materials belongings for debt freedom. I think I would, if I was in that big of a hole – you don’t own the stuff anyway if you are in that much debt. But I doubt most would see it that way.

Good Financial Cents has the details on your 401k for 2009. Want to know the new limits? Check out this post.

Money Ning wants to know if you switch to frugal mode when you get back from vacation. Never thought of it like that before, but I definitely do!

Almost Frugal talks about how being organized is frugal. I could not agree more!

Gather Little By Little talks home energy with “Propane, Electricity, or Oil – Which one is cheaper?“. We have propane here for our radiant floor heat, hot water, and cooking – but we rarely need the heat due to our passive solar design and orientation. What do you use at home?

Green Panda Treehouse has some tips on jumpstarting your emergency fund and paying off your debt!

The Sun’s Financial Diary is talking ETF’s – building Lazy Portfolios with them to be exact. Don’t know what ETF’s are? Check out this post to find out why they might be a good investment vehicle for you.

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  1. Frugal Dad says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the mention. It is good to see you back at it. Here’s to a prosperous 2009!

  2. Jeff Rose says:


    Thank you sir for including me in your weekly round up. Much appreciated!

  3. Welcome back David! There is nothing like being home after a long trip! Thanks so much for the mention here. Happy new year!

  4. Thanks so much for the mention! I bet you’re glad to be home.