4th Quarter Estimated Taxes Due Next Week!

For those of you who freelance or otherwise receive untaxed income throughout the year, your 4th quarter estimated taxes are due next week! Taxes are due on January 15th, which is next Thursday. 100% of my income is 1099 income, so I have to pay a lot of taxes every three months and no longer have the luxury of having extra money taken out of a “regular” paycheck to cover some of the difference. So if you are like me and have to pay estimated quarterly taxes, don’t miss your last payment for 2008…until you have to file your return, that is! There are a few ways to pay your taxes, and here are 2 of the most popular:

EFTPS.gov – The government’s official online pay service

Official Payments Corporation – I use these guys and pay with my business credit card – an American Express Rewards Gold Card (which you can have even if you don’t have a formal business, just use your name as your business name). What I get back in rewards is worth more than the fee they charge, and since I am about to have enough points for a new flat-screen TV or some other high-end reward, it’s definitely worth using it this time around.

So don’t say no one told you when your taxes were due!

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