Sunday Money Roundup – Weekend To Myself Edition.

This weekend my wife went to Los Angeles to visit some friends for a few days so I am left here to do as I please. I am sure I will be out in the garage most of the time finishing a woodworking project I started a while ago, so that should keep me out of trouble. While I vacuum up all this sawdust, check out these articles that caught my eye this week:

Money Ning wants to know if you would take a pay cut to save your job? I think I would, but I work for myself so I don’t even have the option – I just gave myself a pay cut!

Get Rich Slowly has 7 tips for starting your own vegetable garden. I cannot wait for Spring to start ours.

Cash Money Life tells you How to File Your 2008 Federal Taxes For Free. What’s better than free?

Yielding Wealth asks a very important question for us married folks – Is Money The Cause of Marital Problems? Or a Symptom?.

Five Cent Nickel has some information for those of you looking to calculate your mortgage refinance payback period.

Moolanomy talks about what to do with your 401K should you get laid off. Not something anyone wants to talk about, but important nonetheless.

Military Finance Network says that if you are in the military, you should be eligible for some free tax preparation for military members.

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity talks about dealing with job rejection. Remember, it’s not you, it’s me. Wait, that’s not right…

Being Frugal goes back to basics with How To Start Being Frugal. If you are not reading Lynnae’s blog, you are missing out!

Gen X Finance has a great post up titled “Five Things That a Generation X Financial Planner Did, That You Can Too“. This one speaks right to me for the most part, hopefully it will to you as well.

And just an aside, My Two Dollars was chosen as one of the The Top 50 Get Out of Debt Blogs To Watch In 2009. Pretty cool, and be sure to check out who else is on the list!

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  1. Green Panda says:

    Solid round up; I especially enjoyed Yielding Wealth’s topic. I believe money issues are a symptom of a bigger problem.

  2. Miranda says:

    Congrats on your designation as a blog to watch! And thanks for including my post in your round up (and thanks to Green Panda for reading it!).