New Landline Phone TV Ads Are Cute, But Would You Change Back From VOIP?

Have you seen the new ads on television extolling the virtues of having a landline at home instead of VOIP or cell phones? They are pretty cute ads, with young kids saying how clear the calls are and how it’s like being back in the 1800’s or something… “you know, connected to the land“. The funny part is that yes, it is exactly like being back in the 1800’s – you are paying way more for an outdated technology than you would for modern, up to date technology!

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a service that uses your internet connection instead of a regular phone line to give you phone service. And ever since I switched to VOIP phone service, I have had nothing but good things to say about it. It worked fine on my super high-speed connection back in Los Angeles, and it works fine on my slower but still DSL here in New Mexico. The calls are clear, I have had only one dropped call in 2+ years, and you cannot beat the price – I pay $29 a month including taxes for free local and long distance, free calls to 5 countries in Europe (should I need them), call waiting, call forwarding, 3 way calling, and voicemail. The same package from my local land line phone company would cost me over $75 a month! And since I don’t really enjoy wasting money, I will definitely be sticking with my VOIP phone from Vonage.

A lot of people are worried about the quality of the calls and the lack of a landline in case of an emergency, but there are few things to keep in mind:

One – you have to have a high speed internet connection to use VOIP. And unless you are online watching a movie, downloading music, uploading HTML files AND talking on the phone, you are rarely going to experience any issues with the call quality.

Two – you might not have a landline either if your internet goes out, because most people have a DSL connection which is a phone line. So if your DSL goes down, your landline might be out too. Also, you probably have a cellphone, so that can always be your backup phone.

So yes, landline phone companies – your new commercials sure are cute. But they are not nearly enough to get me to part with an extra $50 a month for the same service I am already getting from VOIP for much cheaper. No thanks, I like to keep my money in the bank to spend on worthwhile expenses. What about you, do you VOIP? Or are you still landlining it?

Oh, and you really should have left out the line about how using landlines is like being the 1800’s – it really does show your age and the reality of the situation.

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  1. PA Mom says:

    We’ve had Vonage for several years now. It’s cheap, the quality is great, no dropped calls, and I have it set to forward calls to my cell after 30 seconds. So in the event the cable modem or power goes out, all calls will be forwarded to my cell. No loss of service even during power outages.

  2. Miranda says:

    We just switched to VoIP. I am looking forward to saving $40 a month on my phone bill. Mine also has the automatic forward in case of an outage. Solid.

  3. Mary says:

    I switch to voip about a month ago. The one I use is phonepower. With a deal they had going it was $200 for 2 years. There were a few issues setting it up which had a lot more to do with my ISP than with phonepower. Their customer service has been great. It saves a lot of money each month even though I have to pay for stand alone DSL which is more expensive than the DSL that was bundled with my prior shone service. All in all, I’m happy with the service and it definitely saves money.

  4. dora says:

    I still have a landline phone, but was thinking about switching to VOIP. I just called my phone company to ask about cheaper service and the nasty attitude I got from the rep made me think twice about staying with them. Plus which, they wanted me to switch my tv and internet to their service (I have Cable for those so I thought I’d stay with it). It’s comforting to hear people are happy they switched. I’m next!

  5. Gail says:

    I still have a landline; and can’t beat the price right now since it is a bundle deal with my cable, and internet. Paying $23 per month still is a good deal for me.

  6. Sam says:

    Couple questions, does it work w/ DSL light? Do you need a special phone that works w/ it? Do you receive calls like normal? etc.

    Good info, thx. I may have to look into it.

  7. David says:

    What is DSL light, Sam? And yes, it works with your regular phones, and if no one ever told you, you would have no idea it wasn’t a “regular” phone. You don’t need to buy any equipment other than the little box the company (Vonage in my case) gives you.

  8. Scott says:

    What about power failures? We’ve occasionally had multi-day power failures (e.g. windstorms) where the only thing that worked was the landline. And we keep an old-fashioned wired phone line around just in case :).

    I suppose we can use cell phones as backups instead and drive around in the car to charge them up…

    I think the uptime SLAs for the landlines have to be a lot higher than your Internet connection.

  9. david says:

    If you have downed lines, your phone lines won’t work either, as usually they are all on the same poles. But I refuse to pay 3X what I pay for VOIP for the possibility of not having a phone if the power happens to go out.

  10. konccepts says:

    Actually there are so many Voip providers and they are in a kind of virtual war as it is a competitive market -More competition –more cheap rate –So why going for high rate traditional land line ?You took the right decision .