The Best Companies To Work For in 2009.

The Fortune Best Companies list is out for 2009, and even in this economy some of them are even hiring. If you are looking for a job, this list might be a good place to start seeing as how they are on the list of the best companies to work for in 2009. What makes a best company? The rankings take into account pay, benefits, work-life programs, diversity, availability of training, among some other items. Take a look at the top 10 for this year, and then click through to see the rest of the list. If I ever had to go back to a corporate gig, I would definitely check some of these out first in my job search!

1. NetApp – Employee enthusiasm for the legendary egalitarian culture helped catapult NetApp to No. 1 after six years on our list.
2. Edward Jones – Jones hired 698 new financial advisors in the first ten months of 2008 and is building an addition to its St. Louis headquarters for 500 new employees.
3. Boston Consulting – Management consultant has increased recruitment of minorities and offers first-class health insurance.
4. Google – While the company still attracts 777,000 applicants a year, hiring has slowed, and Google recently cut frills like afternoon tea and an annual ski trip.
5. Wegmans – Employees could buy gift cards of up to $250 at a 10% discount to help with food costs; Wegmans is also rolling out free yoga classes at each of its stores.
6. Cisco – CEO John Chambers is focusing on collaborative efforts to give employees more say in decision-making.
7. Genentech – Implemented retention bonuses and severance ranging from 18 to 52 weeks’ pay for anyone terminated after a merger.
8. Methodist Hospital – Methodist broke ground on $2 billion in construction in 2008, filled 300 new jobs, and awarded merit pay raises of 3%.
9. Goldman Sachs (Seriously?) – Wall Street survivor turned itself into a bank holding company in September and laid off some 3,000 people across the globe by year-end.
10. Nugget Market – Sales have yet to slump at this crazy-fun supermarket chain, which in 81 years has never had a layoff.

Do you work for any of these companies? And if so, are they all they are cracked up to be? Click here for all 100 of the best companies.

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  1. Bargainbtch says:

    I was suprised the other day when my company (#57 – Novo Nordisk) sent out a notice about us being on the list. Not in the top ten but still nice to see it listed. We had been voted best company to work at in NJ for 3 out of the 4 past years and that’s how I found out about them when I was looking to leave my previous employer about three years ago. I personally love working here, mind you – there are days I hate my job, like any other job, but I have never been one to see myself working until retirement in corporate america – until I started here. Some of the things I love about working here is the option to work from home…just today we had some snow and I am sitting in my home office working, instead of dealing with a nasty morning commute. I also normally work from home two days a week. The benefits are phenom. compared to previous employment and they focus a lot of developement, so if you put in a lot toward developing yourself, you are rewarded with nice promotions and raises. I love working here!

  2. david says:

    It is always so nice to hear from people who actually like where they work!

  3. Wegmans is awesome! It’s the pride of our city 🙂 My mom worked there in the 70s and 80s, and loved it. I have always thought that I would work there if another career didn’t pan out… but right now they’re in a hiring freeze! That makes me more than a little nervous…

  4. WHAT! Google cut the afternoon tea! What is this world coming to? Oh the humanity….