How Do I File Federal Income Taxes For Free?

I am very lucky to both A. have a brother who is an accountant, and B. have a copy of the tax book I gave you guys a discount on the other day…but what I don’t have is an affinity for doing my own taxes. Sure, I used to do them back in the day, when I filled out out all that paperwork, sent it in, and hoped for the best. But if I didn’t have my brother to do them now, I would be filing them online somehow, and I just saw that TurboTax now has free federal tax return filing for those of you who use the 1040EZ form. You fill out all the info, print out a copy for yourself, and push the “e-file” button – done. If you have deductions or investments, you would need to use one their other paid versions, but those come with free “e-file” as well, which is pretty cool. State returns do cost money, but many times people can do those on their own as they are much simpler than Federal returns.

Anyway, if you have an easy return, you might want to check out their free tax return filing instead of paying for it somewhere else. Getting e-filing for free is much better than having to pay for it!

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  1. I heard on NPR yesterday one more benefit to e-filing: those who file on paper will have to wait weeks beyond the usual delay to receive refunds. Those who e-file will get refunds MUCH faster.

  2. david says:

    Unless, of course, you live in California, where refunds are delayed indefinitely due to the budget crunch.

  3. Gypsie says:

    I am really surprised that you didn’t mention the IRS Free File program! http://www.irs.gov/efile/article/0,,id=118986,00.html?portlet=6

    On the IRS web page, there is a “wizard” to help you choose a company to free file with. While it isn’t free for everyone, it will apply to a large percentage of Americans. I have used it myself.

    Also, military can eFile for free with the Military One Source (www.militaryonesource.com) or there are trained tax reps on base/post that can help you file for free.

  4. Gail says:

    http://www.irs.gov is all you need to remember.

  5. Stacey says:

    Ditto for free-file @ irs.gov. Love it!

    Just read through each program’s list of supplied forms before you start. If you need a Schedule C, ect., you may have to look at two or three programs. But it’s worth it!