Don’t Miss These Overlooked Tax Deductions.

In doing some research for preparing all my tax documents for my brother the accountant, I came across an article at Kiplingers that outlined some of the most overlooked tax deductions. While some of them I already knew about, some I did not – so I figured I would mention them here if you guys were anything like me:

1. State sales taxes
2. Reinvested dividends
3. Out-of-pocket charitable contributions
4. Student loan interest paid by Mom and Dad
5. Moving expense to take first job
6. Military reservists travel expenses
7. Child-care credit
8. Estate tax on income in respect of a decedent
9. State tax you paid last spring
10. Refinancing points
11. Jury pay paid to employer

If you think you can take any of these but haven’t been, go check out the entire article to read more information about each one. But whatever you do, make sure you take all the deductions that you are entitled to!

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