Credit Card Research: The Discover More Card.

Since I get emails all the time asking about different credit cards and if people should be signing up for this, that, or the other one, I am going to start a new feature every week about different credit cards. I am going to research different cards and then present the ones that I think might be worth applying for. I am not a proponent of using credit cards as emergency funds or carrying any long term credit card debt, but I am a big fan of using your good credit to your advantage to earn points, miles, or cash back. You might as well earn something back from any and all spending that you do. I put as much of my monthly recurring bills on my rewards card, and if I could do it I would also pay my rent this way! Anyway, for those of you who are always looking for good credit card offers, this weekly feature will be for you. As always, please use credit responsibly. This week’s card is the Discover More Card, which has a 0% interest offer for 6 months on both purchases and balance transfers. These offers are getting harder and harder to find! (If you are reading this by RSS, you might have to click through to see all the details)

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  1. The only credit card that I would like right now is one that offers cash back and no interest rate ever. In other words, I do not want a credit card. 🙂


  2. Courtney says:

    I have the Discover Open Road card and I absolutely love it. I charge everything that I can to it for the rewards (paying it off each month) and the website is clear and concise about payments and the spending tracker is pretty handy (although not totally accurate). The rewards are also the best I have seen on a credit card esp since I use a lot of gasoline each month (5% cash back on the first $100 of gas).

  3. david says:

    That’s great Courtney, glad that works out so well for you!