Sunday Money Roundup – Top Off The Jeep Edition.

It is so warm right now here where I live that I actually took the top off the Jeep for the first time. When it’s the beginning of March and it is 65 degrees outside, you just have to take advantage of the situation! It was fun to drive around without the top on and enjoy the warm air, but they say that snow or rain is coming soon. Guess I better learn how to put that top back on. And if it is anything like my previous Jeep I had years ago, it’s not an easy task! On to the roundup…

Yielding Wealth asks the question – will you be able to afford a student loan in these economic times?

Cash Money Life has a review of You Need a Budget. If you are looking for budgeting software, you might want to check this out.

Money Ning has a Basic Four Step Plan for Your Money In Case You are Worrying. And aren’t we all!

Dough Roller has a great review of the TurboTax software for those of you who do your own taxes.

My Dollar Plan talks about all the details for the Making Home Affordable program in Obama’s economic plan.

Simple. Organized. Life. has Never Pay For Small Storage Containers Again.

Northern Cheapskate asks if frugality hampers kids’ creativity. I would imagine it could, but there is so much to do with kids that doesn’t cost much of anything!

Steadfast Finances has 20 Reasons To Love the Recession.

The Wisdom Journal has a great post up titled “How I Paid Over $120,000 in Debt in 52 Months“. You know you want to read this one!

Good Financial Cents has some advice on selling your home tax free.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

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