Sunday Money Roundup – Spring Is Here Edition.

However, it sure doesn’t feel like it. The thunderstorms are a nice touch, but the snow and hail are a bit much for Spring, don’t you think? The cat has been enjoying the yard, I started doing some planting, and I even changed out the screens in the windows – all to see snow return. Guess you never can tell what Mother Nature will do, huh? Anyway, here are the articles that caught my eye this past week…

Cash Money Life has a Pertuity Direct Peer to Peer Lending Review.

My Dollar Plan talks about How to Manage Money in Your Marriage.

Gather Little By Little has 95+ Money Saving Tips from his readers. Go see if there are any you haven’t thought of!

Money Ning talks about How to Achieve Predictable Stock Market Returns.

Wallet Pop answers the question “Is Credit Card Protection Worth the Cost?

The Wisdom Journal has a great post up about the 10 Places You Don’t Need A Good Credit Score.

Being Frugal talks about traveling on a budget after attending SXSW.

Five Cent Nickel wants to help you Save on Healthcare: Cheap Immunizations at the Health Department.

Four Pillars is talking about Going Back to School During Tough Times.

Mrs. Micah has an interesting (and timely) post about Why P2P Lending is Not a Substitute for High-Interest Savings. I agree 100%, but that doesn’t stop me from having an account and making money with Lending Club!

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