Free Estate Planning & Retirement Resources.

No matter what stage in life you are at, you should be planning for something. Between insurance needs, a will, retirement planning, etc., we can all use a little help getting organized. Lucky for you, my trusty TRowePrice newsletter gave out some links to some free advice, and I am more than happy to pass it along to you guys for your use!

Family Records Organizer CD-ROM

Most of us have what feels like dozens of financial accounts and records to keep track of, such as retirement plan accounts, bank accounts, investments, debts, mortgages, and more. Even for a simple estate there is a lot of information to manage. Here is the order link to a free Family Records Organizer CD-ROM to help you with these organizational challenges. This unique, interactive CD-ROM provides you with an easy way to gather all your family’s records in one safe place, including primary contacts.

Estate Planning Worksheet: Heirs & Beneficiaries Timeline

This worksheet will help you think about the possible future financial needs of your family if something were to happen to you. You’ll begin by entering some basic information about your beneficiaries, including their name, age, and possible future needs. Seeing how old your heirs will be at various times over the next 15 years “” along with their expected financial demands “” may provide you with a new perspective. Serves as a good starting point for a discussion with your spouse, parent, or children, as well as with your estate planning attorney, to form or fine-tune an estate plan. Click through to download the planning sheet.

What Your Family Needs to Know

Provide your family with important information about your financial affairs and your most important advisors. This easy-to-use form is designed to help you create a record of basic financial information that will prove invaluable to your family when they need this information the most. By downloading What Your Family Needs to Know, you have the option of printing a blank form and writing in the information or typing directly into the form and then printing the information.

Estimate the Size of Your Estate

It is important for your to understand the various methods by which the transfer of your assets will take place at your death. Some individuals believe that their will controls how all of their assets will be transferred. This is not necessarily true, as this exercise demonstrates. It is also important for you to understand the size of your own individual estate. Try this exercise to help you Estimate the Size of Your Estate.

Hope that helps some of you out who are looking for worksheets/planning ideas for the future!

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  1. Great information David… I appreciate you sharing. I’ll be downloading and working through these materials soon!